Citation needed


CAUTION: This is a template used to highlight the need for a citation to document some specific fact. It has been placed on many different person article pages. It should NOT be used to enter personal information about any particular ancestor, except to the extent that that information might be needed for the examples being cited. DO NOT modify this template.

The template {{cn}} is used to simply highlight that a fact asserted has not been properly documented. See Person:George Harris (10) and Person:Samuel Smith (1) for two examples on how to use this template. In general, what is needed is a link to a specific source that can be cited to support this fact. In selecting sources "Primary Source" or Original Source, such as a letter, or government or church record contemporary with the event, is always to be preferred. Absent a primary source, a good "Secondary Source" or "Indirect Source," such as a published family history that relies on primary sources for its information can be used instead. "Tertiary Sources", such as an unsourced family history, or reliance on GedCom's, or simple communication from other genealogists serve little effective purpose in documenting genealogical information.