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TitleCreatedLast modifiedbyWatchers
Sorting Facts/Events without dates8 Oct 20129 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst6
Redirect MySource to Source20 Nov 20129 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst7
Sorting marriages on person pgs11 Jan 20128 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst5
Images don't appear on pages when linked during upload3 Jan 20128 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst3
Fix citations when source titles contain links28 Dec 20118 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst2
Recently added or selected pages4 Dec 20118 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst3
Sound off page!!5 Jan 20128 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst3
Automatically delete "emtpy" pages for living people17 Nov 20118 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst10
Add Event/Fact category "Civic"17 Nov 201119 Nov 2016User:Cos17763
Pruning Trees15 Nov 201119 Nov 2016User:Cos17765
Website Button22 Oct 201118 Nov 2016User:Cos17763
Streamline Add Person8 Oct 201118 Nov 2016User:Cos17767
Add "Description" field for the birth/death to the Family page22 Jul 201118 Nov 2016User:Cos17765
Capitalization consistency on Surname & Category pages7 Jul 201118 Nov 2016User:Cos17764
Put AFN into a source field30 Jun 201118 Nov 2016User:Cos17764
"Edit Section" link22 May 201112 Nov 2016User:Cos17763
Bug fix needed:Parents not displaying on pedi-map or family page3 May 201112 Nov 2016User:Cos17766
"No children" box for family pages3 May 201112 Nov 2016User:Cos177613
Bold merges of watched pages in recent edits27 Apr 201112 Nov 2016User:Cos17763
Requesting Extension:Labeled Section Transclusion24 Sep 201131 Oct 2016User:Cos17762
Move Source Quality selection to Source page24 Sep 201127 Oct 2016User:Cos17767
Featured Pages: Women, Please!13 Feb 201617 Mar 2016User:BobC4
Improve dropdown Place search11 Nov 20124 Nov 2015User:Dallan5
Adding of Baptism/Burial date field on 'add person' page14 Jan 20154 Nov 2015User:Dallan6
Allowing picking of Green Boxes in merge22 Jan 20124 Nov 2015User:Dallan5
Suggestions for improvements to Search10 May 20134 Nov 2015User:Dallan9
Source matching during GEDCOM upload8 May 20124 Nov 2015User:Dallan12
Embedded Google Maps14 Jul 20116 Aug 2014User:Dallan5
Browse links for each part of compound (e.g., Norwegian) surname6 Feb 20146 Feb 2014User:DataAnalyst1
Add Gård to list of place types30 Nov 20139 Dec 2013User:DataAnalyst2
Prevent MySource pages without username in title9 Nov 201113 Jun 2012User:Jrm030636
Alert for name prefixes in given name field in gedcom24 Feb 201210 Jun 2012User:Dallan4
Streamline Removed from Watchlist8 Oct 201110 Jun 2012User:Dallan5
Browse Pages - remove redirects30 Nov 20111 Dec 2011User:Dallan2
Check of birth date for possible living person6 Sep 201113 Sep 2011User:Dallan2
Add "Family Tree" to list of links on Person pages22 May 20119 Sep 2011User:Dallan4
Odd characters in Eastern European places and sources5 May 20119 Sep 2011User:Dallan2
Consistency in titles when merging27 Jun 20119 Sep 2011User:Dallan3
Adding Cancel button on renaming page23 Jul 20119 Sep 2011User:Dallan3
Need an obvious link to *this* page7 Sep 20119 Sep 2011User:Dallan2
Subject drop-down (Newspaper item) on Source pages17 Jul 201120 Jul 2011User:Dallan2
Place type auto-complete drop-down box4 May 201127 Jun 2011User:Dallan2
A check for creation of Unknown Unknown person pages27 Apr 201127 Jun 2011User:Dallan2
"Website" choice missing on initial Add a Source page4 May 201127 Jun 2011User:Dallan3
Source pinpoint cites broken27 Apr 201120 Jun 2011User:Dallan2
Modify level heading style21 May 201118 Jun 2011User:Dallan2
FTE: problem with list view27 Apr 201118 Jun 2011User:Dallan1
Add a dash on source pages30 May 201118 Jun 2011User:Dallan3
"Living" Person pages not remembering changes24 May 201118 Jun 2011User:Dallan2
Autopatrolled user right11 Jun 201117 Jun 2011User:Dallan4
Rename page "To new title" field5 May 20116 May 2011User:JBS663
Add Source bug, type lost when adding page5 May 20116 May 2011User:Dallan2
Progress report22 Oct 20129 Jul 2017User:Janiejac3
Finding Duplicates16 Oct 201617 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst2
Sort searchable list of the pages in your tree28 Jun 201517 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst2
Button for 'add' when search turns up empty3 Jul 201616 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst2
"Return to Top" in watercooler would be helpful.28 May 201316 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst2
Page to delineate which image types are allowed31 Aug 201216 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst3
Graphical Interface15 Apr 20169 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst4
Unable to add a marriage date during Edit.23 May 20169 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst2
Wikipedia in other languages16 Sep 20129 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst6
Graphical Interface 215 Apr 201616 Apr 2016User:Jrich2