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Suggestion from a posting made by User:Oakeymertz:

Now there's three surnames I watch really closely everywhere. Mertz (aka Martz), Hilbish (aka Hulpusch and Hollenbush, etc.) and Kleckner -- three ancestral families of mine where big mistakes have been made and keep getting propagated. Wiki has a really neat feature whereby I just list those names in my profile as ones I’m watching (they already know the alternate spellings) and I get a daily email summarizing the details of any changes to anyone of those names (and a few others I watch). From the email, I can one-click directly to the person to see the change that was made.

At WeRelate (as best I can tell), and at FamilySearch, I have to go to each and every person I want to keep an eye on and take some action to be notified. In your case there are not very many of any of those names so I could go "watch" all the existing ones but I still wouldn't know about new people who might get added.

I can see that somebody would want this, but in the general case, might like the ability to fine-tune it a little more. If the name you are watching for is Smith, just to use an extreme example, that might not be so useful. Depending on how it get implemented, the ability to have a search automatically and be notified daily by email of the results might be a reasonable model. The search would presumably take advantage of the spelling algorithms already in the system, and perhaps you could narrow the results by specifying locations, date ranges, or keywords.
In the mean time, you could probably do something similar by manually searching for say, surname Mertz, unwatched only, sort by date last modified, and any new pages for that surname should show up at the top of the list.
Surnames in location categories aren't supported any more, but they used to be. It always seemed like watching a category would imply getting notified of changes to the membership of a category, but it doesn't. For example, somebody else adds a person I am not watching, and may not know about, to a category I am watching, say Founders of Watertown, and I want to be notified. That currently does not happen. I only get notified if the text of the category page itself changes. --Jrich 17:09, 20 May 2019 (UTC)