Jackson Overview/Goals for this page:

  1. An 20 April 2008 quote from Dallan indicates a need for more definite guidelines of what folks would find helpful on a surname page.
    • "The Surname pages and 'surname in place' category pages are the cause of some confusion . . . We need to keep the Surname pages so that when you check 'Related names' in the search form, the system knows what additional names to search for."
  2. So I am opening this up for suggestions and discussion.

  3. I believe I would like to see links to Jackson In Place pages; a link below to every state. As of June 8 2008 I made the list of states into table form for ease of use. This will be interesting to see grow.
  4. Then each Jackson-in-state page would be a transitional page to get to the county pages. The state pages would have a list of the counties, date of organization and the mother county of each. I would then not try to duplicate all the info in name place pages, but would emphasize only what is pertinent to Jackson info in that place.
  5. Example of items to include on Jackson-in-County pages would be
    • links to Jackson census transcriptions, if available, though images would be better
    • lists of Jackson marriages in the county, sorted by year
    • lists of early Jackson births in the county
    • lists of Jackson trees linked to the person pages (or family page) of the earliest Jackson known lines who lived in that locality, perhaps indicating where they migrated from and when, or a link to their earliest ancestor if known.

  6. What else can you add to the list?

Research Guides

Message copied from "A new page for Jacksons with many titles has been added to Click on the J under biographies, Jackson is in the center under the alpha links. This site is continuing to add new titles.

" identifies and links 20,000+ freely available digitized American biographies, genealogies and history books gathered from 24+ online sources.

"Organized by name, subject and state although some states such as Massachusetts, and New York are more developed then others. It’s also a good source of Civil War regimental histories. Check back often; titles are added weekly."

Not only are the books arranged by Surname and by State, but I like that they give a list of all places that have digitized genealogy books available. I found Jackson info I've never seen before!
I'm glad that you found the site helpful. You should know that the list of sources is limited to the major sites. There are a few more sources which contain only a limited number of titles. If you browse a state or city page and look for unique link codes you will find the smaller local resource sites.

Locations Named Jackson

This 1905 list was compiled by geographer Henry Gannet and published in "The Origin of Certain Place Names" page 167:

Jackson: counties in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky; parish in Louisiana; counties in Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri; town in Carroll County, New Hampshire; county in North Carolina; county, and city in same county, in Ohio; counties in Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin; and many other places, named for Gen. Andrew Jackson.

Jackson: mountain in the Sawatch Range in Colorado, named for the photographer, W. H. Jackson.

Jackson: county in Georgia, named for Gen. James Jackson, United States Senator from that State.

Jackson: town in Waldo County, Maine, named for Henry Jackson, a contemporary of Colonel Knox in the Revolution.

Jackson: county, and city in same county, in Minnesota, named for Henry Jackson, the first merchant of Saint Paul.

Jackson: river in western Virginia, named for the first settler on its banks. Early Settlers on Jackson River, Augusta County, VA

Jackson: lake in Wyoming, named for David Jackson, a noted mountaineer.

Jacksonville: city in Morgan County, Illinois, named for a prominent colored preacher.

Jacksonville: town in Randolph County, Missouri, and village in Onslow County, North Carolina, named for Gen. Andrew Jackson.

Jackson Records in Each State:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
Dist. of Col. Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Jackson Tapestry Category:Jackson Brick Walls

Select the highlighted state. If the state is still red (not created yet) you can create a new page by clicking on the state, then selecting the edit button from the menu and entering your data on the new page.

External Links to Jackson web sites:

The following Jackson sites are given for convenience. Stonewall Jackson's line is listed first because everybody always wants to learn if they are connected.

  1. Jackson Brigade: "Stonewall" Jackson. Site for the Line of John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins. The Jackson Brigade site is excellent and you can leave queries.
  2. "Stonewall" Jackson line at Virginia Military Institute
  3. Ambrose A. Jackson b 1692 in Brunswick Co., Virginia
  4. David Jackson b 1759 and his brother Gabriel b 1765; both born in Virginia
  5. David Jackson b 1793 in NC; d 1848 Overton Co., TN; m Jane Unknown b 1801 NC; d 1860, Overton Co., TN
  6. James Jackson (1775-1811) and Ruth Ellison, London > NY > PA; also
  7. Peter Hoff Jackson born 1807 Orange Co., New York, m Cynthia Bullock, Susquehannay, PA. (NEED DNA participant!)
  8. Ralph Jackson of Virginia
  9. Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Queens, New York
  10. Samuel Jackson (1782-1852)and his wife Rachel Doty. They were both buried at Hempstead, Long Island, New York. It is strange that there is no documentation for Samuel's parents. As of June 2017, Samuel's parents have been found!!
  11. Samuel Jackson, Pioneer of Essex Co., NY.
  12. Samuel Jackson and Catherine Plankenhorn. Chester County, Pennsylvania > North Carolina (link broken; need new URL)
  13. Thomas Jackson Ireland > Chester County, Pennsylvania and descendants to Georgia
  14. Thomas Jackson and Mary Cheesman of Gloucester Co., NJ - mid 1700's.
  15. Thomas Jackson and Asenath Hammons were in Robeson County, NC in 1790.
  16. William Jackson b 1760 NC, d Fayette Co., IN; m Abigail Gillum b 1760 NC, d Rush Co., IN
  17. William Jackson b 1780 VA, d Knox Co., TN; m Mattheny Wilson b 1780 NC, d Knox Co., TN
  18. William Jackson b 1816 TN, d Izard Co., AR; m Nancy Staggs b abt 1821 Wayne Co., TN, d aft 1888
  19. William Archibal Jackson b 1819 Genesee, NY; d 1863 Oswego Co., NY; m Catharine Blow b abt 1820, d 1902

Jackson Immigrants

Just a list of known immigrants. Hopefully, this can be linked to known descendants as we learn more. Some of these listed may not be found on any website; others may have considerable descendant information posted somewhere. If you know something about this immigrant, add a link to that information or start a page for him:

  1. Thomas Jackson, a minister, and Sarah A. Burt both immigranted to the United States in 1889.
  2. Robert Jackson b in Africa of English father. It looks like Robert and his wife immigrated here in 1899 following her Scottish parents who immigrated in 1874. At least that's the way I am interpreting this 1900 census. Robert's in-laws' surname is difficult to read but ancestry indexed it as "Stien". I would guess that the last 4 children are siblings of Robert's wife - but then again, that is my interpretation. They are indexed as Jacksons. [

Jackson Brick Walls

This is a link to the Category:Jackson Brick Walls which should be a list of all those Jacksons who still need research to locate the parents.

Jackson DNA Project Page

This page is planned but not constructed yet at WeRelate. Until it is, here is a link to the results of testing at FTDNA for the Jackson Group.

Jackson Tapestry

As of Oct 23, 2010 this is still under consideration and/or construction.

The purpose of the Jackson Tapestry Navigation Box (see bottom of state list below) is to facilitate navigation between various pages containing Jackson data. This is based on ideas presented by Quolla6 in his Southwest Virginia Project. He has defined various pages by type as follows:
Data: pages that contain raw data compiled from sources that serve as backup for various points. Such could be lists of marriages, lists of Jacksons in a certain cemetery, lists of abstracted deeds etc.
Analysis: pages are intended to examine some specific problem such as gathering data from a complicated court case or will, or why John could not be the father of Sam because . . . This allows for discussion of the problem.
Notebook: pages are just a place to put misc bits and pieces of info that is worth keeping but you don't have time to work on it right now.
Document: pages can be transcriptions or abstracts of specific documents.

To quote Quolla6 "In cases of analysis and document pages the page can be referenced easily in an article without having to actually incorporate the information. Lately, I've taken to inserting links to "Documentation" or "Data" near the top of person articles. Here they serve as handy reminders of information obtained and relevant to the articles. In some cases, they might be left permanently in the article, in other cases, it is a temporary measure applied until the information can be woven into the article better. Concept still evolving."

See Data:Comparison of the number of Jackson Head of Households in the 1790 and 1810 census Quolla6 created this table for me. 216 hh in Virginia in 1810!!