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Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Year range
1694 - 1694
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Administration of the Estate of Richard Taylor of Sudbury, MA

Transcribed from Middlesex Probate Records #22230

Know all men by these presents that we Hannah Tailor[1] relict of Richard Tailor[2] late of Sudbury, deceased, and Benjamin Permenter[3] and Thomas Smith[4] of said Sudbury all within ye County of Middx within Her Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England are here on? and stand firmly bound and obliged unto James Russell Esq with? full summ of four hundred and fifty pounds current money of New England to be paid unto ye said James Russell his [successors?] [____] office of [judge] of probate of wills and granting of Admi- nistration or Assigns. [To the] [_______] payments where of we do bind our selves, our heirs, assigns & Administrators? jointly and honorably firmly by those presents?. Sealed with our Seal. Dated in Charlestown the Twenty Fourth Day of September 1694 Anno RR & Regina Guila....? Maria Angela the [Seseto?] ------

The condition? of this joint? obligation is such that if ye? above? bonnden Hannah Tailor Administratrix of all and singular the goods Chattel? Rights and Credits? of Richard Tailor late of Sudbury in ye County of Middx Carpenter deceased & Intestate do make [_____] Inventory of [all] and Singular [ye] goods Chattel? Rights & Credits? of the said deceased which have? or shall [come to] the hands [or possession] or Knowledge of said Administratrix or into ye hands & possession of any other person or persons for here? and of same, to made do Exhibit? into ye registers office of said County at or before the 10/4th day of December ensuing. And of [same?] goods Chattel Rights and Credits? and all other goods Chattel Rights of ye said Deceased at the time of his death which at any time after shall come to the hands or possession of said Administratrix or any other person or persons further, do will? and truly administer according to Law. And further do- make [_____] made a full and true account of her said Administration at or before ye 4th day of September 1695, and all of rest and residue of said goods Chattel Rights and Credits? which shall be found [be maming?] upon ye Administration? account of same- being first examined and allowed of by a Judge or Judges? for ye time being of probate of wills and granting of Administration in [____] County of Middx shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons responsibly [___] of said judge or judges or his or their decree? or [sentences?] persuant to Law shall limit and appoint. And if it shall also [____] appear [that?] any last will and testament be? made by ye said deceased & [--] Executed accordingly [--] [--] said Administratirx within bonndon? [being] [theirs] unto [required] do render & deliver said letters of Admi- nistration & approbation of such [______] being fixed? first? [had] & made [into] ye registrar’s office of said County [____] this obli- gation to be [proved?] & of? [nono?] effect [____ ___(latin?)_________]

Signed, sealed & delivered, Sam’l Phipps, Reg’r Hannah Tailor her mark[5] Thomas Frost[6] Benjamin Parmentor Thomas Smith

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The Account of Hannah Tailor Administratix of all
and Singular the goods Chatterly Rights & Credits of Richard
Tailor of Sudbury deceased Intestate as w___ for such? & so much of ?? same? goods and chattells as came to her hands, as of and for her? payments and disbursements?

Thouse accounts chargeth? her Self? ___ withall? and singular ye goods & chattles of ye said deceased, ______ in an Inventory show? of made and exhibited into ye Registry of said County of Middlsex September 24th, 1694 -- 230 [pounds] 10 [shillings?]

______ ________ Inventory appears ____ _____ _______

And said Administratrix positions? for? allows and as follows

To ____ all charges: 2-090-00?

To Administration and registry of of _____: 00-10-00

To ye Doctor for physick & attendance?: 00-12-00

To minister Rald?: 00-09-00

To so much paid to Isaac Wodge? in money? for: 03:15-06 wages her sd. husband’s servant

To so much for Jonathan Rice[7] constable for ___ country ralds?: 05-03-03

By so much paid William Tailor[8] for sheep

___ her husband in his life time: 00.16.00

To so much paid Thomas Smith for hire? of medow?: 01.00.00

By so much paid to Henry Rice[9] of Sudbury for land _____ by said deceased in his life time and not paid for: 05.00.00

By loss of one young goat by sickness: 01.00.00

By Loss of three sheep by sickness: 00.13.06

By Loss of grain over prized [priced?] and ground? by reason of the st____ judged by one of ___ former appraised? ___ Stephan Hall[10]: 07.00.00

To Dr__ing & Registering? ye annual? __ Ad___: 00.04.6

for allowing and ____ ____: 00.05.00

For a commission - Henry ? Committee? 00.09.06

which _____ 30.16.9

____ remaining 200.01.3

__ _____ Hand 3

The mark of Hannah Tailor Adminstratrix
Charlestowne, September 9, [16]95

By ye Honorable James Russell ___

Hannah Taylor Administratrix formally? appearing ___ and oath to ye above writtten as a true account of Richard Taylor deceased praying? of same may be said? allowed.

Ja: Russell
Sam’l Phipps, Regr

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Sudbury December 18, 1695

Persuant to an order record? received? from ye Honnorable James Russell, Esqr Judge of probate of wills and Intestate Estates for ye County Middlesex ___ whose names are here unto subscribed being a commity appointed for ye dividing and settling of ye estate of Sargent Richard Taylor late of Sudbury deceased, dying Intestate. According to our best judgment and understanding and the execution? given in ye law has/ Attended:

Considering ye divisions in ye law title? Intestate Estate the children being numerous and if the lands should be divided in to so many shares it would tend to the spoyling of ye whole and the two eldest sons Richard Taylor and John Taylor being willing with ye consent of mother and of ye rest of the Children to take ye two thirds of the lands and housing in to their hands: paying out of ____ of the childrens legacies and ye law directs ___ the Committee ___ order said two thirds of ye housing and lands to Richard Taylor and Jon Taylor paying as aforesaid the other children their legacies as the law directs.

[___] Debts: Loss of Corn & death of creatures and exp___ of the family ____ cannot find the Inventory answered by htirty nine pounds fifteen shill 8 pnne

_____ order and set out the widows thirds of the moveable estate twenty three pound fourteen shillings 1 pen.. 23-14-05

Widows thirds of housing and lands is as followeth the nor west taking in five rods? of appl trees at the end of ye orchard: next ye woling house being bounded by a young ___ oak? standing in ye f____ by the medow side and running straight Lyn until it runs to ____ John Courtherboos Lyne all the medow pasture and eraboll land lying and joyning all to yoshuran? ye nor west end of the farm with all the west land until it runs to the land that was formerly Granted to Jonathan Griffin now in the possession of Richard Chevers with three acres of earable land att the nor west end of it new field and a third pt of ye medow ____ broad medow at the nothern end and a third pt of all the buildings [amounting to 40--00--00]

To Richard Taylor set out his dubble portion in land and housing, movables, six pound eight shill.

To John Taylor set out his portion in moveables is six pound, eight shill 5 penne the ___ is fourteen pound three shillings and a peny

To Hannah Cobley[11] set out her portion in moveables thirteen pounds two and six pennes ____ ____ in Lands and pow whole? 14.03.01

To Elizabeth Taylor set out in movables seven pounds 5 sill. & 5 pen. rest due in land: 6 pounds 17 & 7 whole is: 14.03.01

To Annah Taylor set out in moveable estate five pound eight shillings; rest due in land: 8-- 5-- 7 whole: 14-03-01

To Lydiah Taylor set out six sixteen, rest due in lands seven pounds 6 shilling, one penny Hole: 14.03.01

To Calib to Caleb Taylor set out in moveables 3; rest due in land 11:bounds, 3 shillings....

To Jonothan Taylor[12] sett out in moveables 4p; 7shil, rest due in lands 9p 15 sh, ? pennney whole 14-03-01.

All ways be it remembered that the said Richard Taylor and John Taylor hall hand free land attach????? to pass and _____ with ra___ and horse or on foot through the three acres of land at the nor west and of the now fort? and allgo to the Govnr? and housing

[Signed] Thomas Browne, John Goedenow, Peter Noyes


  1. Hannah Rice, daughter of Henry Rice and Elizabeth Moore of Marlborough; she was first married to Eleazar Ward (who died in 1676).
  2. His parentage has not been confirmed; however, he is not the son of Richard Taylor (the “Rock”) of Yarmouth; the latter’s son Richard remained in Yarmouth, married a different Hannah and lived until 1732.
  3. This is likely brother-in-law to Hannah Rice Ward Taylor, married to her sister Tamazine Rice.
  4. This is likely brother-in-law to Hannah Rice Ward Taylor, married to her sister Abigail Rice.
  5. This implies she was illiterate.
  6. There are a number of Thomas Frosts who this could be; the one most contemporary to Hannah and Richard was born 1647, son of Edmund Frost and Thomasine Clench.
  7. Likely the brother of Hannah Rice, b. 1654.
  8. Don’t know (yet) who this is; could it be a brother, uncle or cousin of Richard Taylor of Sudbury? Is it William Taylor of Marlborough?
  9. This is likely Richard Taylor’s father-in-law, father of Hannah; Henry Rice did not die until 1711.
  10. This might be Stephen Hall (1637-1724) husband of Ruth Davis (1645-1715), grandfather of the Jonathan Hall who will marry Thankful Taylor, the granddaughter of Richard Taylor.
  11. This is Hannah, birth child of Eleazar Ward who died before she was born; she was an infant when her mother Hannah Rice Ward married Richard Taylor, and was likely adopted by Richard Taylor; she is “Taylor” on her marriage record to John Cobleigh. [check]
  12. There is no VR birth record for this birth (probably about 1692); this is the only document found so far that names Jonathan as a son of Richard and Hannah. And his presence in the region is complicated by another Jonathan Taylor, born in 1694 in Concord, son of Abraham Taylor. Researchers are divided about which Jonathan Taylor later married Rebecca Powers. The Concord VR marriage record indicates that Rebecca married Jonathan Taylor “of Littleton.” Richard Taylor’s son Caleb, definitely settled in Littleton, AND another, contemporary Jonathan Taylor (with wife Hannah) is having children in Dunstable, MA at the same time), supporting the theory that Rebecca married Caleb’s brother, this Jonathan Taylor.

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