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I’ve been researching my family history since about 1990. About half of my family has roots in Colonial America, beginning in the early 1600s. The other half came from Europe, mostly in the latter half of the 1800s. I also have an interest in and have researched an extended family in England, many of whose descendants still live there.

I’m a strong supporter of the Genealogical Proof Standard and of free wiki sites for genealogy. Both are needed to help clean up a lot of the “junk genealogy” that is everywhere on-line. I’ve also recently become interested in genetic genealogy and the potential for on-line learning. Although I’ve posted information on FamilySearch and WikiTree, I still find WeRelate the best site in terms of flexibility and the potential for really good quality research.

For me, genealogy is so much more than names and dates; it’s one of the best ways to learn history, particularly as seen from the perspective of people who actually lived it. Now, if only I can get all my information onto WeRelate, along with some of those stories I’ve learned about some very human ancestors!


Pedigree of George Henry Knott
George Henry Knott Hendrik Tjeerts Knot Tjeert Hendrik Knot Hendrik Pieters Knot
Jantje Jans Knol
Imke Willems Pesman Willem Klasen Pesman
Grietje Pieters
Berta de la Ludvika Kraatz (Johann Gustav) Carl Kraatz Christoph Friedrich Theodor Kratz
Catharine Marie Luise Paepke
Adolphine Matilde Johanna Zühr (aka Alvina Mathilda Johanna (Sears)) Joachim Christian Zühr
Johanna Sophia Louise Starckwoldt

Pedigree of Neva Elisa Jones
Neva Elisa Jones George Washington Jones James Jones unknown
Polly Meadows Isham Meadows
Eliza Bliss Liscum Heman Lowry Liscum Peletiah Day Liscum
Sally Campbell
Sarah Ann Jacobs George Jacobs
Elizabeth Johnston

Pedigree of Edward Michael Mayer
Edward Michael Mayer Michael Mayer Michael Mager Johann Mager
Agnes Scholtz
Anna Richwalszky Jacob Richwalszky
Anna Bzullok
Anna Maria Magdalena Reusswig Conrad Reusswig Johann Heinrich Reusswig
Anna Maria Gref
Johanna Magdalena Wagner Johann Heinrich Wagner

Pedigree of Effie Lillian Melvern Scott
Effie Lillian Melvern Scott David Garret Scott William Hazelton Scott William Scott
Mary Ann Short David Short
Mary Ann Segars
Ann Jane Reece William A. Reece Joseph Reese
Nancy Johnson
Elizabeth Dunn Abner C. Dunn
Nancy Miller

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