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About Me

What drew me to this site is the collaborative spirit in which it was created. I firmly believe that genealogy research should be free so that everyone has access to the same information. And this is a wonderful venue to share information and learn about genealogy.

WeRelate Articles

I always find interesting information about the history of a place when I'm researching my family, so I've created some WeRelate articles based on my research. Please feel free to add any facts you might have to the pages, or contact me and I will add it for you. :)



Family Pedigrees

Maternal Grandmother

Pedigree of Lucy Courrege Benoit (1899-1990)
Lucy Courrege Benoit (1899-1990) Jean Courrege (1855-1928) Simon Courrege (1829-1910) Francois Courrege
Marie Anne Bosea
Marguerite Couget (1825-1908) Simon Couget
Bernarde Baray
Emerantia Marie Rodrigue (1863-1946) Jean Adolphe Rodrigue (1821-1886) Jean Baptiste Rodrigue (1788-1842)
Catherine Tregue (1787-1827)
Marie Donatile Naquin (1822-1902) Joseph Ambroise Naquin (1797-1840)
Celeste Prejean (1812-1860)

Maternal Grandfather

Pedigree of Willie Benoit (1894-1985)
Willie Benoit (1894-1985) Michel Miran Benoit (1833-1909) Michel Benoit (1809- ) Francois Xavier Benoit (1779-1823)
Madeline Marguerite Trahan (1791- )
Elise Granger (1814- ) [[Person:|unknown]]
Marie Domatile Duhon (1863-1896) Jean Serazin Duhon (1820- ) Cyprien Duhon (1803-1878)
Julie Granger (1804-1885)
Marie-Celanie Farque (1822- ) Joseph Pierre Farque (Abt 1766-1792)
Victorie Broussard (1787-1850)