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  • <show_sources_images_notes/> - display sources, images, and notes (and also facts if you don't have a separate <events/> tag)
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Update: if you want to keep your spacing and line breaks you should surround your text with <code> and </code> tags.

For example:

John Doe 10 July 1800 Jane Johnson 15 December 1801

Table sample

New York No. 28
Mary Crolius
Kings Co in the state of New York
who was a
widow of William Crolius died who was a private 6 mos in the Revolution
Inscribed on the roll of New York
at the rate of 20 Dollars 00 cents per annum,
to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831.
Certificate of Pension issued the 20 day of Sept
1836 and ?? Col. Geo.
Bamford ???
Arrears to the 4th of Sept 36 $110.00
Servant allowance ending 4 March 37 10.00
Act of July 36 ( Revolutionary Claim
( Act June 7, 1832
Recorded by ?? Addison[?] Clerk,
Book - Vol. - 1 - Page - 128
Source Record
Certificate of Baptism obtained from St. Peter's Church, New Iberia, Louisiana, in 1977.

This is to certify that Lucy Pauline Courrege, Child of Jean Courrege and Marie Rodrigue, born in New Iberia, Louisiana, on the 6th day of October 1899, was baptized on the 3rd day of December 1899. Sponsors: Jean Baquet and Pauline Baquet.

1872 BIRTHS in the District of Sandhurst in the Colony of Victoria, Registered by David Buchan
When and where Born. Name, and whether present or not. Sex FATHER MOTHER Signature, Description, and Residences of informant. (1)Association. (2) Nurse by whom certified. And (3) Signature of Occupiers, or other Witnesses. When Registered and where
(1) Name and Surname, Rank or profession of the Father.(2) Age. And (3) Birth place. (1) When and where Married. (2) Issue living and deceased. (1) Name and Maiden Surname of Mother. (2) Age. And (3) Birthplace
293 30 November 1871 New Chum City Sandhurst County Bendigo George Kaye Present Male Joseph Patterson Conn Miner 42 years Durham England 24 th September 1860 Sandhurst John Thomas 9 years Joseph 8 years Margaret 4 years William 2 years Elizabeth Conn formaly Kaye 36 years Yorkshire England Elizabeth Conn Mother New Chum 1/ Doctor Boyd 2/ Mrs Meikle 3/ Mrs Bell 27th January 1872 Sandhurst