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Family Pedigree

Cole/Schoennauer Family Pedigree
Melvin Lee Cole
Fred Clint Cole
James David Cole
William D. Cole
William David Cole (1800-1855)
Elizabeth //Cole (1805-1850)
Eady Thorne
Eady's Father
Eady's Mother
Aminda Melvina Spears
Robert Amos Spear
Robert Stephen Spears
Elizabeth Walker
Lavina //Spears
Lavina's Father
Lavina's Mother
Elizabeth Harrison
Lorenzo Harrison
Stephen Harrison
Joseph Harrison (1783-1840)
Athenia Hancock (1794-1863)
Martha Janes Stiplin
Martha's Father
Martha's Mother
Nancy Ward
Fielding Ward
Samuel Ward (1773-1864)
Ann //Ward (1787-1868)
Amy Ann Johnson
Samuel Johnson (1794-1885)
Rebecca Moore (1791-1882)
Irmgard Schoennauer
Arthur Schoennauer
John Schoennauer
Joseph Schannauer
Joseph Schonouer (1758-1838) =>
Catherine Tritsch (1762-1838) =>
Susanna Armel/Arnold
William Aermel
Sarah Dechter
Amalia Schlichting
Fredrick Schlichting
(c.1810- ? )
Fredrick's Father
Fredrick's Mother
Amalia's Mother Amalia's Grandfather
Amalia's Grandmother
Ida Welk
Friedrich August Welk
Johann Welk/Welck
(1821- ? )
Johann's Father
Johann's Mother
Anna Christina Barth/Bathke
(c.1825- ? )
Christina's Father
Christina's Mother
Ottilie Kunz
Friedrich Kunz
Gottfried Kunz (c.1790- ? )
Dorethea Joegs (c.1793- ? )
Anna Rosina Doege
Anna Rosina's Father
Anna Rosina's Mother

Marquez/Ramierez Family Pedigree
Octavio Marquez Jr.
Octavio Marquez Sr.
Epimenio Marquez
Epimenio Marquez's Father Epimenio Marquez's Paternal Grandfather
Epimenio Marquez's Paternal Grandmother
Epimenio Marquez's Mother Epimenio Marquez's Maternal Grandfather
Epimenio Marquez's Maternal Grandmother
Hermenegida Rejin
(c.1890- ? )
Hermenegida's father Hermenegida's Paternal Grandfather
Hermenegida's Paternal Grandmother
Esmerigilda Rosales
Esmerigilda's Father
Esmerigilda's Mother
Eudelia Villarreal
Bernardino Villarreal
Manuel Villarreal
(1837- ? )
Manuel Villarreal's Father
Manuel Villarreal's Mother
Delfina Muñoz
(1844- ? )
Delfina Muñoz's Father
Claudia Muñoz (c.1810- ? )
Balbina Gutierrez
Martiriano Rodríguez
(c.1850- ? )
Martiriano's Father
Martiriano's Mother
Antonia Garza
Calistro Garza(?)
Felicitas Solis(?)
Guadalupe Jose de la Paz Elizondo Jr.
(1896- ? )
Jose de la Paz Elizondo Sr.
Jose de la Paz Elizondo Sr's Father Jose de la Paz's Paternal Grandfather
Jose de la Paz's Paternal Grandmother
Jose de la Paz Elizondo Sr's Mother Jose de la Paz's Maternal Grandfather
Jose de la Paz's Maternal Grandmother
Maria Gonzalez
(c.1875- ? )
Maria Gonzalez's Father Maria Gonzalez's Paternal Grandfather
Maria Gonzalez's Paternal Grandmother
Maria Gonzalez's Mother Maria Gonzalez's Maternal Grandfather
Maria Gonzalez's Maternal Grandmother
Josefina Silva Ramirez
Abraham Ramirez
Juan Ramirez
(c.1865- ? )
Juan Ramirez's Father
Juan Ramirez's Mother
Rufina Danúl
(c.1870- ? )
Rufina Danúl's Father
Rufina Danúl's Mother
Maria Juana Silva
(1895- ? )
Eucarnación Silva
(c.1870- ? )
Eucarnación Silva's Father
Eucarnación Silva's Mother
Juana Herrera
(c.1875- ? )
Juana Herrera's Father
Juana Herrera's Mother
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