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Jillaine made me a 'Rant' page to work on: Rant I didn't use it and I think it is gone now, but it lightened the moment.
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To find list of templates: Help/Contents/Advanced/List (conjectured, doubtful)

Citation needed = 2curly brackets on both sides of 'cn'

Misc Code

To keep line breaks w/o having to type 'br' use nowiki and code together (no caps): Funeral of: Mrs. Anna Woody Credits: 200.00 Sept 11, 1935 184.00 " 25.00 Embalming allowed (deducted) 16.50 Discount _______ $425.50 This looks like this code will also allow proper white space before lines. See edit page of this for example.

Using nowiki: When this "pgs 382-383, <em>[ Transcript]</em>" is posted in the Vol/pgs window of Source/citations, the result is "pgs 382-383, Transcript". The word Transcript is italicized and is a link to the transcription at ancestry!!


To create a link to a Special page where the link has a ? in it, as in [[Special:AddPage?namespace=108]], putting the link inside double brackets as I just did doesn't work. Instead, you need to put the entire URL inside single brackets, as in [ Add Person]. This results in Add Person. To get rid of the little "off-site arrow" that appears after the link, you can surround the link with a span, as in <span class="plainlinks">[ Add Person]</span>, which results in Add Person.

To make a footnote reference to a specif source: want to attribute specific information in the notes to a specific source? Edit the page, delete what should be deleted, and after the section(s) that you want to source do one of two things: 1) add S1 (where S1 is the source you're citing; make it S2 or S3 if necessary). This gives you a footnote linked to the source. or 2) add [1] after the text, and
  1. Source description here
to the end of the page. This gives you a footnote with a number linked to the text that you put between the 'ref' tags. It's useful if the citation isn't a source already, needs additional information, or you're afraid the sources will be altered later. (If you're talking about a source for a fact in the left hand column, we need a page to look at as Jillaine suggests.)--Amelia 14:02, 2 March 2009 (EST)