Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p131

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Volume 4, Page 131

and his wid. m. Samuel Fox. RICHARD, Wickford, call. jun. 1663, s. of
Richard the first, purch. Hog Isl. in Narraganset Bay, was one of the
Counc. of Sir Edmund Andros. See Hutch. I. 354 in note. His will,
of 16 Mar. 1691, call. hims. of Rochester in the King's Prov. at Narraganset,
allows us to suppose, that he had no ch. for it gives all the
income of his various est. to his w. for her natural life, and no longer,
aft. wh. the whole to kinsmen, Lodowick and Daniel Updike,"
for wh. we may care less than to obs. the fact, that the instrum. was pro.
by our Gov. Sir William Phips, 12 July 1692, only tuo or three days
prior to devolv. that office upon Stoughton. RICHARD, Falmouth, by w.
Mary had Thomas, b. 1 684; rem. to Marblehead, and had Richard,
1689, rem. again to Gloucester, where Babson notes those bs. were rec.
RICHARD, Salisbury, s. of Richard of the same, by w. Elizabeth had Joanna,
b. 22 May 1686; and James, 26 Jan. 1692. ROBERT, Boston, a wine
cooper, a. 1637, had w. Mary, went home, and kept the Lion tav. in
Fetter lane, as Felt inf. Farmer, and add. that he brot. two sis. Ann, wh.
m. John Kenrick, and Mary, wh. m. Philip Torrey. But Mary had
first m. John Scarborough. ROBERT, Exeter, one of the formers of the
compact 1639 with Wheelwright and others, may have been of Boston
the yr. bef. ROBERT, Ipswich 1648. ROBERT, Boston, a mariner, m.
betw. 1662 and 1666, Elizabeth wid. of David Kelly, as is shown by deeds
of her and her s. David K. ROBERT, Hampton 16O7, took the o. of
alleg. Dec. 1678, d. 1706, aged perhaps 95. ROBERT, Charlestown, m.
15 Aug. 1687, Margaret Swilloway of Malden. ROWLAND, Marblehead
1648, may have been br. of James. SAMUEL, Lynn 1630, was a
farmer at Swampscot, and Lewis somewhere says he d. 1642. SAMUEL,
Salem 1637, when, Felt says, he had gr. of ld. is perhaps the same wh.
d. at Wenham 1642, in his will, of that date 5 Oct. pro. 27 Dec. foll.
names w. Sarah; s. Thomas; and his ch. William, and Mary; and d.
Mary, w. of William Brown, mo. of William and John B. SAMUEL,
Wethersfield, came in the Elizabeth 1634, from Ipswich, then by the
custom-ho. rec. aged 32, with w. Elizabeth 32, and ch. Samuel, 9; Elizabeth 7;
Mary, 4; and Philip, 1 ; was adm. freem. 3 Sept. 1634 ; was first, perhaps,
at Watertown, where most of the passen. of that sh. plant. but in
few yrs. rem. with many of them to the banks of the Conn. was rep.
1641-53 almost all the sess. more than any other man, was in 1608
exempt. from train. Next yr. he rem. with many of Rev. Henry Smith's
opponents (wh. support. his success. Rev. John Russell's side of the
Hartford controv.), to Hadley, where he wag in very high repute, rep.
oft. from 1661 to 73, lieut. in com. of the milit. from 1663 to 78, then
hon. disch. and his s. Philip made lieut. and a capt. was appoint. for the
first time; made a magistr. for the town, and d. in Dec. 1680, or next