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Current Genealogy / Family History Work

I mostly hang out over at WikiTree these days. Jillaine 01:19, 18 November 2019 (UTC)

I have a number of GEDCOMs on where I upload my most recent work. My GEDCOMs include:

I maintain a (now mostly archival) Freepages web site at Rootsweb, with a variety of additional family history links and resources.

Back when I was doing genealogy professionally, I blogged a bit... See Bringing Your Ancestors to Life. All genealogy work I currently do is pro-bono.

Colonial Ancestors

I am particularly interested in and have done a fair amount of documentation of my husband's colonial New England ancestors. This has resulted in some interesting and challenging projects:

  • Category:Taylor_in_Massachusetts attempts to distinguish the earliest TAYLORs of Massachusetts, one of which is my husband's ancestor, Richard Taylor of Sudbury. This research resulted in my sole published article, "The Two Richard Taylors of Yarmouth, Massachusetts," published in NEHGR.