Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p130

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Volume 4, Page 130

Russell, that caus. the rem. l6O9, of many of the parish, and founda.
(by R. and his friends) of Hadley; but if not d. he was too old to rem.
and contin. at W. His s. Richard's name is on the list of freem. 1669,
and his d. Esther m. John Strickland; Beriah m. Richard Fox; and
Bethia m. 15 Aug. 1684, Joshua Stoddard. Other ch. were Jonathan,
wh. he estab. in est. as early as 1662; Samuel; Joseph; and Benjamin.
But I ought to add, that these ch. are by Chapin reckon. gr. ch. of the
first sett. of 1648, and progeny of his s. Richard. With him I agree,
tho. not to receive the result of his testim. in 1684 when he tells of coming
from the Vineyard "30 or 40 yrs. ago," yet ment. no f. Perhaps we
may resolve that Richard jr. whose ch. are here refer. to, and whose
will of 1680 could not have effect bef. 4 July 1690, when is notic. the
first d. in W. of any Richard, was s. of the chief man of the town. But,
for a season, sev. yrs. bef. 1673, there was only one, tho. three bef. R. S.
at W. and of wills or est. in prob. there is only one exc. the insolv.
R. S. call. of Hartford. RICHARD, Ipswich 1642, as Farmer's MS.
has it, without a word of add. but it is kn. there was one of the name
there 1678. He may have been s. of Richard of Shropham, Co. Norf.
short dist. from E. Harling. RICHARD, New London 1652, came from
the Vineyard, but soon rem. to Wethersfield, there, says Caulkins, call.
senr. and we can hardly doubt that he is the promin. Richard of W.
RICHARD, Watertown, sw. fidel. 1652, perhaps was of Lancaster, and
m. 2 Aug. 1654, Joanna Quarles. RICHARD, Boston, came in the
Speedwell, July 1656, aged 43, may be the man wh. had (with cons. of
their f.) bound to him ch. Edward Phillips for ten yrs. and Deborah P.
for 13 yrs. on 12th May 1671, whose indent. on 21 July foll. he assign.
to Henry Green of Rumney Marsll, now Chelsea, or perhaps Malden.
He was prob. a bricklayer. RICHARD, Wethersfield, call. jun. prob. not
s. of Richard of the same, yet, like him, had been of New London, in
1655, was adm. freem. 1658, and is on the list of W. with the other.
Difficult as it is to attain certainty, it seems highly prob. that he is the
same person, wh. at Hartford, 1665 and 6, is call. junr. yet had s.
Samuel well grown, and may be he wh. d. at H. 1689 insolv. Still the
opin. of Mr. Chapin is entit. to gr. weight, and aft. fluctuat. long, my
friend, Sylvester Judd, concluded, that the Richard Smiths are more
confus. than the John S. RICHARD, Lyme, propound. for freem. 1671,
had d. Elizabeth wh. m. John Lee. RICHARD, Salisbury, m. 17 Oct. 1666,
Sarah Chandler, had Lucy, b. 17 Sept. 1667; Richard, 30 Oct. 1669;
William, 10 Mar. 1673; Mary, 13 Mar. 1676; and his w. d. 6 July,
1682. He took the o. of alleg. 1677, and was freem. 1690. RICHARD,
New London, m. 4 Mar. 1670, Bathsheba, d. of James Rogers, had
James, bapt. 12 Apr. 1674; Elizabeth; John; and Bathsheba; d. 1682,