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Watchers Here is link to Help:Shared Research Page. I will use this kind of page for the 'Jackson in Prince William, Virginia' study. Also for Bob's study on the Carolinas. Help:Shared_research_pages

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Link to Dallan's ToDo List: WeRelate:ToDo_List
Link to Dallan's Talk page: User talk:Dallan
Here is link to the sandbox
Quolla's Color chart: User:Quolla6/Color Table
Jillaine's William Ward page with Will for good example: Person:William Ward (17)
(what I could do with the wills stored at
Bob's instruction for cemetery page: Place:Flat Branch Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Flat Branch, Harnett, North Carolina, United States
Quolla6 - map containing Carlock: Settlers of Thompsons Creek, Washington County, VA
Old Augusta Project: [1]
List of Templates: Category:Templates
Index of Categories: WeRelate:Category index
Surname:Jackson category
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Get Places to Display as I want, not as currently are

My understanding of how you're supposed to add the place for the desired outcome you seek is this in the Place field: New York, New York, United States|New Amsterdam, New Holland i.e., you have to select a current place as the link to a Place page, but you can use the pipe (|) to tell the system how to DISPLAY what you want it to. jillaine 14:57, 16 September 2009

Explanation of Special Project Pages


Uploading text and doc files and spreadsheets



The category for "Cemeteries in..." calls for the county, state, country, but NOT the city or township. So you'd have Cemeteries in Fairfield, Ohio, United States|cemetery name, but not Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio, United States|cemetery name. BTW, when you add a link to a category, look at the link after you save the changes to the page. If it is red, click the link to actually create the category page. So if you've added Category:Cemeteries of Fairfield, Ohio, United States to a page and that link is red after you save the page, click on that link. You'll get a page that says it doesn't exist but that you can create it. Click "Edit" at the top of the screen and add it to the category the next level up. (In this example, it would be Category:Cemeteries of Ohio, United States|Fairfield. Clear as mud? :-) And don't worry about "creating work." WR is a work-in-progress collaboration. Nobody does editing on here if we don't want to :-) -- Amy 10:19, 18 May 2010

Place Name Policy


Wills as Sources & transcriptions of Wills

Here is the source: Source:Dennett, Helen Marion. Last Will and Testament Source:Dennett, Helen Marion. Last Will and Testament. Note that the source itself is a link to the transcription.

Advice for using categories, subpages, navigating etc

This could/should be summarized into Help:navigating or setup pages for logical use. I thought I was the only one having great trouble understanding how to arrange pages in logical order and using categories to link various pages to one another. This topic is covered in #36 of the 2009 watercooler: WeRelate_talk:Watercooler

Better yet is this page on how to organize a page by Quolla6: Help:Page_Organization

Formatting tips

This makes a link to a category [[category:Jackson in Virginia]].

This shows a category in text without linking to it [[:category:Jackson in Virginia]].

Try using both "<code>" and "<nowiki>" before census records that I want to line break w/o having to use the 'br'. Don't forget to end text with </code> and </nowiki>. This does seem to change the font though.

How to edit a place page

Here is Jillaine's place page showing what can be done editing place pages: Place:Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United_States

I summarized the conversation at the watercooler RE editing place pages with wikipedia content on the help pages here: Help:Place_pages This was done 20 Aug 2009. Watch to see if anyone makes any corrections to the directions I place there.

What to do when similar pages should not be merged

If you come across two Family pages that appear similar but should not be merged, and you want to let others (and the site) know that they should not be merged, edit the Talk page of one of the families and add a template

Insert "{{nomerge|Family:Title of the other family}}" somewhere on the page. You can do this for Person pages as well.

Pages marked this way will not appear in the duplicates list next day.

General Notes and Reminders