I'm a very amateur (strong love, weak ability) genealogist. My job is demanding so I have little free time, but I do try to spend some time with this hobby. I'm a strong supporter of WeRelate and also have high hopes for, a new Q&A site on genealogy in the stackexchange family (check it out!).

Interested in everyone with surname Sparrell.

See (need to reconstitute - broken link) for research done by Charles F Sparrell before his passing.

See for Capt James Newton Sparrell, the forefather of all the US Sparrells (at least that I've found so far).


Membership in process:

Need to get around to applying:

Current Project:

I am continuing a project my late father started of attempting to trace all his ancestors back to when they immigrated to the new world, and what ship they arrived on. The ships found so far are on Ancestral Ships Of Charles Fisher Sparrell. The 'brickwalls' (ie where the line stops prior to arriving in the new world) are on Charles Sparrell Line Terminations. The maternal equivalent project is already complete (albeit it only consisted of the ship my mother and grandparents arrived on).

Other projects on the todo list:

  • getting all my ancestors into werelate
  • tracking down more sources
  • (trying to get all the info on sparrells into one place)