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Benjamin and Elizabeth Coker of Barnwell, South Carolina (view) (launch FTE)
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Canterbury Family of Alabama (view) (launch FTE)
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Family of Beth Gay including surnames Canterbury, Carrell, Cloud, Coker, Coleman, Evins, Howard, Jones, Meadows, Morrison, Russell and Womack (view) (launch FTE)
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Robert Coker and Sarah Miears Family (view) (launch FTE)
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Robert and Elizabeth Coker Family of Murray County, Georgia (view) (launch FTE)
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Thomas Coker family of South Carolina and Bibb County, Alabama (view) (launch FTE)
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William Coker and Jemima Crumpton Coker Family (view) (launch FTE)
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Family Research

My family research began about 1984. Some of my family lines are Carrell, Canterbury, Cloud, Coker, Coleman, Evins, Howard, Jones, Meadows, and Womack. Currently working on the descendants of Henry Gay who died in the Isle of Wight, Virginia. My husband is from the Gay family.

Coker Surname DNA Project

I am the co-administrator of the Coker DNA site on World, an affiliate of the Family Tree DNA site. [1]

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