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Outstanding Questions

  1. Where would I place a transcription of cemetery records?
    See the Cemetery Portal for ideas. See also Category:Cemeteries.
  2. Where would I place a transcription of a key person's will?
    Generally, you'd place transcriptions of personal documents in your personal User space. See what I've done here. But if the transcription relates to a historical person, you may wish to place it in the Article namespace or if it's short enough, in the text box of an appropriate Source.
  3. Where would I place information about a family reunion?
    My sense now is that WeRelate is not the place for posting such information. That said, you could post it on the appropriate "Surname-in-Place" and/or "Surname" page. Not sure very many people will see it, though.
  4. Where would I place a page for my local genealogy society?
    My sense is that WeRelate is not the place for posting such information, although, again, I suppose you could post it on the appropriate Place page.
  5. Why doesn't something like the Southwest Virginia set of pages have its own subdirectory? And what would such a subdirectory be named?
    WeRelate is not big on subdirectories; instead they make use of Categories.
  6. Shouldn't pages containing passenger lists be grouped together? Example: Anne & Little James Passenger Lists
    Again, use of categories is recommended for this purpose. See See also Great_Migration_Ships for an alternative way to organize information about ships.
  7. How do you "pull in" content from a Wikipedia page?
    The easiest approach is to add {{source-wikipedia|<wikipedia_page_name>}} to the top of your article and wait for the weekend. Over the weekend the introductory section (before the first heading) of the wikipedia article will be copied onto your page. You can also have other sections of the article copied onto your page, but it's more involved.

User Pages

User pages are for content that is specific to you and your own research. These pages are only editable by you. If you want others to contribute to such pages, don't put them in the User space. Examples of User pages you might want to have include:

  • Maintain a research log - Use WeRelate to keep track of what you've searched and what you've found.
  • Maintain a ToDo list - Use WeRelate to keep track of all your genealogical to-dos. Categorize, make lists of records you'd like to search next time you go to the FHL (with links to Source pages, of course). Or assign tasks to family members.

Family Pages

  • Add some narrative about the family: How did they meet? What led them to leave Buffalo, for Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, then Long Beach, CA?
  • Post a scan of their marriage certificate
  • Post a family photo

Person Pages

  • Add all the data you have. Be sure to include source information
  • Add photos, scans of death certificates or birth certificates

Place Pages

Have you become familiar (genealogy or family research-wise) with a particular place? Consider editing an existing Place page with research tips or other historical information of interest to other family researchers. Examples where this has happened include:

Do you have old photos of these towns? Upload and link to them from the Place page.

Post your willingness to do lookups in particular towns.

Surname-in-Place Pages

These are actually category-created pages, listing all articles with surnames in that place. But you can edit the top section. For example, look at:

Post your willingness to do lookups concerning certain surnames in places.

Examples of Interesting Articles