Summer 2017 Improvement Blitz

We plan to implement some improvements this summer. Please see the new request list for which requests are being considered and how to vote for your most wanted. Voting deadline is Sat. 29 Jul 2017.

Use this page to enter or vote on suggestions about how to make WeRelate even better.



Before adding a new suggestion

Before adding a new suggestion, please review the list below to see if your idea or a similar one has already been suggested. (Hint: use Control-F to search this page.)

Voting for an existing suggestion

If someone has already added a suggestion similar to yours, you can vote for it by watching the page (select Watch from the left menu on the suggestion page). Suggestions with more votes are more likely to be implemented.

If you simply want to follow a discussion but not vote for it, go ahead and Watch the page, but also edit the page to add your name to a section titled "Neutral".

Adding a new suggestion

If you've reviewed the list of suggestions and can't find yours, add it below. Give your suggestion a descriptive title so others can find it and vote for it.

Ex. GEDCOM - make place matching easier

Then click the Add button to create a page for the suggestion where you can describe it further.

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How are suggestions processed? (last update Nov 2016)

What about future changes to WeRelate?

Anticipated future changes to WeRelate appear on the roadmap.

Current List of Suggestions

TitleCreatedLast modifiedbyWatchers
Cemetery pages only on burial location10 Nov 201230 Jun 2017User:DataAnalyst13
Sort by page title15 Jun 20113 Jul 2017User:Cos177610
Tool for checking consistency of data28 May 201129 Jun 2017User:Jrm0306310
Assertions21 Dec 201213 Jan 2016User:Jrm030639
Burials -- Order in Facts and Events6 May 20139 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst8
Filter for "What links here"22 Jul 20118 Jul 2017User:DataAnalyst8
Ability to merge Mysource pages with regular sources29 Apr 20149 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst7
Format Date Field10 Nov 201229 Jun 2017User:Cos17767
Change handling of edit conflicts3 Aug 201229 Jun 2017User:Cos17767
Show all spouses in Search Results List19 May 20125 Oct 2012User:GayelKnott7
Variant Names5 Feb 20126 Feb 2012User:Dallan7
Ref Tag Improvement5 Sep 20114 Jul 2017User:DataAnalyst7
Disallow the deletion of spousal pages if the family page is watched26 Feb 201226 May 2013User:Jrich6
Attaching the same source citation to multiple pages30 Sep 20119 May 2015User:Wongers6
Exclude unused MySources in Gedcom upload20 Jun 201129 Jun 2011User:Amelia.Gerlicher6
Site speed - request for faster loading2 Jul 20178 Jul 2017User:DataAnalyst5
Replacing Adobe Flash24 Aug 201610 Jul 2017User:Helen-HWMT5
Facets: Birth Century to use christening date3 Jul 20169 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst5
View the talk page - suppress when empty9 Feb 201410 Feb 2014User:Jrich5
Match MySources in gedcom upload19 Jun 201128 Jun 2011User:Mksmith5
Add Search Engine to Person Pages10 May 201628 May 2017User:Cos17764
Adopt a Flexible Place Page System like Gramps 411 Nov 201516 Jul 2017User:Cos17764
Add a Title (Nobility) Event to Person pages3 Nov 201219 Dec 2012User:JBS664
Permit renaming of images3 Jun 201210 May 2015User:Cos17764
Install ParserFunctions Extension26 May 20129 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst4
Button to print excluded people during gedcom import23 Jan 201224 Jan 2012User:Dallan4
Create a 'delete' option for those of us who wish to delete a page.7 Dec 201130 Nov 2012User:AndrewRT4
Forgot your user name option4 Dec 20114 Dec 2011User:Dallan4
Sorting surnames on source pages13 Oct 201118 Nov 2016User:Cos17764
Mark as visited8 Oct 20119 Oct 2011User:Jrich4
Transcript namespace page - Source box3 May 20114 Jul 2017User:Janiejac4
Auto Place matching - change request for Ward, District, Precinct, etc.7 Jul 20177 Jul 2017User:Cos17763
Sort template for the 'what links here' page3 Jul 201625 Aug 2016User:Goldenoldie3
Statistics: Checkbox to exclude Talk pages in search3 Jul 20163 Jul 2016User:DataAnalyst3
Ability to copy/paste Source Citation during edits8 May 201511 May 2015User:BobC3
Content Language Neutrality via Wikipedia/Wikidata6 Jan 20146 Jan 2014User:Jrm030633
Relationship calculator9 Oct 201330 Dec 2014User:Trentf3
Add icon taskbar to Source Text and Notes boxes2 Jul 20132 Jul 2013User:Goldenoldie3
Add child (to existing spouse) from Person page16 Dec 201217 Dec 2012User:Jrich3
Category Index13 Oct 20124 Jul 2017User:Janiejac3
Memorial in lieu of known burial5 Oct 201211 Nov 2012User:Jrich3
Unknown in page titles9 Feb 20129 Feb 2012User:JBS663
Images on non-Person pages30 Jan 201213 Feb 2016User:Helen-HWMT3
Gedcom uploader surname checks19 Dec 201130 Jun 2017User:Cos17763
Prevent double-clicks when renaming pages19 Dec 201119 Dec 2011User:Jrich3
Streamline Add Source29 Oct 201122 Nov 2016User:Jrich3
Images - request ability to choose default caption21 Jul 201721 Jul 2017User:Cos17762
Abbreviated source citation for second and subsequent appearance4 Jul 20175 Jul 2017User:Moverton2
Browse feature on Person/Family pages needs update to allow for place redirects28 May 201729 Jun 2017User:Cos17762
Change label from Preferred name to Primary name21 Dec 20167 Jan 2017User:DataAnalyst2
Search for dates before 1000 (current functionality is incomplete)19 Dec 201620 Dec 2016User:Cos17762
Image Pages - Add Source Box & Source Requirement10 May 201513 Feb 2016User:Cos17762
Inactive user autotag11 Mar 201511 Mar 2015User:Ceyockey2
Add Source Citation buttons before and after each Citation ID30 Sep 201430 Sep 2014User:Woepwoep2
Search form to include gender9 Dec 201310 Dec 2013User:Woepwoep2
Random "search" on the Main Page10 May 201310 May 2013User:Khaentlahn2
Need an 'add' button to search results pg when I get zero results25 Mar 201316 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst2
Bug Fix: How parents are added in GEDCOM upload29 Nov 201229 Nov 2012User:JBS662
"with" displaying on Person pages where spouse is Unknown31 Oct 20121 Nov 2012User:Moverton2
Change the Google Plus Snippet so that it shows information1 Sep 20121 Sep 2012User:Jdfoote12
Unsourced category19 Aug 201211 Nov 2012User:GayelKnott2
Enhancing the Children List on a Family Page14 Jul 201230 Sep 2012User:Pkeegstra2
Make "→" section links work29 Dec 201129 Dec 2011User:Jrich2
Gedcom uploader living check19 Dec 201119 Dec 2011User:JBS662
Plugin to Add Sources from Ancestry / FamilySearch28 May 201628 May 2016User:Jrich2
Mobile friendly and/or responsive website required17 Oct 201718 Oct 2017User:Grey1
List of families23 Jun 201723 Jun 2017User:Woepwoep1
Replace FTE with something that works
GEDCOM upload: Location button
On Compare pages, mark identical Persons23 Oct 201319 Nov 2013User:Robert.shaw1
EVENT page type5 Jul 20126 Jul 2012User:Amelia.Gerlicher1
On personal pages, add new type of event: loan (or so)23 Apr 201223 Apr 2012User:DiBa19441
Request for GODP record16 Mar 201616 Mar 2016User:Woepwoep1
Check of new Family pages for recent marriages18 Oct 201218 Oct 2012User:JBS661
Prevention of Living People and 'Stealth' Living People1 Aug 201329 Aug 2013User:DMaxwell1
Enhancing the "also located in" List14 Jul 201229 Nov 2012User:Pkeegstra1
Thoughts on Silhouette Images26 Apr 201226 Apr 2012User:Janiejac1
Bring coords in from wikipedia30 Nov 20122 Jul 2013User:Goldenoldie1
Mobile site rendering8 Nov 201515 Nov 2015User:DMaxwell1