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Worksheet to help determine where Jonathan and Abigail's children were born.

Timeline for Jonathan Hughes and children based on Jonathan's Pension Application.

Jonathan was a veteran of the American Revolution. His successful application for a veteran's pension in Gallia County, Ohio was dated March 19, 1834. Excerpts from his pension file, S9591, tell the detail of various locations where he lived and when.


He enlisted in Greenbrier County VA as a Minuteman in June 1774, under Captain John Cook and Lieutenant William Gilliland and was sent to Ellis Fort at the "Little Levels". He continued there until the


spring of 1777, when he was attached to Captain Hamilton's company and stationed at Jamor Rennix's for three months.


Greenbrier, VA was formed (now West Virginia)

1778 - Dec 1779 In the spring of 1778, he went to Hampshire County VA and in October 1779 joined Captain George Bell's Company of Colonel Posten's Regiment and was promoted to Ensign and served a tour of three months.

In 1780, he served a further tour of duty under the same officers.


After the war, Jonathan was an itinerant schoolmaster.  He went to Wilkes County North Carolina in 1783.

11 Jul 1786

William Jackson signs marriage bond of Abigail Jackson and Jonathan Hughes in Wilkes County, North Carolina.


Nancy Hughes born 1787 Wilkes according to Kurt Cook and DAR #412491 W. S. Tucker.  Nancy moved with parents and married in Harrison Co in 1816


Anderson Hamilton Hughes b abt 1790 in Wilkes County, NC according to Kurt Cook.  Anderson Hamilton Hughes was in Harrison County, Virginia by 1808; he signed marriage bond for sister Rachel.


Jonathan removed to South Carolina in the latter part of the summer of 1790

1791 - Jan 1792

Jonathan removed to Georgia in the spring of 1791, until about middle of Jan 1792

mid 1792 - 1808

to Greenbrier County, VA in middle of January 1792 until he removed in 1808 to Harrison County, Virginia  


Rebecca Hughes b 1792; Kurt thinks <Wilkes> but I think either Georgia or Greenbrier Co. and will leave that.
If I can find her child's 1880 census, that should show mother's birth location; pass, couldn't find.


Kurt had Martin Hughes born 1794 in HARRISON Co. prob not; will change to Greenbrier Co. Perhaps his d/c will say where he was born. Martin moved with parents and married in Harrison Co in 1819.  I show him born 1792-1800 which would put him b in Greenbrier.  Doddridge Roots has him b abt 1796 which would also put him in Greenbrier.  I will leave my date range.


Dudley Hughes: DAR record says 1786 prob Wilkes.  Moved with parents and married in Harrison Co in 1813.   Kurt Cook says Dudley b 1795 in Wilkes Co. but if 1795 would be Greenbrier Co.  I will use 1795 in Greenbrier.


Elizabeth Hughes, b 2 May 1797, Wilkes Co according to Kurt but I think s/b Greenbrier Co.  Kurt has Elizabeth same birthdate as Rachel

2 May 1797

Rachel Hughes, born in Greenbrier Co., VA   Her birthdate taken from  died 21 May 1843.  This birthdate agrees with Doddridge roots.


Jackson Hughes, b 1799; the family was still in Greenbrier Co.


Hannah Hughes, b 1805 Harrison Co according to Kurt, but they were still in Greenbrier.  Born abt 1805 per 1850 census - I left location as Greenbrier.  Doddridge Country Roots ca 1806 zero location.  I left date as abt 1805.


Leah Hughes, b 1806 Harrison Co according to Kurt but they were still in Greenbrier. She married in Harrison Co 1820 with consent from her father, Jonathan.


"to Harrison County in 1808".   Must have gone to Harrison AFTER June 1808 according to death record of Stephen Jesse.

15 Jun 1808

Stephen Jesse Hughes, b 15 Jun 1808 Harrison Co according to Kurt. His 1882 death record at WV Vitals online says that he was 74 years old, s/o Jonathan &Abigail and that Stephen was born in Greenbrier Co.   The informant was H. F. (Henry F.) Hughes, son.

6 Apr 1809

Martha (Patty) Hughes, b 6 Apr 1809 Harrison per Kurt; this agrees with Doddridge Country Roots, source: Susie Davis Nicholson "Davis - The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia ".


William b 1811 possibly Harrison by Kurt from IGI; so I will pass.

1829 On January 28, 1829, he was in Gallia County, Ohio.

In 1833, he spent four months in Jefferson County, Indiana.


Was teaching in Gallia County, Ohio when he was 90! (1843)