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Ralph William Edgar Honey (1917-1985), Meat Industry Executive

This month, WeRelate looks at the Person Page of Ralph William Edgar Honey, born 18 September 1917, in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Edgar Honey (b. 1889) and his wife Mabel Hambly (1891-1987), both immigrants from England who came to America after the turn of the century. Ralph was an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and got his first job in the meat industry at age 12, working after school and on weekends in his father's meat market in Chicago. His first jobs as a young man in the food business, beginning in 1938, were working for a retail chain store, for meat products Wilson & Co. and later for the Coca-Cola Company in sales.
His career at Oscar Mayer began in 1938, in the order filling department. He moved to Modesto, California and attended Modesto Junior College, where he met his wife Mary Mitchell whom he married in 1936. With the exception of serving his country two years with the United States Navy in World War II, the remainder of Ralph's adult life was spent working for Oscar Mayer. He worked his way up the ranks through various sales and management assignments until he was named the manager of Oscar Mayer's production plant in Los Angeles, California. in 1967, Ralph was named Vice President and Western Regional Manager. Ralph retired from the meat-industry on 1 January 1977 after 35 years with Oscar Mayer and 39 years in the food industry. During his career, Ralph Honey was active in a local Southern California food-industry trade association, the Dairy/Deli/Bakery Council (DDBC), an organization that still exists today. Ralph was first recognized by the Deli Council in October 1967, when he received its "Big Cheese" Award. Ralph Honey passed away on 16 July 1985 in Tarzana, Los Angeles County, California. This Person Page, is a good example of the type of Page that you can add to WeRelate for your ancestors. (learn more...)

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This month commemorates the 75th anniversary of D-Day. On June 6, 1944, thousands of courageous Americans and British forces stormed the beaches of Normandy giving their lives in service of their countries. This Allied invasion of France would lead to the end of World War II one year later. One American solider, First Lieutenant James McCaul Jr, father of US Representative Michael McCaul of Texas, served as a bombardier on a B-17 whose squadron participated in the D-Day air campaign.

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