Person:Samuel Smith (1)

Lieutenant Samuel Smith 1602 28 Sep 1680 and 17 Jan 1680/81 Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
m. 6 Oct 1624
  1. Lieutenant Samuel Smith1625 -
  2. Elizabeth Smith1626/27 - Aft 1701/02
  3. Mary Smith1628 - 1668
  4. Philip Smith1630 - 1631
  5. Deacon Philip Smith1632 - 1685
  6. Ensign Chileab Smith1636 - 1731
  7. John Smithest 1638 - 1676
Facts and Events
Name[3][5] Lieutenant Samuel Smith
Gender Male
Birth[3][5] cal 1602
Marriage 6 Oct 1624 Whatfield, Suffolk, EnglandSt. Margaret's
to Elizabeth Smith
Emigration[3] 1634 On the Elizabeth.
Residence[3] 1634 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Other[3] 3 Sep 1634 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesAdmitted freeman.
Residence[3] 1635 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Residence[3] 1661 Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation[3] Fellmonger. Glover. Innkeeper.
Will[3] 23 Jun 1680
Estate Inventory[3] 17 Jan 1680/81 £613-11-07; £270 in real estate.
Probate[3] 29 Mar 1681 Will proved.
Death[3][6] bet 28 Sep 1680 and 17 Jan 1680/81 Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Burial[4] Old Hadley Cemetery, Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States


Born about 1602 based on age at time of emigration.

Emigrated with wife Elizabeth (each age 22) and children, Elizabeth (7), Samuel (9), Mary (4) and Philip (1), sailing from Ipswich, England, 30 Apr 1634, on the "Elizabeth," landing in Boston June 1634. (See Source #2)

Life in New England

Settled at Watertown where he was made freeman 3 Sep 1634.

Soon removed to Wethersfield, CT, of which town he was apparently a prominent citizen:

1641; 1643-1653; 1655-1656: Lieutenant deputy to the General Court, and a number of other local offices.

April 1659: one of the signers of the agreement to remove within the jurisdiction of Massachusetts; same year, became one of the founders of Hadley, CT, where he was deputy to the General Court nearly every year to 1673. Was also one of the first board of selectmen and much employed in public service.

His home lot in Hadley was #6 on the east side street commencing at the north.Citation needed


In his will, dated 23 June 1680 and proved 29 March 1681, “Sam[ue]ll Smith of Hadly” bequeathed to “my dear & beloved wife Elizabeth Smith the absolute, clear, free, entire & full use, benefit & produce of all my estate whether personal or real during the time or term of her natural life”; to “my son Philip Smith’s eldest son called Sam[ue]ll all my allotment of land lying in the meadow called Great Ponset”; to “my son John Smith’s eldest son called John from the west end of the barn, the other part of my houselot …, confirming to him withall what of the said lot I gave to his father in his lifetime, viz: the part extending from the barn to the common street being about four rod in breadth”; to “my son Chiliab’s eldest son called Sam[ue]ll all my allotments of land in the meadow called Little Ponset …, also that allotment called the skirts of Hoccanum … after the decease of my wife”; to “my grandchild Sam[ue]ll Smith son to my son John Smith all my allotment of land in the tract of land called Forty Acres … when he shall attain to the age of one & twenty years”; to “my daughter Elizabeth Gull twenty pounds” and moveables; to “my grandchild Mary Baal ten pounds provided that what her husband Sam[ue]ll Baal shall be found to be indebted to me shall be discounted as part of the said sum”; to “all my grandchildren that are now living that is to each & every one a Bible which they shall receive of my executors when able to read the same & my will is that within every Bible bequeathed as aforesaid my executors cause to be written fairly & legibly the last verse of the eleventh of Ecclesiastes & the first verse of the twelfth chapter”; to “my eldest son Sam[ue]ll Smith five shillings”; residue to “my executors hereafter named to be equally divided between them”; “my loving sons Phillip Smith & Chiliab Smith” to be executors [HamPR 1:213-14].

The inventory of the estate of “Lieut. Sam[ue]ll Smith Senior of Hadley deceased, taken January 17th 1680[/1],” totalled £613 11s. 7d., of which £270 was real estate: “his house & half homelot,” £45; “his barn & other part of the homestead,” £25; and “his land in the meadow belonging to Hadly” £200 [HamPR 1:214-15].

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    SAMUEL, Wethersfield, came in the Elizabeth 1634, from Ipswich, then by the custom-ho. rec. aged 32, with w. Elizabeth 32, and ch. Samuel, 9; Elizabeth 7; Mary, 4; and Philip, 1 ; was adm. freem. 3 Sept. 1634 ; was first, perhaps, at Watertown, where most of the passen. of that sh. plant. but in few yrs. rem. with many of them to the banks of the Conn. was rep. 1641-53 almost all the sess. more than any other man, was in 1608 exempt. from train. Next yr. he rem. with many of Rev. Henry Smith's opponents (wh. support. his success. Rev. John Russell's side of the Hartford controv.), to Hadley, where he wag in very high repute, rep. oft. from 1661 to 73, lieut. in com. of the milit. from 1663 to 78, then hon. disch. and his s. Philip made lieut. and a capt. was appoint. for the first time; made a magistr. for the town, and d. in Dec. 1680, or next (vol. 4, p. 132) mo. Of the four ch. he bro't three are nam. in his will, tho. he gave the eldest only 5s. no doubt for suffic. reason, yet not express. Mary, not nam. had prob. d. young. Chiliab, and John, his s. are ment. in that docum. the former, b. a. 1636, and the other some yrs. aft. His wid. d. 16 Mar. 1685; and his d. Elizabeth m. 1646, Nathaniel Foote, and next, William Gull, wh. d. 1701, and she outliv. him.

  2.   Drake, Samuel G. The Founders of New England. New England Historical and Genealogical Register. (NEHGS, 1860), NEHGR 14:329-330, Oct 1860.

    IPSWICH. -- A note of the names and ages of all the passengers which tooke shipping in the Elizabeth of Ipswich Mr. Willia[m] Andrews bound for new england the last of Aprill, 1634... Samuell Smithe, 32, Elizabeth his wife, 32... [next page, listed next to "Samuel Smith"] Samuel Smith, 9; Mary Smith, 4; Elizabeth Smith, 7; Philip Smith, 1...

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    ORIGIN: Hadleigh, Suffolk [TAG 32:202-3]
    MIGRATION: 1634 on the Elizabeth of Ipswich (on 30 April 1634, “Samuell Smithe,” aged 32, “Elizabeth his wife,” aged 32, “Samuell Smith,” aged 9, “Eliz[abeth] Smith,” aged 7, “Mary Smith,” aged 4, and “Phillip Smith,” aged 1, were enrolled at Ipswich as passengers for New England on the Elizabeth [Hotten 280, 282]).
    OCCUPATION: Fellmonger [WetLR 1:229, 144, 145]. Glover (baptism of daughter Elizabeth on 28 January 1626/7). Innkeeper. On 26 September 1671, "Liuet. Smyth of Hadley is licensed to sell wine or liquors for the year ensuing" [HamPR 1:132].
    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Watertown church prior to 3 September 1634 implied by freemanship.
    FREEMAN: 3 September 1634 (sixth in a sequence of ten Watertown men) [MBCR 1:369].
    BIRTH: About 1602 (aged 32 on 30 April 1634 [Hotten 280]).
    DEATH: Between 28 September 1680 (service as Hampshire magistrate) and 17 January 1680[/1] (date of inventory).
    MARRIAGE: Whatfield, Suffolk, 6 October 1624 Elizabeth Smith [TAG 32:202].

  4. Lieut Samuel Smith, in Find A Grave.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Great Migration's 2009 sketch does not mention any credible evidence of Samuel's parents nor his exact date of birth or baptism.
  6. Almost certainly died at Hadley since he is buried in the old cemetery there.

Elizabeth (1634)
Sailed: 30 Apr 1634 from Ipswich, England under Master Willis Andres
Arrived: July? 1634 at Massachusetts Bay Colony

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