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If you are here because I edited a page you are watching, that probably happened for one of two reasons. I'm an administrator for WeRelate, and I monitor recent changes and make changes to conform pages to WeRelate policies and best practices. If the change is a matter of best practices, I will typically make it only once or twice for a user; further changes are up to him or her.

I also have a number of pet projects on WeRelate that I rotate among as I have time and interest, including U.S. political figures and their ancestry, succession boxes for European royalty, Great Migration immigrants, early settlers of Windsor, Connecticut, and early vital records of Massachusetts.

My main research interest at the moment is the Morrow DNA Project, of which I am co-administrator.

  • Go here for the lines tested and links to pages about the lines on WeRelate.
  • General information on project can be found here.
  • Information on the results we have obtained can be found here.
  • Extensive Morrow information the project has collected, including descendants of tested lines, can be found on WorldConnect here. (This information is gradually being added to WeRelate.)
  • A database of 5000 southern Morrows found in the census is found here (under construction).

Much of the Morrow information I've posted here and elsewhere has been shared with me by others which I have in turn shared as a service to participants in the project, and to help those interested in the DNA findings to find us. If those of you who have additional information add it to the relevant pages, you'll do us all a favor by cutting out the middle man (me), so please do so! I'm happy to answer queries about whether a line has been tested, or forward your information to participants, but I have very little information that's not on the WorldConnect site listed above.

My personal research extends from the home of my parents and grandparents in Carthage, Missouri. Some of their ancestors were early New England settlers, although all left for for the midwest by 1840. A few came from Germany as late as 1844. A good chunk also came from Kentucky and North Carolina. My personal webpages can be found on Freepages (includes pictures) and WorldConnect (more recent). My biggest brick walls are listed in the surnames list. These lines too are also being added to WeRelate in small chunks.