Jackson in Kentucky

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Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, United States
Madison, Kentucky
Clarke, Kentucky
Scott, Kentucky
Woodford, Kentucky

The following Jackson marriage records copied from Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865
Reprint from The Register of The Kentucky Historical Society http://search.ancestry.com/Browse/BookView.aspx?dbid=48582&iid=KYMarriages-001723-1

Pg 179
Anderson W. Jackson to Mrs. Nancy H. Martin, of Fayette county. M July 16, 1867 OR 7/22

Pg 169
Andrew Jackson to Miss Sabina Jane Hall, daughter of John G. Hall, all of Lexington [Fayette Co.] M July 10, 1855 S 7/10.

Pg 112
Henry C. Allan to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel G. Jackson, of Clarke county. M in Winchester [Clark Co.], July 1, 1845. OR 7/9 [see next below]

Pg 164
John B. Huston, of Winchester, to Mrs. Bettie Allen, daughter of the late Samuel G. Jackson, of Fayette county. M at the Frankfort residence of Mrs. Jackson, Dec. 20, 1854. OR 1/17/1855. [see above]

Pg 23
Capt. Enoch Briton, of Madison county, to Miss Edith Jackson. Married in October, 1819. R 10/13

Pg 84
James Jackson to Miss Rebecca, daughter [of] Col. Joseph Scrugham, of Lexington. M Oct 8, 1835 OR 10/14

Pg 125
James S. Jackson, of Fayette county, to Miss Patsy, daughter of Charles Buford, of Scott county. M Feb. 23, 1847. OR 3/3.

Pg 201 - is indexed as Kate S. Jackson but the page itself says Kate S. Johnson.

Pg 142
William T. Buckner, of Hopkinsville, to Miss Lucy E. Jackson, of Fayette county. M at the residence of James S. Berryman, May 8, 1849. OR 5/12

Pg 118
George T. Cotton to Miss Maria A., daughter of Richard G. Jackson, all of Woodford county. M May 6, 1846. OR 5/16. [see next]

Pg 118
John A. Crittenden, of Louisville, to Miss Virginia A., daughter of Richard G. Jackson, of Woodford county. See above. M May 6, 1846. OR 5/16.

Pg 12
William D. Young, of Lexington, to Miss Maria C. Jackson, daughter of John Jackson, of Woodford county. Married in Versailles, Feb. 28, 1811. KG 3/5.

Pg 98
James Berry to Mrs. Phebe Jackson, both of Crab Orchard [Lincoln Co.]. M. Feb. 28, 1839. OR 3/6.

Pg 200
James r. Marrs, editor and proprietor of the Danville Tribute, to Miss Sallie E. Jackson, daughter of Joseph Jackson, all of Danville [Boyle Co.]. M Nov. 3, 1863. OR 11/11.

Pg 131
Thornton M. Cox, of Mt. Sterling, to Miss Sally Ann, daughter of Samuel G. Jackson, of Lexington [Fayette Co.]. M Dec. 7, 1847. OR 12/15.

Pg 18
Capt. John Hathaway, of Baltimore, to Miss Tabitha Ann S. Jackson, of Alexandria. Married in Lexington, Ky., May 17, 1818. R 5/20.