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16 Aug 2009 Now I've come to realize I've used article pages to contain bits and pieces of information I don't want to lose or that I hope might be helpful to someone. But after a while I forget what those articles are titled or that I even have them. The contributions list is too long for these pages to be found easily. So I must start keeping a list of links to those articles!

Also, breaking my large database into uploadable bits creates a problem of knowing what has been already done and what still needs to be done. Hopefully, this index of families uploaded will help.


Index of categories: WeRelate:Category index
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Table of Contents offering person, family, sources and alpha. Note curly brackets.


Here is a link to a page of links to Brick Wall Jacksons and/or immigrant Jacksons and/or just Jacksons with no earlier information yet found:
Earliest Known Jackson Ancestors
On that page is also a list of earliest known families who are not Jacksons but may be connected to Jackson in some way.

Instructions & Examples

User:Janiejac/Janie's Instructions & Examples

Favorite pages to remember - Alternate spellings!! - example for Jackson page!

Link to Janie's Instructions and Examples **sort marriages etc***********
Help with Formatting
Disambiguation for Samuel of PWC. NEEDS WORK

Virginia Revolutionary War veterans this works and is not red!
Wonder if it would work for Civil War veterans?

User:DataAnalyst Janet


Tapestry template is designed for ease in nagivation to various types of records. The links on the right side of the template can be a way to distinguish between various types of articles, transcriptions and/or documents:

  1. Explanation of Tapestry Pages
  2. Navigating the Tapestry if that doesn't work try:
  3. Register:Jackson linking page which needs work; this is a table that could be a list of Earliest known lines with location where found. Could even include immigrants. this could be a place for me to put links to EA of all those 'unconnected' Jackson lines I have.
  4. Data:Jackson linking page to: Data:Comparison of the number of Jackson Head of Households in the 1790 and 1810 census by state created by Quolla6, and Data:Jackson's in Chalkley, 1912-1913
  5. Notebooks:Jackson linking page created by Quolla6 for Janie; currently empty
  6. Bibliography:Jackson empty; rename Library or documents or specific type of doc?
  7. Graphics:Jackson linking page if I were to post some maps

There is a different template used for South Carolina Jacksons that has these links in the right hand side:
Jackson Tapestry
State Table

Tapestry OR Surname in Place/Jackson

It is undecided at this time, whether the Tapestry banners or Category:Surname in Place pages will be most efficient way to group the Jacksons and the research pages. Therefore, links to both are captured here.
Edmondson Notebooks This shows Quolla's use of the term "Notebooks" to link to study pages for each surname in a particular locality. Within each Notebook are topics: Overview, early settlers, names contained in sources, etc.
The Tapestry title page; intro to all the other Tapestry Projects
Jackson Tapestry main menu for the Jackson Tapestry.
Carolina Cradle Tapestry
Data:Jackson Part of the Tapestry navigation to Jackson inf.
Surname in place-J
Category:Jackson Tapestry. Jackson in place needs work too!
Category:Jackson Tapestry this category is available to manually add to each Jackson page that I want to include in the Tapestry umbrella. This would enable me to click on right side of the Jackson Tapestry/index and see every page that is part of the Jackson Tapestry.
Category:Watching SWVP pages List of folks interested in Southwest Virginia Project
Category: Early Settlers of Old Augusta

South Carolina Jacksons Quolla6 made this article for me to work with and learn from. It currently has two categories Category:Jackson in Place and Person:Alexander Buchanan (23) has a good example of 'mini-banner for person pages when person is included some way in one of the Tapestry Projects.

Keep this link by Quolla6 for ideas: Southwest Virginia Project:Data Extraction Background

Here are some of my favorite links to some Tapestry pages. They don't all have to look like this - and that's the beauty of a wiki - you can pick and chose what you want to work with and leave the rest.
Note that all are still being worked on, may be unfinished and/or subject to change!
Note that these pages don't have the normal extensions like htm or html. Must be because they are wiki pages. (amazing map) (Page I'm working on - just gathering information!)
Data:Jackson's in Chalkley, 1912-1913, Page 2, K -X Page two
And another I've been working on - not finished at all is this:
So obviously this site is much more than just a place to park your family chart. I like it because I can leave my research notes and they are all in one place. I can sort them by state or by surname. And they are available to others to view, add to, edit or inquire about.

As of Oct 23, 2010 this is still under consideration and/or construction. At this point, I am still experimenting with this table. The border is not right and I can't get it to be placed on the right side of the page. I need to learn how to place it to the right with other text wrapped to the left. I'd like to place it BESIDE the system generated TOC, but if not possible, then to the right would be acceptable. Ah ha! The 'TOCright' has to have TOC capitalized and surrounded by {{ }} and placed first thing at the top of the page!

Jackson Tapestry
State Table



Surname:Jackson Overview, ideas of what this page should include & Table of States to link to.
Edited 27 Oct 2009 to edit Goals and add links to external links.

Transcripts, Wills

Proposal for Transcript Management What should be on a transcript page.
Transcript:Jackson, P A. Jackson Ledger User:AndrewRT has created this transcript page for the Jackson Ledger.
Jackson Ledger Transcriber's Notes
Source:Jackson, P A. Jackson Ledger And here is the related Source page.

MySource:Janiejac/Jackson, Robert. Last Will and Testament 1684 Robert of Hempstead
Transcript:Will of Edward Jackson 1807 Edward Jacksons's Harrison County 1807 will.
Transcript:Will. John Jackson 26 Aug 1724 this 'source' has been added to the person pages of the heirs, also a link placed on the person pgs to the will.

User:Janiejac/Jonathan Hughes and Abigail Jackson Timeline A worksheet to help determine where Jonathan and Abigail's children were born.
Transcript:Migration Story: Covered Wagons New Jersey to Ohio Historical Story of Jacksons & Allens migration together from NJ to OH
Transcript:Jackson and Morton etc in Fredericksburg, Virginia Historic Court document

MySource:WeRelate/Hughes Jonathan and Jackson Abigail - Marriage Bond

Family:William Jackson and Mary Bagwell (1)


See User:Janiejac/Janie's Articles for list of all Articles I have created or participated in (or just want to watch). The list is currently sorted by state and needs a better grasp of what is available and what needs to be done. My transcription of the Jackson Ledger that Andrew formatted and uploaded for me is in the Transcription section.

These Pages Need Finished - TO DO

Person talk:Jesse Jackson (24) This page needs clarification. Contacted Bob 16 June 2013. He's out of town. To come back to this page! Also, need to work on the problem of Abraham's wife on this page (to do when Bob gets back): Person:Abraham Harrell (1)

Mar 10 2013 I created Source:Jackson, P A. Jackson Ledger. Later User:AndrewRT prepared a transcription page so that the whole Ledger would be available on WeRelate. The source now links to the transcription. But the transcriber notes have not been done and will need re-written for WR. I should also begin linking the person pages to the Ledger.

NY: Jackson in Queens, New York These unknown Jax burials should be worked! TODO!
AL: Jackson in Alabama Lots of Alabama Jax info from Beth TO WORK ON

Where I left off - last page worked on; to finish editing:
Person:Benjamin Jackson (15)
Study. William and James Jackson in North Carolina
Whoa - is this the same?
Transcript:Leonardo Andrea's Jackson Research South Carolina - to finish. Dec 23, 2011 just posted pg two (of 57) and will work on linking to person pages. (Started new PAF file to upload for this.)
[1] This is will of Robert Duncan; I need to rename it.
MySource:Janiejac/Survey of May Graveyard by Hugh Albert Jackson

Now that I've found the Brickwall template, I could go back to put it on some of my Jackson pgs.

Family:Joseph Jackson and Annie Thomas (1) from Leonardo Andrea
Family:David Jackson and Mary Morrison (1) from Leonardo Andrea got added to David Jax & Jane Carlock's tree!

both these families have unsourced individuals - need to go back to source them!
  1. Needed: George W. Jackson b 1777 conjectured Prince William, Virginia; Jim Ray Jackson/Helen Seaton's chart
  2. Needed: Samuel Jackson died in Morgan Co IL - will?
  3. Needed: John Jackson b 1748 unk county, Virginia. This is Jack's John & Chloe Ann's chart
  4. Needed: Thompson Lynn b 1782 Fauquier, Virginia. Barb Shave & Mark Lynn's chart
  5. Needed: Marda added long bio to pg which could be gleaned for info and have links added! I STARTED ON THIS and put 2 pgs abt George Strother in County Trimble file to work on later.


Research Guide for each state
Northern Neck Proprietary: Its Proprietors and Virginia Land Grants
Northern Neck, Virginia Research Guide
Analysis:Settlement by Watershed in Southwest Virginia Found John & James Jackson on this page by Quolla6 This is not a WR link but is Home page to a lot of VA/NC info I want to remember.


Jackson in Alabama
User:Janiejac/Jackson in Alabama census Choctaw Corner, Clarke, AL 1880 census.


Family:George Jackson and Frances Bickers (1) VA to AR from Marda Godsey's research


Person:Henry Jackson (113) immigrant to Connecticut (Norman's Line)


June 2013 uploaded family of Family:Jeptha Nightser and Abigail Guest (1) from Morristown, Morris, NJ > Morrison, Whiteside Co., Illinois. Since his dau m Person:Nathaniel Jackson (5) this connects to Nathaniel's descendants in Whiteside Co., IL. (Tweaked, numbered)


Jackson in Clark, Indiana


Jackson in Iowa created by Kennebec1; Janie watching
Family:Harvey Jackson and Mary Unknown (1) KY to Iowa, Brick Wall category added.


Article Jackson in Kentucky list of Jackson marriages from Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865, from newspapers

Earliest Jacksons in_Trimble County, KY: (not yet known to be Hempstead)
Joel Jackson and Nancy Head Virginia to Henry Co., KY
Edward Jackson b 1833 KY, father of Nathan, Spencer Co, KY
Harvey R. Jackson b 1823 KY > Iowa
James Monroe Jackson b ? m Ellen E. Sampson
Joseph Jackson b 1859 m Mary A. Pecar
Oliver P. Jackson b 1822 m Mary Ann King
Samuel Jackson and Fanny Chandler Indiana and Trimble, KY
Samuel P. Jackson b 1825 m Nancy King
Samuel P. Jackson b 1825 m Mary Ann Duncan
Vachel Jackson b in Virginia m Martitia May
Family:John Colvin and Sarah Fairchild, Johnson Co. (1)
Lucinda Jackson and John Kendall Shelby, KY
Beth sent me the Will of Joseph Jackson of Logan County, KY. I transcribed it, posted it at WR and now can't find it. Don't remember how I titled it. Confirms the need to be consistent with these documents.


Family:Jacob Jackson and Nancy Rogers (1) from MD to Warren, Ohio.


Jackson in Missouri created by Kennebec1; Janie watching

===New Jersey===
Jackson in New Jersey
Jackson in Mercer County, New Jersey
Jackson in Monmouth County, New Jersey
Person:Benjamin Jackson (28) brick wall in the Lampson tree, BW cat added
Family:Charles Jackson and Comfort Coonrod_(1) of Morris Co., New Jersey, BW cat added
Quakers of Randolph Township, Morris County,New Jersey Historical article with lots of Morris County names that can be linked to.

New York

Decendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, New York

Person:Robert Jackson (1) immigrant ancestor
   Mary Jackson and John Ferris; instead do an 8 generation tree starting with Jeffrey Ferris RIN 13282. This will be abt 70 people.
   Martha Jackson and Nathaniel Coles RIN 572. Do descendants of Nathaniel; 5 generations; should be abt 20 people.
   Family:John Jackson and Elisabeth Seaman (1) RIN405; one gen; + Transcript:Will. John Jackson 26 Aug 1724
      Family:John Jackson and Elizabeth Hallett (1) RIN 547; one gen
          Hannah to do
          Sarah to do
          Family:John Jackson and Kesia Mott (1) RIN 597; all desc but a few were excluded
          Family:Samuel Jackson and Mary Townsend (1) RIN897; all desc
          Family:Richard Jackson and Jane Seaman (1)
          Phebe and William Jones - currently reviewing
          Mary to do
       Person:Elizabeth Jackson (103) to add spouse and desc
       Family:James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett (1) 3 generations already uploaded
       Family:Peter Titus and Martha Jackson (1) to add children, descendants
       Person:Mary Jackson (224) to add spouse and desc
       Person:Sarah Jackson (122) to add spouse and desc
       Person:Samuel Jackson (46) to add spouse and desc
       Person:Hannah Jackson (61) to add spouse and desc

Family:David Jackson and Prudence Hathaway (1) Janet uploaded this and invited me to copy this tree. (out of order)
Family:Stephen Jackson and Elizabeth Pomeroy (1) s/o Edward, out of order.
Person:Samuel Jackson (1) born Harrison, VA to Meigs Co., Ohio, s/o Edward Jackson and Martha Miller
Family:Albert Garfield and Louise Jackson (1) of Chautauqua, New York. She is d/o Townsend.
Family:David Jackson and Sarah Low (1) Darrell's NC line      

Other New York Info

Place:Wantagh, Nassau, New York, United States Added slightly edited History & Earliest Settlers from WP. Plan to Link Jacksons and Seamans etc.
William Hallett and Elizabeth Fones, Ancestors of Rebecca and Elizabeth Hallett who both married Jacksons.
Samuel Jackson and Rachel Doty of Hempstead, Queens, New York (not Hempstead per DNA)
Samuel Jackson and Louisa Heyer of Montgomery Co., New York
Samuel Jackson and Delia Unknown of Montgomery Co., New York

Family:Abraham Halsey and Nancy Beach (1)
Family:Benjamin Jackson and Elizabeth L (1) of Rensselaer and Otsego Co., NY. has Jackson brick wall.
Family:Daniel McHenry and Mary Stephens (1)
Joseph Thorne and Mary Bowne now watching family page created by Buddy Holmes. Compare this pg to what I have.

Jackson in Queens, New York

  • May need to verify place; is there a 'Jackson in Queens, New York with United States added? And should Nassau be included? How and when to separate persons located in the new Nassau County?
  • Selected burials of Jacksons not in my data base so will not be posted with Robert's descendants. Keep for reference.
  • List of Jackson HH gleaned from 1810 census for Hempstead & Oyster Bay. Need to link to person pages. I have a much earlier Hempstead census which would be good to use for this instead.

North Carolina

Disambiguation. Stephen Jackson of Anson, NC and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and Chesterfield Co., South Carolina This is Bob Mitchell's study.
Disambiguation. Jacksons of Anson, NC and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and Chesterfield Co., South Carolina added Benjamin and two John Jacksons to Stephen's study.
Disambiguation: A Study of the William Jacksons of Wilkes, North Carolina (added this since it won't be on my site any more.) I didn't create this, but want to keep this link.

I've started a page called Jackson in North Carolina. Table of counties, date of formation, mother county, to be links to the county pages. To double ck that I don't also have Jackson in North Carolina, United States

Study. William and James Jackson in North Carolina
Research notes Article Jackson in Wilkes County North Carolina
Jackson in Anson, North Carolina, United States ?merge with below?

Jackson in Anson This will need renaming when I have time to get back to it. I'm not sure just what type of page it will eventually be because it will cover more than one place. May be a Special Project but don't know if it will evolve to be big enough for that. This can be a place to park my thoughts/ideas for this project. This is old pg and may need redoing or deleted.

Data. People owning land in Anson County, NC, 1749-1766 started, but not finished

Jackson in Cumberland, North Carolina, United States This is an article to hold info

Family:Jesse Jackson and Emily Elwell (1) Based on the NC Bible Record.
Family:James Jackson and Marcy Thames (1) Brick Wall Jax
Family:David Jackson and Jane Unknown (1) David b in NC; died in Overton Co., TN (DNA matches Henry Andrew Jackson line, but documentary proof of relationship not found yet.)

Jackson in Northampton, North Carolina, United States 3 Jackson HH in 1790.

Jackson in Pasquotank, North Carolina, United States

Jackson in Warren, North Carolina, United States 3 Jackson HH in 1790.

Watauga Settlement originally titled Wantauga

Place:Meat Camp, Watauga, North Carolina, United States Added history mentioning James Jackson & Tompkins

Jackson in Wilkes County North Carolina (no commas) bit of history of Wilkes, Heads of Families 1790 - 1850.

User:Janiejac/Other Misc Bits & Pieces North Carolina transcription of Jackson/Elledge family in Wilkes county cem. I need to double ck this now since I've worked on this more.

Descendants of Robert of Hempstead, NY:
     Person:Stephen Jackson (6) Carolina Study
     Person:Benjamin Jackson (17) Carolina Study
     Family:John Jackson and Sarah Doty (1) Carolina Study
     Family:James Jackson and Abigail Fairchild (1)


Family:Francis Jackson and Mary Unknown (1) of Clinton Co., Ohio is the ancestor of Chandos Jackson, recent Hempstead DNA participant.

Tree named 'Small bits' contains Family:John Hoff and Ruth Fields (1) from Reuben Hoff's bio in Warren Co., Ohio history book.

Family:Jacob Jackson and Nancy Rogers (1) from MD to Warren, Ohio.


Jackson in Oklahoma


Jackson in Pennsylvania to preserve links

South Carolina Link to map of Colonial South Carolina parishes.
Person:Benjamin Jackson (23) b 1775 SC by Gay Nix. This has icon of brick wall.
Person:Charles Jackson (82) This is an immigrant. May link to immigrant pg later.
Family:David Jackson and Mary Morrison (1) David immigrated from Scotland.
Family:Henry Jackson and Mary Blakeney (1) Father of Col. Stephen Jackson 1808-1887 Group T DNA
Place:Cheraws (district), South Carolina, United States. Just watching this place.
See pages marked to do above.
I've uploaded two images pertaining to Elizabeth Baptist and May Family Graveyard but haven't used them yet. License should be dual GDFL/By-SA.


Jackson in Tennessee Carter Co HH 1830 & 1840, Marriages etc.
Family:David Jackson and Jane Unknown (1) in Overton County. (DNA Unknown J) brick wall
Family:David Jackson and Sarah Low (1) Darrell's line (Hempstead)
See Example section below for page of links to TN marriages. >br>

Texas Link to 16 Texas Jackson FGS
Hugh Cyrus Jackson Confed soldier
To review: John Asa Holbrook's children m into the desc of James B. Jackson. Uploaded to Robert of Hempstead tree.
Cash McDonald Kentucky to Texas. This upload is McDonald only and does not contain the info on James B. Jackson.

Analysis of various Cash McDonalds


Jackson in Utah Just to preserve link to artist's watercolors, William H. Jackson.


Virginia Research Guide
Northern Neck, Virginia Research Guide
Northern Neck Proprietary: Its Proprietors and Virginia Land Grants
Early Settlers of Colonial Virginia by Delijim Here are links to person pgs of prominent Virginians.
Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia - Surnames F-J by Delijim
Person:William Jackson (241) - William Jackon of Jackson River, Early Augusts by Delijim
Old Augusta Jackson Tapestry by Quolla6 for Janie; links to Jackson Tapestry

Augusta, Virginia Court Record for Morris vs Morris, 1805 (Edward Jackson of Old Augusta)
Wills of both Thomas and William Jackson of Augusta Co., VA (Old Augusta)
Notebook: Jackson's of Old Augusta from Janiejac (Samuel of Augusta)
Document:Abstract of will of David Jackson (38) Needs work?
Samuel Jackson in Virginia, Augusta/Land 1827 deed Caruthers to Sam'l; mentions orig land grant in 1787
Person:John Jackson (245) John m Martha Dunlap from Chalkey's
Family:Alexander Jackson and Margaret-Margery Robinson (1) This is Alex Jackson b in Irland who settled finally in Greenbrier County Virginia, now West Virginia. He is on my Jackson immigrant list.

Jackson in Virginia, United States This is a table of all counties with dates of organization that can be a cover link to each county.
I started adding bits & pieces of data to Jackson in Virginia page; 1790 census etc.

Jackson in Virginia Purpose, Goals, Pre-1790 Jackson in Northern Neck, List of HH 1790 census all counties, other Links of interest. I forgot to put United States in the title. This and the above page should be merged when I find out if I have to put United States in the title or not.

Strother Family Descendants (disambiguation) by Judy (jlanoux)

Source:Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Data:Jackson's in Chalkley, 1912-1913
Data:Jackson's in Chalkley, 1912-1913, Page 2, K -X

Jackson in Brunswick, Virginia created by Beth
Jackson in Fauquier County, Virginia, United States Info from one source listing all the Jacksons who signed that petition.
Jackson in Isle of Wight, Virginia created by Beth

Talk:Jackson in Isle of Wight, Virginia

Jackson in Surry, Virginia created by Beth; Janie watching
Jackson in Washington, Virginia
Link to discussion of William Jackson of early Augusta, Virginia:

John Jackson of Sussex Co., VA includes will; small bits tree.
Family:John Jackson and Annie Hough (1) of Loudoun, Virginia uploaded 1 Sep 2009 (not Hempstead) brick wall.
Family:Samuel Jackson and Mary Hanks (1) of Loudoun, Virginia uploaded 14 Jul 2012 (not Hempstead; is in paf:Alexander) brick wall.
Edward Ford and Jane Jackson (1) His father was born in VA; don't know where Jane was born. found in Jim Burgess' book
Family:Robert Duncan and Ann Gallup (2) culled from Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper Co., Virginia. Robert is father of Mary Duncan who m Thomas Grinnan, parents of Vashti Grinnan. Francis Strother and Susanna Dabney of Culpepper, Virginia
William Rosser, s/o Richard Rosser of King George, Virginia William's will is on his person page. His sister Rachel married Person:John Jackson (295).

Virginia Project - Jacksons with Hempstead DNA

Current Study:
Inhabitants of Dettingen Parish, Prince William, Virginia to link to families
TimeLine for Jackson in Prince William, Virginia OLD or is this the same as:
TimeLine for Jackson in Prince William, Virginia OLD This needs updated from
User:Janiejac/Constructing Samuel's PWC pages When I started this pg 6/14/16 I had already forgotten the Jackson Timeline!
I intend to put all PWC links on either the PWC Jackson TimeLine OR the user pg 'Constructing Samuel's PWC pages.
I did start a disamb pg but it may be better to have each person pg link to the pertinent info on the timeline pg and have links on the timeline to specific Transcripts.
Disambiguation. Jacksons of Stafford and Prince William, Virginia This page could be better presented similar to the Strother page which will link to the person pages. (See Strother disambiguation page above.)
Jackson in Prince William, Virginia OLD to merge with next below.
Jackson in Prince William OLD Goals, Links to Heads of Families that I have uploaded etc. I forgot to put United States in the title.

Francis Jackson and Salie Tyler of Prince William, Virginia
Samuel Jackson and Mary Farrow of Prince William, Virginia The Will of Samuel Jackson, 28 February 1815 PWC is transcribed into his person page.

Francis Jackson 1778 Deed to son Samuel>br>
User:Janiejac/Notebook of Samuel Jacksons in PWC having trouble with formatting margins and indents on this page. Spending more time trying to get the page to look right than I am doing the research!! THIS IS OLD; forgot I had done this.

Timeline.Lynn in Prince William, Virginia
Person:William Lynn (23) added will of Wm Lynn; need to add children.
Family:Samuel Jackson and Vashti Grinnan (1) of Prince William, Virginia
     Family:Reuben Wright and Kesiah Jackson (1)
     Person:Zephaniah Jackson (1)
          Person:Charles Jackson (70) Charles has not yet been linked to his father! TO-DO!
          Person:Willis Jackson (5)
Jack's Trimble Co is yet to be uploaded after new merge is moved over from sandbox

  1. George W. Jackson and Nancy Strother of Fauquier, Virginia Marda's chart
    1. The Samuel_Virginia20090621forJack.ged has been imported into George Jackson and Nancy Strother, Marda's chart as of 21 June before I found the connection.
    2. Later: now I've gone back and uploaded the family of James Strother and Jane Gibson and imported that also because that has the above Nancy Strother and George that I need to connect the two trees.
    3. As of 6 July 2009, I've uploaded Saml Jackson and Mary Farrow into Marda's tree. George W. who married Nancy Strother has been proved to be the son of Samuel and Mary Farrow.

The duplicate people are easy to merge but I will need to check every family page because of my uncertainty of whether the sources end up referring to the correct items.

Virginia, St. Paul's Parish, Stafford

Added the Jacksons in the Parish Register starting with Family:William Jackson and Mary Unknown (2) Includes Family:John Jackson and Rachel Rosser (1) Stafford Co > Prince William, Virginia (desc unkn)

West Virginia

West Virginia Research Guide (not mine)
Repository:Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants (Library and website)
Family:Jonathan Hughes and Abigail Jackson (1)
Person:Christopher Ash (2) related and linked to the Hughes family

Jackson in West Virginia Still very much under construction. May eventually link to other pages 'Jackson in name of county'. Wondering if this will be necessary or redundant...

MySource:Janiejac/Jackson, Edward. Last Will and Testament I could not find this by searching! Maybe because I searched using janiejac instead of Janiejac?? I thought these were going to be a transcription page but was told to put in MySources.

MySource:Janiejac/Jackson Ledger from Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants I gave the URL to my Jackson site but have not tried to post the transcription on WR. The Ledger is now on WR but not the transcriber notes. User:AndrewRT posted it on WR for me. Transcript:Jackson, P A. Jackson Ledger. Thank you Andrew!

Misc. Notes

Amy wrote: To add a link to the Cemeteries category: those category links are not created automatically; they have to be added manually. To do so, enter [[Category:Cemeteries of county, state, country|cemetery name]] in the text box

Note Ideas for future pages:
Quolla6 has three articles:
Notebook: Buchanon in Old Augusta County, Virginia
Notebook: Buchanon Family in Old Chester County, Maryland
Notebook: Buchanon Family in Southwest Virginia
All three of these articles use the Category:Notebook: Buchanon Family Surname.

Introduction to Carolina Cradle Counties of Carolina Cradle
Maps of Carolina Cradle Project (or Anson Co whichever this turns out to be)
Carolina Cradle Project County Histories
Carolina Cradle Project Family Histories (I think the Burch Book would qualify. What else?)

Quolla uses a table here listing source, author and description of book
Carolina Cradle Project Biographies
Explorers, Settlers and Militia of Carolina Cradle Project
Gaps and Valleys, Rivers and mountains of ____ (Geography)
Geography of ________________
Rivers of _______________
References or Sources for _________ (Library)
Culture of __________

Note that Kay F. sent me a lot more Fredericksburg, Virginia Jackson info to input. 6 Nov 2009

Just a bit of info: (1684) Rappahannock County, VA, Deed Book 7, page 169-171 – Daniel Jackson and wife Elizabeth (X her mark) Jackson to Luke Thornton. Wife relinquished her dower. Witness by Belinda (X her mark) Pursell. Note: Belinda Pursell was the daughter of Joshua Lawson. 2 Dec 2009