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Digital Library

  • Go to Digital Library
  • Click "Start New Submission"
  • Select the Collection you want it in (presumably your own)
  • Go through the steps as the system guides you. There are a number of data entry pages. Somethings you have to enter, something you should, and somethings (most) can be ignored.

In the end you'll get an item added to your collection, relatively quickly, but not instantaneously. You'll get a notification that includes a link to the item. You can click on that and it will take you to a view of the item. Then you can copy the URL and place it where-ever you want as a link. Or just use the URL from the notification. There are a couple of shortcuts to this last step, but they are a bit tricky. (At various stages you'll see an URL displayed for you. You can use those, but they sort of link to an intermediate storage product. Better to wait I think, and use the formal URL the system gives you.) Q 22:57, 26 June 2009 (EDT)


How to from Q

Template for disambiguation is on my computer; a word document. Instructions for changing object name of search.

When you want to do a disambiguation replace "Samuel Canterbury" for whatever name you want to disambiguate

After you've done the search and replace, insert the material onto a WeRelate page. Then add <Table border=1> at the top, and </table> at the bottom

DO NOT add them to the template. Under some conditions that will cause the table to display in your word processor as a fully formatted table. You need to preserve the coding as is, without your system interpreting it. So add the Table /table coding after you've placed it on WeRelate.

Example of Disambiguation for Samuel Canterbury from Bill

Hi Bill, Need help once again; this time I will post your answer on my tips and reminders. Can't find the page where you explained all this to me. I need to find all pages for Samuel Canterbury. In particular interested in #1; is that one being used? --Beth 19:27, 7 August 2009 (EDT)

Hi Beth. Glad to help. Here's the way I do it. I create a table that includes the link for the person using each index number. 1,2,3...n. It would look something like this

<Table border=1> <tr><td>[[Person:Samuel Canterbury (1)]] <tr><td>[[Person:Samuel Canterbury (2)]] <tr><td> [[person:Samuel Canterbury (3)]] <tr><td> [[person:Samuel Canterbury (4)]] <tr><td> [[person:Samuel Canterbury (5)]] <tr><td> [[person:Samuel Canterbury (6)]] <tr><td> [[person:Samuel Canterbury (7)]] <tr><td> [[person:Samuel Canterbury (8)]] </table> (looks crummy because the nowiki thingy messes up the display something fierce.

When its not surround by it comes out looking like this:

Person:Samuel Canterbury (1)
Person:Samuel Canterbury (2)
person:Samuel Canterbury (3)
person:Samuel Canterbury (4)
person:Samuel Canterbury (5)
person:Samuel Canterbury (6)
person:Samuel Canterbury (7)
person:Samuel Canterbury (8)

As you can tell, only index number 2 is currently "occupied" However, index number 1 is still taken by a card that's been deleted. Dallan seems to want to preserve these, so its not available (in theory) Which leaves you with index number 3 as the card next available for use. Q 19:42, 7 August 2009 (EDT)

I used index number 3 after Q wrote this; so it is now shown as occupied. --Beth 22:35, 7 August 2009 (EDT)


Under Construction - Image:Construct2 e0.gif

Reference Notes

New system: See Jackson in Surry, Virginia

<hr/> <small> [[Source:Farquharson, Geoffrey. Clan Farquharson: A History|Farquharson, Geoffrey. Clan Farquharson: A History]], p. 68. </small>

    • You can add a Source page reference to the sources section and reference it in your narrative text using:

<ref name="S1"/>. The source numbers in the reference tags automatically adjust as you add and remove sources.

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