Weston's Ships: The Sparrow, the Charity, and the Swan (1622)
Thomas Weston sent three ships - the Sparrow, the Charity, and the Swan - to New England in 1622 carrying men who were to settle at Wessagusset (Weymouth). The men boarded at Plymouth the summer of 1622 before going on to Weymouth. Few of the men have been identified.
Sailed: March(?) 1622 from an unspecified port in England
Arrived: Late May & June 1622 at Plymouth, Massachusetts, before continuing to Weymouth, Massachusetts by August.
Previous Vessel: The Fortune (1621)
Next Vessel: The Anne and the Little James (1623)

Phineas Pratt - John Lyford (probably)

Resources: Primary Sources: Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation - Mourt's Relation - Pilgrim Hall (wills and other contemporary documents)