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Arthur Jax immigrant to Rhode Island (view) (launch FTE)
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Bath KY study (view) (launch FTE)
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Ben Jax_Mary Rushing (view) (launch FTE)
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Benj Jackson of Rensselaer (view) (launch FTE)
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Benjamin Jax by Gay Nix (view) (launch FTE)
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Bethune (view) (launch FTE)
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David & Abigail by Janet (view) (launch FTE)
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David Jackson and Jane of Overton TN (view) (launch FTE)
people: 244
David Jackson and Patty Batchelor (view) (launch FTE)
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David Jax Prudence Hathaway (view) (launch FTE)
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Desc Samuel Jax_Marg Cree (view) (launch FTE)
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Farmer of Tennessee (view) (launch FTE)
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Geo Jax Lucinda Houghton (view) (launch FTE)
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GroupT Henry Jackson (view) (launch FTE)
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Henry Hall (view) (launch FTE)
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Henry Leonard (view) (launch FTE)
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Jacks Zephaniah Jax (view) (launch FTE)
people: 193
Jackson in Tennessee (view) (launch FTE)
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Jackson_Coonrod (view) (launch FTE)
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James Jax of Spinans (view) (launch FTE)
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James Norman (view) (launch FTE)
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Jane_Trimble_KY_031709 (view) (launch FTE)
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Jax_Henthorn (view) (launch FTE)
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Jeptha Nightser (view) (launch FTE)
people: 58
John G Jax Immigrant (view) (launch FTE)
people: 101
John Jackson of Loudoun Virginia (view) (launch FTE)
people: 46
Josiah Jax Ruth Steer (view) (launch FTE)
people: 2
KesiahJacksonWright (view) (launch FTE)
people: 171
Kimble & Yoaks FFinder (view) (launch FTE)
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Lampson of Morris Co (view) (launch FTE)
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Marion County WV study (view) (launch FTE)
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Norman (view) (launch FTE)
people: 380
Old Augusta (view) (launch FTE)
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Peter Hoff Jackson (view) (launch FTE)
people: 191
Pocahontas WV (view) (launch FTE)
people: 122
Robert Jackson of Hempstead (view) (launch FTE)
people: 31536
Robt Jackson_Fredericksburg VA (view) (launch FTE)
people: 81
Robt Jax & Mary Ann Henthorn (view) (launch FTE)
people: 86
Rockville_Greenfield Cem (view) (launch FTE)
people: 506
Samuel Jackson and Rachel Doty (view) (launch FTE)
people: 151
Samuel P Jax of KY (view) (launch FTE)
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Small bits (view) (launch FTE)
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Study Jax of Wood Co. (view) (launch FTE)
people: 922
Virginia Project (view) (launch FTE)
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Wetzel County Jacksons (view) (launch FTE)
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Wm Ireland Jemima Jax (view) (launch FTE)
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Wm Jax Cassandra Garrison (view) (launch FTE)
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Image:JaneSMALL.jpg Hi! I'm Janie Jackson Kimble. Since February 2005 I have had a web site dedicated to the descendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Queens County, New York. The purpose is to bring together all the known descendants of the Jackson men and down to the third generation of the Jackson women. The only reason I have limited the data on the Jackson women is to help focus my time and energy on the Jackson line. The site has had a tremendous amount of help and contributions from many folks who have generously contributed their family data and research. All are welcome to come explore the Jackson Family site as there are a LOT of other pages in addition to the raw data, such as Resources, Historical Sites, Historical Stories, Biographies, Obits, Wills, and info on the DNA results of the Hempstead line of Jackson.

Bits and pieces of other Jackson info will be posted here which is not necessarily of the Hempstead line. But I post it as I find it just as a way to keep this information available.

The family tree of David Jackson and Jane Carlock Unknown that I have uploaded here at WeRelate is an effort to learn more of the descendants of these folks, hoping to connect to a living Jackson male descendant willing to participate in the Jackson DNA Project. (As of 2011, this has been done!! David Jackson and Jane of Overton County, Tennessee are not related to the Hempstead line of Jacksons!) Jackson researchers have discovered this to be a very helpful tool in determining which branch of Jacksons a descendant is connected to. DNA by itself won't tell a participant where he is connected but can let him know which branch he should be looking into to find his ancestors. More about this is posted on my web site mentioned above. This Jackson DNA Project is for ALL Jacksons, not for just my line of Jacksons.

I am a complete newbie to wiki so this is still very experimental for me.--Janiejac 20:11, 15 June 2007 (MDT)