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Harrison, Kentucky, United States

Source:Harrison, Kentucky, United States. General Indexes, 1794-1894, and Deeds, 1794-1866


Raven Creek

Alexander Dunn

(not in WR )
Vol. 1, p. 374; FHL #0216849
ink very washed out - visible words: "Raven Creek", signature of Joseph Craig (grantor); Signatures of Witnesses ____ Miller, James Doak, Nathaniel Dunn, George Henson
According to the Index, this is for 100 acres on Raven Creek sold by Joseph Craig to Alexander Dunn in 1798

Benjamin Dunn

[See: Person:Benjamin Dunn (33) son of Edmund]
Vol 6, p. 358; FHL Film # 0216851
Whereas Cary L. Clark in his life time sold to Benjamin Dunn 100 acres of land at $100 per acre
and Whereas the said Clark by his last will which has been recorded in the County Court of Scott Count empowered Elijah Craig, Job Stevenson and William Warren his executors
and weras the said Dunn has this day produced to the Executors the receipts of said Clark for $70 paid as part of the purchase money and has also paid $40 being the balance thereof
now this Indenture made this 2nd Day of December 1819
Between Elijah Craig, Job Stevenson, and Warren Exers of Scott County, KY
and Ben Dunn of Harrison County
in consideration of the previous
convey to Dunn land in Harrison County in the middle of a fork of Raven Creek containing 100 acres and bounded as follow
Beginning at Callihans SW corner now Owens a black ash and beech Trees on the W side of a drain
then with sd Owens line N63E 38 poles fence N45E 38 poles
thence N45E 37 poles to a beech tree on the South side of the Creek corner to Owens
then down the creek N72E 27 poles to a Honey Locust and Black ash at the point of an Island in the said Owens line
thence N12W 100 poles to thgree sugar trees in the East side of a drain
thence S78W 180 poles to three beech trees on the South side of a ridge
thence S45E 158 poles to the Beginning
Signed Elijah Craig, Job Stevenson, W. Warren

Benjamin and John Dunn

[See: Person:Benjamin Dunn (33) son of Edmund]
Vol. 4, p. 20; FHL #0216850
Indenture 27 Aug 1812
Between Frances Taneil, who sells by Special Warrants
and Benjn and John Dunn
who paid 38 pounds for
Land on Raven Creek
Beginning at a Sugar Tree and elm near the mouth of a Dra[ie]n
thence north 21 West 56 poles to a red oak, Buckeye and Birch
thence S80W 89 poles to a Beach
thence S16E 77 poles to a Beach
thence S64E 134 poles to a Buckeye a Beach & hickery
thence N12E until it strikes Raven Creek
thence binding up on the meanders of said creek to the beginning
Containing by survey 79 acres and 1/4
Signed Frances x his mark Tansel
Witnesses [Rich?] Johnson, Edmund Johnson, James Johnson

Vol. 4, p. 133
Indenture 14 Aug 1813; FHL #0216850
Between Benjamin and John Dunn of Harrison County, KY
and Samuel Kendell of same place
who paid $168
for land on Raven Creek
Beginning at a lignin Elm and Beach on the Sourth Bank of the Creek
thence S6W 126 poles o a hickory Beach and dead buckeye
hence N60W 126 poles to a Beach on the south bank of the creek
thence down the creek including a small island above the sd Dunns house and continuing down the creek to the beginning
containing by estimation 48 acres
Signed Bejamin Dunn, John x his mark Dunn
witnesses: Isaac Holman, David Rees, Thomas Kinsler

Edmund Dunn

See: Person:Edmund Dunn (9)
Vol. 3, b. 367; FHL #0216850
Indenture 16 February 1811
Between Leonard and Stephen Hamplon of the County of Jessamin, KY Administrators of Andrew Hamplon deceased
and Edmund Dunn of Harrison County, KY
who paid $124 current money of the state
for part of the tract granted to Martin Pickett and John Bostick and deeded to Andrew Hamplen and James B. Clark and by James b. Clark to Leonard Garnett and Stephen Hamplen and now to Edmund Dunn
Beginning at a White Oak and Sugar Tree near Raven Creek and thence N25W5 ps to Cosley Huplines ____ line at a Black oak and blue ash
Thence S65W 57 p to two poplars
thence S55W157 poles to a white oak and Sugar Tree
Thence continuing Mass line and Survey S60''E 194 poles to 3 Hickories in the Bank of Raven Creek
thence down the several meanders of said creek N26E 43 poles N8E 17 poles N4W 56 poles N24E 18 poles N53W 54 poles N24E 45 poles to the beginning
containing 138 acres three rods and 22 poles
signed Leonard Garnett, Stephen Hamplen
Witnesses: Thomas Kimper, Joshua Hall

John Dunn

See: Person:John Dunn (108)
Vol 4, p. 451; FHL #0216850
Indenture 7 Sep 1815
Between John Dun of Harrison, KY
and Enoch Kendale of same place
who paid $122 and 1/2 dollars lawful money of KY
for land lying on a fork of Raven Creek
Beginning at a sugar and Elm at the mouth of a [drean]
thence N21W 50 poles to an oak, buckeye and beach
thence S80W 89 poles to two beaches
thence S10[16?}E 77 poles to a beach on the bank of the said Middle fork of Raven Creek
thence with the middle of said creek leaving out an island to the beginning
containing 30 acres more or less
Signed John Dunn
Witness County Clerk

Nathaniel Dunn

(not in WR )
Vol 1, p.372; FHL #0216849
ink totally bleach out, buch bleed-thru from previous page
According to Index, this is for 150 acres o Raven Creek from Jos. Craig to Nathaniel Dunn in 1798

Vol 5, p. 427; FHL #0216851
Indenture 11 April 1818
Between Nathaniel Dunn of Jessamine County, KY
and Jacob Huffman of Harrison County, KY
who paid five shillings current money of KY
for land on the waters of Raven Creek adjoining the land of George Hinson on the Northwest side containing 130 acres and Bounded as follows:
Beginning at two sugar trees and a white oak on the bank of said Creek
Running thence North 26E 195 poles to two white oaks
thence N27W ___ poles to a hickroy and Buckeye
thence S8W ___ poles to a sugar tree and Buckeye on the bank of said Creek
thence with the meanders of said Creek to the beginning
Signed Nathaniel Dunn

Twin Creek

Samuel Dunn

(not in WR )
Vol 1, p.510; FHL #0216849
Indenture 31 Jan 1800
Between William M. McFarland, Thomas Craig, and David McKee, Commissioners appointed in behalf of James Sterett deced by the County of Harrison agreeable to an Act of Assembly entitled an Act to reduce into one the Several Acts for conveyance and Division of Laws passed March the first in 1797 in the State of Kentucky, and John Grant of Campbell County and said State for himself and his heirs in conjunction with said Commissioners of the One Part
And Samuel Dunn of Harrison Count and said state of the Other Part
Witnesseth, the said James Sterritt in his lifetime in conjunction with the said Grant sold unto Samuel Dunn for 25£
Land containing 125 and 3/4 acres more or less on the waters of Twin Creek
Beginning at 2 hickories near a branch corner to Haring of [ ? ] Watsons line
thence S60W 65 and 3/4 poles to a Sugar Tree, Spanish Oak and white Oak near the top of a Ridge in said Watson's line Corner to John Dunn
thence N30W 306 poles to a white oak Sugar and Dogwood in Campbells line corner to said John Dunn
[C?] Twin Creek at a 126 poles to [ ?]
N60E 65 and 3/4 poles to a stake corner to Wm Haring in said Campbell's line
thence S30E 306 poles to the beginning
And we the Commissioners confirm the sale
Signed Jno Grant, Thomas Craig, Wm McFarland, David McKee
Witness H. Coleman, Ed Coleman, Kitty Coleman

Beaver Creek

Thomas Dunn

(not in WR )
Vol. 10,p. 528, FH 02116853
Indenture 9 April 1828
Between William Coleman agent of John Taliaferro agent of Christopher McConnicos heirs of Harrison, KY
and Thomas Dunn of same place
who paid $16
for land in Harrison County on Beaver
Beginning at a rock set up in Arch Bunn line thence with his and McDuffies line N line N 98 poles to a black ash corner to Hickman and Boyd's
thence with Boyd's line W 32 poles to a dogwood and black ash corner to Ed Whitaker in Boyd's line
thence South 56 poles to a red oak on the side of a road corner of Ed Whitaker
thence with line 54 poles to the Beginning
Containing 32 acres 3 rods more or less
Warrant against the claim of sd McConnicos heirs but against the claims of no others whatsoever except is Logwoods claim
Signed John Taleaferro by William Coleman for said Taleaferro and McConnics heirs
Witness William Raymond, Ed Whitaker