WeRelate:About digital library

The WeRelate.org Digital Library is public-service website that allows you to preserve your genealogical material - photos, scanned document images, transcriptions, and GEDCOM files - and make it available freely to others anywhere in the world. It is currently operating in a limited beta. If you are interested in participating please leave a message for Dallan. The digital library uses the DSpace software developed by MIT and HP.

More information about the digital library will be available in the coming months.


After using the digital library for awhile we have discovered some usability issues with it. So rather than asking people to put new information into the digital library, we're going to make it possible for people to upload their genealogical material directly to WeRelate. You can add text files, PDF documents, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets by selecting "Image" from the "Add" menu. This creates an "Image" page that is not an image -- it simply contains a link to the text file. If you want to link directly to the text file itself, use the word Media instead of Image, as in [[Media:name of text file]].

At present, text files are not indexed by the search engine. If you want, you can add keywords to the text of the "Image" page (e.g., [[Image:name of text file]]), and those keywords will be indexed by the search engine. Someday we'll index the contents of the text files as well, but probably not until sometime in 2010.

If you have questions or suggestions for additional file types to support, please leave them on the talk page.