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Harrison, Kentucky, United States

Source:Harrison, Kentucky, United States. General Indexes, 1794-1894, and Deeds, 1794-1866


Curries Run

Benajah Dunn

Vol. 1,p. 710; FHL #0216849
Indenture 1 Jul 1802
Between Joseph Hunter of the NorthWest Territory
and Benajah Dunn of Harrison County, Kentucky
who paid 50£ for and in Harrison Count, containing 150 acres by Survey
Bounded as follows: Beginning at a whole oak elm and ash on the North side of Curry lick Creek
thence up said Creek with the meanders thereof 160 and 1/2 poles when reduced to a straight line to two elms and a sugar tree near the bank of said creek
thence N57W 150 poles to an ash and black oak
thence S33W 160 and 1/2 poles to elm sugar tree and hickory
thence S57E 150 poles to the Beginning
Signed Joseph Hunter
Witnesses Arth Stewart, Thomas Stewart, Christian Fine

Vol 10, p. 67, FHL #0216853
Indenture 11 Mar 1826
Between Benajah Dunn of Harrison, Kentucky of the one part
and Charles Balis of same place who paid $66.66
for land on Curry's Run in Harrison Kentucky being part of Johnson's and sons claim containing 102 and 3/4 acres
Beginning at a marked dogwood being the third corner of Fookeses and Toadvines land both of William Adams
thence running with hills line to a marked hickory at Hills Corner
thence N53E 55 poles to 2 white oaks containing Abdells line
thence with Abdells line N30E 161 poles to 2 Sasafraats passing sd Abdells corner one pole
thence S53E 105 poles to three hickories cornering to Fookss
thence with Fooks line S37W to Fooks old line bought of William Adams
thence with a right line to the beginning
Signed Benajah Dunn

Vol 10, p. 161, FHL #0216853
Indenture 11 day March 1826
Between Benajah Dunn of Harrison County Kentucky
and Benjamin Fooks of same place
who paid $66.66
for land in Harrison County on Currys Run, being part of Johnsons and sons claim containing 102 and 3/4 acres
Beginning at a hickory white oak and dogwood corner to Toadvines
thence running N37E 21 poles to a hickory white oak and dogwood another of Toadvine
thence N53W 78 poles to three hickories
thence S37W 211 poles to a sugar tree and hickory
thence S 53 E 78 poles to the beginning containing 102 and 3/4 acres
Signed Benjah Dunn

James Dunn

(See: Person:James Dunn (105)
Vol 6, p. 13; FHL #0216851
Indenture 11 Aug 1818
Between Isaac Holman of Harrison County, KY
and James Dunn of same place
who paid $100
for land on Curries Run
Beginning at a White Oak and beech tree corner to John Foster
thence with his land S18W 40 poles to his corner an elm
a branch S53E 152 poles to a sugar tree
thence N130E 164 poles to ash and white oak corner to John Foster
thence S86W on the Foster line 188 poles to the Beginning
Containing $100 acres more or less
Signed Isaac Holman
Witnesses Benajah Dunn, Samuel Foster


John K. Dunn

Vol. 5, p. 441; FHL #0216851
Indenture 11 May 1818
Between Charles Redman, Gresham Forrest, and Henry Edgar, Gentlemen Justices of the County Court, Harrison County
and John K. Dunn
witnesseth that the Justices hath placed and bound Israel Lasky, a poor child an apprentice to the said John K. Dunn until he arrives at the age of twenty-one
Signed C. Redmon, G. Forrest, H. Edgar, Jno K. Dunn

Mary mother of Sally

(not in WR)
Vol. 4, p.306; FHL #0216850
Know all meant by these presents
Mary Dunn of Harrison County, KY
in Consideration of the natural love I Bear to my Daughter Sally Dunn and also for other divers good causes
Give, Grant and Confirm To my Daughter Sally Dunn all my goods and chattels and personal estate whatsoever in whose hands where ever they be within the state aforesaid
Signed 23 January 1815, Mary Dunn
Witnesses: Wm Ardrey, John Burner [Busner?]