Person:Joseph Schonouer (1)

  1. Joseph Schonouer1758 - 1838
  2. Elisabeth SchonauerAbt 1760 -
  3. Anna Schonour1760 - 1841
  4. Mary Martha Magdalena Schoenauer1763 - 1821
m. 12 September 1780
  1. John Schonour1781 - 1838
  2. Elizabeth Schonouer1786 - 1861
  3. Hannah Schonouer1793 - 1874
  4. Joseph Schannauer1801 - 1874
Facts and Events
Name[1] Joseph Schonouer
Alt Name Jost Schonouer
Alt Name[2] Joseph Jost Schannauer
Alt Name[3][4][9] Joseph de Schonauer
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][5][6] 1 April 1758 Cumru, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Military[3][4][7][8][9] 1778-1781 Pennsylvania, United StatesCapt. Marckle's Independent Troop of Light Dragoons (part of Armand's Legion)
Property[5][6] between 1779 and 1812 Cumru, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 12 September 1780 Cumru, Berks, Pennsylvania, United Statesto Anna Catherine Tritsch
Census[8] 1790 Cumru, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Death[1][2] 8 January 1838 Cumru, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Ancestral File Number[1] 1MP9-165
Burial[1][2] Alleghenyville, Berks, Pennsylvania, United StatesUnion Church (Luth) Cemetery

American Revolution Veteran


Joseph "Jost" Schonouer was born on 1 Apr 1758 in Cumru Twp, Berks Co, Pennsylvania.[5][6] Joseph served about 1777-1779 as a volunteer in Capt. Marckle's Independent Troop of Light Dragoons in the American Revolutionary War,[3][4][7][8] one of the units organized by french Colonel Charles Armand Tuffin. He was married to Anna Catharina Tritsch on 12 Sep 1782 in Cumru Twp, Berks Co, Pennsylvania. He owned property between 1779 and 1812 in Cumru Twp, Berks Co, Pennsylvania.[5][6] He appeared on the census in 1790 in Cumru Twp, Berks Co, Pennsylvania.[8] He died on 8 Jan 1838 in Cumru Twp, Berks Co, Pennsylvania and was buried in Union Ch (Luth), Alleghenyville, Pennsylvania.

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    Death: 1-8-1838 BERKS CO PENNSYLVANIA
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