Person:Eliza Liscum (4)

Eliza Bliss Liscum
m. 27 Apr 1845
  1. Eliza Bliss Liscum1846 - 1888
  2. Sophia Liscum1847 - 1898
  3. Georgia Abigail Liscum1849 - 1913
  4. unnamed Liscum1850 - bef 1860
  5. Charlotte Elizabeth Liscum1851 - 1936
  6. Susan Adaline Liscum1852 - 1924
  7. George Peletiah Liscum1855 - 1916
  8. John A. Robert Liscum1856 - 1913
m. 14 Feb 1862
  1. Adelbert George Jonesabt 1862 - 1922-1939
  2. Stephen Lowery Jones1866 - 1906
  3. Addie Jones1870 - Bef 1880
  4. Anna S. Jones1873 - 1956
  5. Frank B. Jones1874 - 1898
  6. Henry John Jones1876 - 1954
  7. Edward L. Jones1878 - 1938
  8. Onona JonesAbt 1880 - Abt 1882
  9. Reuben Pettijohn Jones1882 - 1957
  10. Onona Pearl Jones1883 - 1964
  11. Charlotte Edith Jones1885 - 1939
  12. Neva Elisa Jones1888 - 1985
Facts and Events
Name Eliza Bliss Liscum
Gender Female
Birth[1][5] 11 Jul 1846 Grant, Wisconsin, United States
Census[1] 1850 Grant, Wisconsin, United States
Census[2] 1860 Grant, Wisconsin, United States
Marriage 14 Feb 1862 Platteville, Grant, Wisconsin, United Statesto George Washington Jones
Census[3] 1870 Grant, Wisconsin, United States
Census[4] 1880 Wright, Iowa, United States
Property[7] 24 Mar 1886 Palo Alto, Iowa, United Stateswith husband, sold property
Property[8] Jan and Feb 1887 Palo Alto, Iowa, United Statesinvolved in transfer of property from joint ownership with husband to sole ownership
DNA? See Eliza Bliss (Liscum) Jones on WikiTree
Death[6][9] 23 Jan 1888 Rodman, Palo Alto, Iowa, United States
Burial[9][10] Whittemore, Kossuth, Iowa, United StatesPlainview Cemetery


Eliza Bliss Liscum was born 11 July 1846, in Grant County, Wiscoinsin, the oldest daughter and child of Heman Lowery and Sarah (Jacobs) Liscum, named for her father’s deceased first wife. She likely received a good education, as both of her parents had been school teachers, and she is said to have named one of her children for a character in a novel she had read. She may also have had some musical talent, as family stories from several branches of the family claim that she played the violin.

Eliza married George Washington Jones on 14 February 1862, in Grant County, Wisconsin. He may have left soon after to take part in the Civil War. Their first child, Adelbert (Dell) was born later that year. Their second known child, Stephen, was born about five years later. There may have been others in between, but there is no record of them.

During most of their marriage, Eliza and George remained close to Eliza’s family. At first they lived near her parents near the town of Lima, then followed her father to the area around Lancaster. Eliza continued to have children, losing at least one, Addie, in early childhood.

When one of Eliza’s sisters moved to Wright County, Iowa, George and Eliza moved along with them. They didn’t stay there long, however, moving further west to Palo Alto County. And Eliza continued to have children.

In Palo Alto County, George applied for a Homestead grant. He also bought property, sold it to their son Stephen, who then sold it to Eliza, perhaps in an effort to protect it from any debts George may have accrued. The family was said to be quite poor, and there are indications that George may have been unable to work full time. Eliza, however, continued to have children. Her last was born on the 22nd of February, 1888, in the middle of a major blizzard, according to family stories. Eliza died the following day, possibly due to complications from measles, again according to family stories.

Later, when weather permitted, Eliza was buried in a small cemetery just across the county line, in Wittemore, Kossth County. Today, her grave is marked by a stone that stands in isolation, surrounded by empty lots that George purchased for other members of the family but were never used. Her children had all moved on.

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    On 13 November 1899, George W. Jones declares that [Eliza Liscum] the mother of said son died on the 20th day of January 1888 near Emmettsburg Ia.
    On 6 July 1917, George W. Jones swears that he was married to Eliza B. Liscom, and that she died at Palo Alta County, Iowa, on the 22nd day of January, 1888

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    in consideration of $200
    paid by H. H. Shadbolt of Palo Alto County, Iowa
    do sell, convey and forever Quit Claim unto H. H. Shadbolt his heirs and assigns
    the following premises in Palo Alto county
    N1/4 of the SW1/4 of Sec 17, T95N, R31W of the 5th Meridian
    Signed 24 March 1886, Geo. W. Jones, Eliza B. Jones
    On 21 June George W. Jones and Eliza B. Jones his wife appeared before Geo. B. McCarty NP of Palo Alto County & personally known to him and acknowledged that the above deed to be a voluntary Act
    Registered 22 Jan 1886

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    Geo. W. Jones & Eliza B. Jones of Palo Alto county, Iowa
    for $1000 paid by
    Stephen L. Jones of Palo Alto county, Iowa
    sell land in Palo alto County:
    E1/2 of the nW1/4 and NW1/4 of the NE1/4 of Sec 18, T95N, R31W of 15th PM
    Signed 3 Jan 1887, George W. Jones, Eliza B. Jones
    Witness A. P. Beck, JP, Palo Alto

    Vol T, p. 34
    Stephen L. Jones to Eliza B. Jones, filed 28 Feb 1887
    Stephen L. Jones (unmarried) of Palo Alto county, Iowa
    for $1000 paid by
    Eliza B. Jones of Palo Alto County, Iowa
    sell land in Palo Alto County
    E1/2 of the NW1/4 of the NW1/4 of the NE1/4 of S18, T95N, R31W
    Signed 28 Feb 1887, Stephen L. Jones
    Witness Geo B. McCarty, Notary Public

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  10. also known as
    Old Township Cemetery, Whittemore Township
    on B-40 north and east of Whittemore, Iowa
    visited August 1997

    Eliza B
    Wife of G. W. Jones
    Jan. 23, 1888
    41 Yrs.
    May her soul rest in peace