Great Migration Ships

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1633 Neptune
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1620 - 1640

Ships that took settlers to the New England Colonies between 1620 and 1640.

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ArrivedShip NameDeparted FromArrived AtNotes
1620 NovMayflowerSouthamptonPlymouth
1621FortuneLondonPlymouthMany Pilgrim family members
1622Weston's Ships (Charity, Swan, Sparrow)Unspecified port, EnglandPlymouthSettled at Weymouth; few permanent settlers
1623 JuneAnneUnspecified port, EnglandPlymouthGrouped with Little James on passenger lists
1623 JulyLittle JamesUnspecified port, EnglandPlymouthGrouped with Anne on passenger lists
1629The Higginson Fleet:
..George Bonaventure
..Lyon's Whelp
..Four Sisters
..Mayflower(1629, 14th crossing)
..Pilgrim (1629, 4th crossing)
Yarmouth, Isle of WightSalemSettled Massachusetts Bay
1630 MayMary and JohnPlymouthDorchesterSettlers founded Dorchester and Windsor
The Winthrop Fleet[1]Settled Massachusetts Bay
1630 June Flagship Arabella, Ambrose, Hopewell, TalbotYarmouth, Isle of WightSalem
1630 July Charles, Jewel, Mayflower, Success, Trial, Whale, William and FrancisYarmouth, Isle of WightSalem
1630 Aug 20 Gift[2] England Charlestown
1630 Unknown name[3] London, England? New England departed England in June
1630 Oct 20 Handmaid[4] England Plymouth
1630 Unknown name[5] England New England private merchant
1631 Mar vij Unknown London, England? New England
1631 May Lyon[6] Bristol, England Salem
1633 Sep Griffin Downs, England Boston incl. Rev. John Cotton
1634 Mar 22 Planter Landed where? Left from where? Settled where?
1634 Apr 30 Elizabeth Landed where? Ipswich Settled where?
1634 Apr 30 Francis New England Ipswich Settled where?
1635 Mar 20 Unknown Ship Weymouth, England New England
1635 April Elizabeth London New England Notes?
1635 April Increase Departed from? Arrived at? Notes?
1635 Apr 1 Hopewell London, England? Massachusetts? Notes
1635 Apr 9? Rabeca Departed from? Arrived at? Notes?
1635 Apr 17 Elizabeth and Ann London Boston
1635 May 3 Marygould London Virginia, New England
1635 May 14 Plaine Joan London Virginia, New England
1635 May 28 Speedwell London Virginia, New England
1635 May? James (of London) London Boston
1635 June? Hopewell London Boston
1635 July? Hopewell Weymouth Boston
1635 ?? Susan & Ellen Departed from? Arrived at? Notes?
1635 Jun 7 Planter London Boston
1635 Jun 15 Abigail Departed from? Arrived at? Notes?
1635 Jun 15 Christian London Boston Sailed on to Windsor
1635 Jun 20 Richard Gravesend Virginia, New England
1635 Jul 7 Defence Departed from? Arrived at? Notes?
1635 Sept? James Southampton Arrived at? Second ship James in 1635
1635 Sep? Blessing London Boston
1635 Nov? Truelove Unspecified port, England Landed where?
1635 Hercules Sandwich, England Boston
1635 Angel Gabriel Bristol, England Pemaquid, Maine
1635 ?? Bonaventure London St. Domingo; Virginia; New England NEHGR 2:112-113
1637 Jun Hercules[7] Landed where? Sandwich, Kent Settled where?
1638 Apr Confidence London New England Settled where?
1638 May Bevis England New England
1638 Jul Martin Unspecified Port New England
1638 Susan and Ellen England Massachusetts
1638 Diligent England Massachusetts settlers of Hingham, MA
1639 Jonathan England Massachusetts


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