WeRelate:Suggestions/Disallow the deletion of spousal pages if the family page is watched

If a user is only watching the family page; the pages for the husband and wife may be deleted. Then one is watching an empty page. See Family:Kay Ottenberg and Unknown (1). The person page for Kay Ottenberg has been deleted. So the user who was watching the family page is now watching an empty page.--Beth 10:36, 26 February 2012 (EST)

Family:John Bryant and Sarah Bonham (1) is a family page where the user loaded it, and after 12 edits by 'other users, the family was fleshed out. However, the original user remained the only watcher being the only one to edit the page directly, and so was able to delete the page, leaving, it looks like, 9 dangling person pages who all belong to the deleted family and now need to be manually reconnected via a new family page. What is the point of allowing this? Permissions to delete a page should be tightened up. Perhaps only contributor should mean they are only person to make any change to the page, not simply the only watcher... Input to the family page is based on what is already there, and it is frustrating to have that stuff disappear after years of being there. So even deletion of person pages should be more restrictive. It has been pointed out elsewhere, that any contribution is donated freely, thus the logic of allowing such unrestricted deletions is unclear, since everything is so interconnected. --Jrich 17:30, 23 May 2013 (EDT)

On the other hand, it would be harder to fix one's own mistakes. -- Ypnypn 15:21, 26 May 2013 (EDT)
Fixing one's own mistakes could still be done using edits and speedy delete, plus presumably some slightly less wide-open form of delete. But there is a need to slow people down and make them realize pages do not belong to them alone and they are not working in a vacuum. This is something that may not be obvious since most genealogy websites don't have this philosophy... Mostly what is being complained of here is the mass delete used when some user, deciding not to participate any more, deletes an entire tree they input years ago without regards to what was built around it since they added the data. --Jrich 17:29, 26 May 2013 (EDT)