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Iowa Homestead Application

Notes, Homestead Case File, #2404, Ft. Des Moines, Iowa
Homestead application of George W. Jones, 20 Oct 1881, for Sec 18, T95, R31, Des Moines Land Office, No. 744
Homestead Affidavit, Office of the Clerk of the Court, Palo Alto County, Emmetsburg, 17 Oct 1881. Geo. W. Jones of Fern Valley, Palo Alto County, Iowa swears he is the head of family consisting of himself and seven children and a citizen of the United States of America;
that he is now residing on the land he wishes to enter and has made improvements thereon;
that he commenced settlement 24 September 1881 and improvements consist of about 40 acres broken, two dwelling houses, five acres of grove, well, sheds, etc., the value of same being $600, and that because of the great distance he is unable to appear at the District Land Office.

Homestead Application, 20 October 1881, Des Moines, Iowa, for George W. Jones of Fern Valley, Palo Alto County, Iowa, for the E1/2 of NW1/4 and NW1/4 of NW1/4 of Sec 18, Township 95 North of Range 31 West containing 120 acres, for which he paid $16.00 Registration Fee

Homestead Proof, Claimant Affidavit sworn 27 Nov 1886 in district Court of Palo Alto County, Iowa by George W. Jones for Homestead Entry on E1/2 of NW1/4 and NW1/4 of NW1/4, Sec 18, Township 95, Range 31, where he has lived continuously since 24 Sept 1881 and is a citizen of the United States;
that he is age 47, Post Office Rodman, Palo Alto County, Iowa;
built a house 12x14 with leanto of same size one story high sealed on inside 3 windows and 4 doors built a barn 20x30 story and half high Board roof with leanto on three sides built a milk house 1 story shingle roof and painted Broken 30 acres set out an acre of trees dug a well all at value of $600;
that he is married with a wife and nine children, that he has never made another homestead entry and has not sold, conveyed or mortgaged any portion of the entry.
Testimony of Witness on 27 Nov 1886: Julian A. Mathieson, farmer who reside on Sec 2, T96, R31 and who has been well acquainted with George W. Jones since he made his homestead entry No. 744, who says that claimant is a citizen of the United States and over 21 years old and the head of a family and he has never made a former Homestead Entry “to my knowledge”; that Claimant established residence about 24 September 1881 and has resided there ever since and built a frame house 12 by 14 and an addition 12 by 14 each one story high 4 doors 3 windows, built a Barn 20 x 30 boarded up and a board roof with a lean-to on three sides, built a milk house with shingle roof Painted, broken 30 acres and set out one acre of trees and dug a well, all with a value of $500; that claimant is married with a family of nine children; that “to my knowledge” claimant has not mortgaged, sold or contracted to sell any portion of said homestead and has acted in good faith
Testimony of Witness 27 November 1886: R. H. Miller, farmer on Sec 6, T95, R31, who says the same as previous witness
Certificate of Posting Notice: Notice of Application to Prove Homestead published in the Emmetsburg [Democrat??] once a week for 6 successive weeks, beginning 17 November 1886

Final Certificate #2404: On 23 August 1887 George W. Jones paid $6.00, the balance of payment for entry of E1/2 and NW1/4 of NE1//4 Sec 18, T 95N, R31W; on 20 March 1888, George W. Jones swore that he was born in Grant County, Wisconsin. Certificate Issued 25 July 1892

Pension Application

Notes, National Archives Material from Military Pension No. 708 908 to George W. Jones, Father of Frank B. Jones (veteran), Can No. 2752, Bundle No. 04 (File 26)
Dependent Father’s Application [Date Stamped Nov. 18, 1899] George W. Jones, Claimant, Father of Frank B. Jones, soldier, Service M 50 Ia. Inf Vol – No claim
State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence
On 13 Nov 1899, George W. Jones, aged 58, resident of the town of Spearfish, County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, declares that he is the father of Frank B. Jones, who enlisted at Davenport, Ia, on 30th day of June 1898, in Co M. 50th Iowa Vol Infantry in the service of the United States, who died at Jacksonville, Fla; on the 13th of September 1898, from the effects of Fever incurred at Jacksonville Fla, on 1898. That said son left neither widow, nor child under sixteen years of age, surviving. That declarant was married to the mother of said son on the 14th of February 1861 at Plattsville [sic] Wisconsin by Rev. Isaac Slater and that she died on the 20th day of January 1888 near Emmettsburg Ia. That he is without other means of support than his own manual labor, or the contributions of others not legally bound for his support. That he has not applied for a pension. That he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States under the provisions of the Act of June 27, 1890.
Attested by John M. Burgess of Spearfish and Benjamin F. Watters of Spearfish, who have had acquaintance with George W. Jones for three years each.
Sworn 13 Nov 1899

War Department, Record and Pension Office War With Spain [stamped 16 December 1899]
Frank B. Jones, Co. M 50 Reg’t Iowa Inf was enrolled June 30, 1898 and died Sept. 13, 1898 at 2 Div Hosp Jacksonville Fla of typhoid fever. From enroll to death he held the rank of private and during that period the rolls show him present except as follows:
Joined for duty at Jacksonville Fla July 3/98.
Sick in qrs from Aug 19 to Aug 20. Disease contracted in line of duty.
Sick in qrs from Aug 28 to Aug 31 ’98 and absent sick in 2 Div Hosp [7 a.c.] to Sept 13/98. Disease contracted in line of duty. Buried at Jacksonville Fla
Place of birth, Grant Co., Wis; age, 22 years; occupation coal miner; height 5 feet, 8 and 2/3 inches; complexion dark; color of eyes, l. blue; color of hair, d. brown.
The medical records show him treated as follows: A Frank B. Jones, Pvt. Co. M. 50 Iowa Inf.
Treated in Regtl Hosp Aug 19 and 20, 98. Indigestion Acute, in line of duty, returned to duty;
Aug 28, 98 to -, Remittent Malarial fever, in line of duty;
Aug 31, 98, Typhoid fever, in line of duty; admitted to 2 Div. Hosp. 7 A. C. Aug 31, 98, typhoid fever, in line of duty and returned to duty Sept. 13, 98.

General Affidavit [stamped 30 September 1903]
On 17 Sept. 1903, Joseph Byers, age 46, of Deadwood City, South Dakota, and William Watson, age 55, of Deadwood, South Dakota, say:
Joseph Byers:
That he is intimately acquainted with George W. Jones. That he first became acquainted with him seven years ago [1896] last spring. I lived in the same house with him for upwards of one year after making his acquaintance he and I being engaged in gardening. That affiant observed daily and knew well his physical condition, which was bad. Said Jones was at no time able to perform a full days work, and was frequently prostrated and unable to perform manual labor at all. That affiant has known him intimately ever since and states that his physical condition has remained unchanged and that such is his condition at the date hereof.
William Watson:
That he first became acquainted with the said Geo. W. Jones about twelve years ago [1891] in Cherry County, Nebraska when both he and affiant were farmers. That affiant has been intimately acquainted with him ever since. That at the time affiant made his acquaintance as aforesaid, said Jones was decrepit and partialy [sic] disabled from manual labor, I should not consider him to have been half a full man. That his condition has continued unchanged, and it is the same at this time.

Claimant’s Affidavit Claim 708908, Case of Father of Frank B. Jones, Co. M –50 Iowa Inf. [1 July 1904]
State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence,
George W. Jones, age 61, of Spearfish, South Dakota, says:
1. I never served in the United States Army or Navy.
2. I am a gardner [sic] and Farmer.
3. My income per year cinse [sic] Nov. 16, 1899 is a living for myself and wife.
4. Silvy Jones (My Wife) age 52
5. No one legally bound to support me in 1899 and cince [sic].
Sworn 26 May 1904, State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence
Statement, [stamped 1 July 1904]
This is to Certify that I George W. Jones of the County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota. I have had no income cinse [sic] November 16th 1899 only my own labor. I never served in the United States Army or Navy. My occupation is farmer and gardener. My residense [sic] is Spearfish, Lawrence County, State of South Dakota. No one is Legally bound for my support. I cannot tell how much I have earned. Sworn 20 June 1904.
Statement, [stamped 1 July 1904]
I John Munger of Spearfish, Lawrence County and State of South Dakota Do hereby Certify that I have been acquainted with George W. Jones of Spearfish County of Lawrence and the State of South Dakota for the period of Five Years [1899], being a Merchant in Spearfish. I have done business with him at intervals during this time and he has no other means of support than in his line of work which is gardening. Sworn 20 June 1904.
Statement, [stamped 1 July 1904]
I Henry Knust of Spearfish County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota. Do hereby certify that I have been personally accquainted [sic] with George W. Jones of Spearfish County of Lawrence State of South Dakota for the period of four years. I lived as a neighbor most of this time and his only means of support is his daily labor and that he has not been able to work only part of the time cince [sic] I first knew him. Sworn 20 June 1904

Affidavit [Stamped Mar 8, 1906]
State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence
George W. Jones says: That he is a resident of Spearfish, Lawrence County, South Dakota, having resided there since about the year 1895. That since about the year 1895 up to the present time, affiant has been and still is physically incapacitated from earning a proper livelihood for himself and wife, his physical condition during all of said time and now being such that he has at no time been able to perform a full day's work and labor.
That for more than ten years last past affiant has been unable, on account of his said physical incapacity, to earn more than the sum of fifty cents per day, and that at no time during said period have his daily earnings been to exceed fifty cents.
That prior to the year 1898 affiant was wholly dependent upon and supported by his son, Frank Jones, who lost his life in the Spanish-American war. That since the death of his son, as aforesaid, affiant has been at all times in the most indigent circumstances, and a living for affiant and his wife has at times been made possible only by the tolerance of friends, by the extension of credit and hospitality.
Affiant further swears that during part of said time when affiant was scarcely able to earn anything, he has been given employment for pay by Mr. W. O. Heak, a resident of said County and State, said employment being given him entirely on account of his meager circumstances, as aforesaid, and that as above set forth, during a great part of the time, affiant has been compelled to rely upon the assistance of friends, in order that he might gain a livelihood for himself and wife.
Sworn by George W. Jones on the 2[blot]th day of February 1906

Claim for Pension, George W. Jones, Father of Frank B. Jones, Co. M 50 Iowa Inf. [stamped July 14, 1917]
State of Wyoming, county of Crook
On 6 July 1917, George W. Jones, age 75, resident of Hulett, County of Crook, State of Wyoming, swears
That he is the father of Frank B. Jones who was enrolled under the name of Frank B. Jones at Davenort Iowa on the 30 day of June, 1898, as a private, in company M of the 50 regiment of Iowa Infantry in the Spanish American War and was honorably discharged at Jacksonville Flor on the 13 or 14 day of Sept., 1898; and who died at Jacksonville on the 13 or 14 day of Sept, 1898, and was burried at Jacksonvill [sic] Florida he died with Typhoid fever due to and incurred in the above named service.
That the said soldier was born on the 30 day of December, 1876, at on a Farm in Wisconsin; that he was not married; that he left no widow, nor a child or children under sixteen years of age; that his personal description at enlistment was as follows: complexion dark; hair dark; eyes gray; that his occupation was farmer
That he was married to Eliza B. Liscomb, the mother of said soldier at Plattsville, Wisconsin, on the 14th day of February 1862. That she died at Palo Alta County, Iowa on the 22nd day of January, 1888.
That he has no other adequate means of support than the ordinary proceeds of his own manual labor and the contributions of persons not legally bound to aid in his support. That he is unable to provide himself with an adequate subsistence for the following reasons: On account of my age, and because of a rupture, of more than thirty years duration; because I have not the means to provide adequate implements to work my land.
That his occupation is farming; that his income from all sources, including his earnings, is $70.00 to $100.00 per annum.
He appoints B. F. Noll of Denver, Colorado, his true and lawful attorney. Also personally appeared J. L. Bostwick, M.D., residing at Hulett, Wyoming, and C. C. Storm, residing at Hulett, Wyoming, who say that they have had acquaintance with him for ten years [1907] each.
Sworn 6 July 1917

South Dakota Homestead Application

Notes, Homestead File, Rapid City, South Dakota, Application No. 4760, Certificate No. 2742
Application 4760, Rapid City Land Office, George W. Jones of Spearfish, S. D., 8 Oct 1896, applies for the NW1/4 of SW1/4 of Sec 23, Town 6N, Range 2 East, containing 40 acres
On 8 Oct 1896, at Deadwood, Lawrence County, SD, George W. Jones of Spearfish, filed his application and swore that he was born in Platteville Wisconsin, is the head of a family and over 21 years of age

On 4 June 1902
George W. Jones swore that he was 60 years of age, resident of Spearfish, South Dakota, born in Wisconsin on 1 July 1842; that he moved a house onto the land and established residence on 10 October 1896, also built a house and barn, all with total value of about $250; that his “wife (Silvy Jones) family resided continuously on land”; that he was never absent for more than two months, family remained on land all the time; that one acre was cultivated, 5 cleared, crops raised yearly; that the land was agricultural land, of little value, that he did not have personal property anywhere else
Wash Hughes, of Spearfish, South Dakota, called as a witness, swore that the land was farm land, that claimant settled on 10 October 1896 and had lived there continuously since, except for fives weeks in the winter of 1899 visiting relatives, that the homestead had one acre cultivated, 5 acres cleared, and claimant raised crops yearly; that improvements included 2 houses and barn of value of about $250 (one house $150, one house $50, barn $50), and that the land was valuable only for agriculture and for grazing cattle
Hans Henry of Spearfish, South Dakota, called as a witness, swore the same as Wash Hughes

23 Jun 1902, Rapid city, South Dakota Land Office
Final Certificate No. 2742, Application 4760
George W. Jones has made payment in full for NW 4 SW4, Sec 23, T 6N, R2E, of the Black Hills Meridian, containing 40 acres, and shall be entitled to a patent for the tract of land on presentation of this certificate to the Commissioner of the General Land Office

BLM-GLO Patent Search, South Dakota
JONES, GEORGE W, patent issued 5/15/1903 [15 May 1903], Document #2742
NW¼SW¼, Sec 23, T6N - R2E, Lawrence County, South Dakota

Wyoming Homestead Entry

Notes, Homestead Entry, Final Proof, Sundance, Wyoming, HE 3643 No, 09144 and No. 05575, Patent No. 553148
Testimony of Claimant:
Name George W. Jones, age Seventy-one, Post Office Tower, Wyoming
Native born Citizen of US, born in State of Wisconsin
made Homestead Entry at Sundance, Wyoming:
No. 09144 on 24 Dec 1906 for E1/2 NW1/4 Sec 31
No. 05575 on 31st March 1910 for SE1/4 SW1/4 and SW1/4 SE1/4 Sec 30, both Township 53 N, Range 64 W, Sixth Principal Meridian.
Single, widower, have a little boy I am going to adopt.
Established residence on land in March 1907, which is when house was built, and have not been absent since
Property has small jack pines scattered over the claim and is not merchantable. Has 65 cultivatable acres.
First year cultivated fifteen acres, raised wheat
Second year cultivated twenty acres, raised corn, potatoes, wheat, and oats
3rd year cultivated about 30 acres, raised same crops
4th year cultivated about thirty acres, raised oats and potatoes
5th year cultivated thirty-five acres, raised wheat and oats. Cut for hay. “I have had over thirty acres under cultivation for the past three years. I graze about seven head of cattle and three head of horses on this land, owned by myself.”
Improvements (on the SE1/4 SW1/4 Sec 30): House 16x16, small house 10x12, barn 18x20, grainery 16x16, hay barn which holds 12 ton of hay, two root houses, 10 ft well lined with stone and tiled out to drain off, hog house and corrals. The land is all fenced and cross fenced with three and two wire fencing. “I value the improvements at $1000.00”
Has made previous homestead entry, No. 4760, Final Certificate No. 2742, for NW1/4 SW1/4 Sec 23 Twp 6N Rg 2E, Black Hills Meridian, filed at US Land Office, Rapid City, S. Dak.
Signed: 21 April 1913

Testimony of Witness: Name, John L. Sherrard, Thirty-one, PO Tower, Wyoming
Has known Claimant for five years, and Claimant was living on land when witness first came to “this country”. Claimant has resided on land continuously except for a short while last summer working out.
Land has 50 acres cultivable land, timber is scrub pines, not merchantable. There are about 30 acres broken on the two claims, Claimant has raised wheat and oats and has planted some timothy and corn. Has had over 20 acres under cultivation for the last three years and grazes about 10-12 head of stock owned by himself. Improvements include House 16x18, barn 18x20, a log house 14x16, hay barn 14x16, chicken house and grainery 14x16, dug out spring. Corrals. The land is all fenced and cross fenced with most of the fencing three wire. “I value the improvements at $500.00.”
Claimant lives about a mile from me and I see him very often. He has worked for me a number of times.
Signed 21 April 1913

Testimony of Witness: Name Luke O. Smith, age 61, PO Tower, Wyoming
has known Claimant about six years since he settled on homestead in spring and established residence there. Has never been absent from residence.
Property has 62 acres cultivatable land, about 10,000 ft of black jack pines that are not merchantable.
Has 8 acres in oats and wheat, 12 acres in corn, wheat and oats, 10 acres in oats, 5 acres in same crops. Grazes about 10 head of stock owned by himself.
Improvements include: house 16x16, another house 16x16, grainery 16x16, barn 18x24, another barn 18x8, cellar 11x13, dug out spring, chicken house. Land is all fenced and cut up into three fields with cross fences, three wire fence. “I value the improvements at $500.00.”
I have seen the land about five times a year. I live about two and one quarter miles from him.
Signed 21 April 1913.

The Claim was approved 10 October 1916, the Patent sent to Local Office 9 November 1916

Adoption of George Moss

(From: Lila E. Campbell, Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998)
THE MATTER OF THE ADOPTION: OF Order and approval of adoption of minor
George Washington Moss, a minor under the age of 6 years
Filed Oct. 11, 1913
In District Court, Fourth Judicial District
State of Wyoming #
County of Crook #
The petition of George W. Jones coming on regularly to be heard, requesting the adoption of one George Washington Moss, a minor child of the age of six years, which said child was in the custody and control of the Board of County Commissioners of Crook county, Wyoming; and the court having investigated the matter finds that the said George W. Jones is a person of good moral character, and the said person having satisfied the court that he will give the said minor child a good home and education, giving the said child the same privileges as tho the said child was his own child; and the Board of County Commissioners of Crook County, Wyoming, by C. L. Calvert, one of its members having consented to such adoption in writing, which consent was entered of record; and the court having been satisfied that the Board of County Commissioners was entitled to make the relinquishment of the custody of the said child and being satisfied that the said George W. Jones is a suitable person:
It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed that the said George Washington Moss be given into the care, custody and control of the said George W. Jones, he to take the care, custody and control of the said George Washington Moss in a manner suitable to his circumstances in life, and to give the said George Washington Moss a public school education. And the said George Washington Moss name may be changed to George Washington Jones.
Done in open court this 11th day of October, A. D. 1913
P. W. Metz,

George W. Jones Probate

Notes, George W. Jones Probate Records
Clerk of District Court, Crook County, Sundance, Wyoming

Williams County, North Dakota, 25 May 1920
Mrs. Lottie E. Rorebeck, duly sworn, is a resident of Williston, North Dakota, a daughter of George W. Jones, who died in Crook County, Wyoming about three years ago; Edward Jones and Mrs. G. Knott are her brother and sister; she is in poor circumstances financially and has three small children to support "and has to support herself and said children, by manual labor at sewing and other work that she can find to do, together with aid from Williams county N.D. which she receives monthly"

Skagit County, Washington [day and month unreadable], 1920
Mrs. G. Knott, formerly Jones, of Sedro Woolie, Wash certify and state that George W. Jones who died in Crook County, Wyoming about three years ago was my father; Mrs. Lottie E. Rorebeck of Williston, North Dakota is my sister, and if there is any money due me as the heir of George W. Jones, it is to be given to my sister Mrs. Lottie E. Rorebeck

Russelshell County, Montana, 8 May 1920
Edward Jones, of Ryegate, Montana, certify and state that George W. Jones, who died in Crook County, Wyoming about three years ago, was my father; Mrs. Lottie E. Rorebeck of Williston, North Dakota is my sister, and if there is any money due me as the heir of George W. Jones, it is to be given to my sister Mrs. Lottie E. Rorebeck

6 September 1919 - J. S. Lebo, Ezra Woolen and Lenn Russell appointed Appraisers of the Estate of George W. Jones
6 October 1919 - E. C. Woolen and J. S. Lebo paid $6.00 each for estate appraisal, plus $25 for hire of horses, and appraised real estate at $1280.00
25 March 1918, Harry B. Clark, J. S. Lebo, and Ezra Wollen appraised Inventory of personal estate at $506.85

21 March 1918 - J. W. Eaton appointed Administrator of the Estate of George W. Jones, who died 23rd day of December, 1917, intestate in Crook County, Wyoming where he was a resident, with real and personal property as follows:
five head of cattle, three mares, two wagons, an old mower, two plows, cultivator, harrow, set of old harness, cream separator
SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 and the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of section 30, and the E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of section 31, township 53 N, range 64 W, 6th principal meridian, containing 160 acres, being numbered Sundance serials 09144 and 05575.
The estate and effects do not exceed the value of $1450.00
Next of kin:
George Jones (adopted son), age 13, resident with J. W. Eaton
Rube Jones, son, resident North Dakota
Henry Jones, son, resident North Dakota
Mrs. Lottie Rorebeck, daughter, resident Denver, Colorado
Mrs. Annie _______, daughter, resident Denver, Colorado
2 more sons [ Del, Edward ] and 2 more daughters [ Neva, Ona ], names unknown

19 December 1919, report of Estate Sale:
the E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 31, and the SE 1/4 of the SW 1/4, and the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 30, Township 53 North, Range 64 West of the 6th P.M. sold to Elizabeth Horlocker for the sum of $1280 cash at public sale
Sale confirmed by Court of Seventh Judicial District .of the State of Wyoming in and for Crook County on 24 May 1920

Handwritten letter:
White Earth N. Dak.
May 22 - 1918
Sundance Wyo.
Judge of Probate Court
Dear Sir.
I am sending in this letter a bill of labor to be collected against my father Geo. W. Jones. estate for whom I worked last Summer from June 18 - 1917, until Nov. 1st 1917. 115 days Nursing, field and household work, at $2.50 per day. $287.50 asking your prompt attion. I am
Yours & Oblige
Mrs. Lottie E. Rorebeck

Bill from Foreman of Times [Newspaper], dated 15 April 1920
$18.30 for publication of Show Cause, and Adm. sale [ads]

Bill from M. Nichols, Attorney at Law, dated 22 March 1918, Sundance, Wyoming
$5.00 for drawing papers in case of Estate of George W. Jones

Receipt from M. Nichols, Attorney at Law, dated 22 March 1918, Sundance, Wyoming
$17.00 for Court Commissioner Orders in estate of George W. Jones

Crook County, Wyoming, 19 April 1921, Petition to Provide for a Minor Child:
George W. Jones, deceased on or about 23 December 1917 while a resident of Crook County, Wyoming, leaving an estate consisting of real and personal property;
left surviving a legally adopted minor child, George Jones, formerly George Moss, the grandson of the second wife, since deceased; that said George Jones, formerly George Moss was approximately eleven years of age at time of death of decedent
J. W. Eaton was appointed guardian and continues to act as guardian and since January 1918 has provided for said minor child who needs clothing; that said guardian has no funds to provided clothing, medical care and board for said minor child
that the real and personal property of the estate was heavily mortgaged at the time of decedent's death, the equity therein has been sold, and the remains in the hands of the administrator of the estate over and above all debts and expenses amounts to approximately $100.00
that the decedent left no widow or other dependents of heirs or next of kin under the age of 21 years

Crook County, Wyoming, 1 June 1921, District Court, Seventh Judicial District
J. W. Eaton, as guardian of George Jones, minor heir and adopted child of Geo. W. Jones, is to be paid $20.00 per month for a period of six months

Tax Receipt, 7 June 1920, Crook County, Sundance, Wyoming
$19.76, paid by J. W. Eaton, Adm. for estate of Geo. W. Jones (for property)

Crook County, Wyoming, 20 June 1918
Deposition of J. L. Bostwick, MD, of Hulett, Wyoming, of an unpaid bill for $100.00 for an operation performed on Mrs. Jones, about 6-3-19[13?]

Handwritten note, n.d., of Administrator's debits and credits:
inc. $115.00 for casket and funeral expenses
Total Credits: $970.95
Total Debits 869.63
Balance $101.32

Bill to J. W. Eaton, Admr., from Security Trust and Title Co., Sundance Wyo., 27 January 1921
for recording deed, mortgage release, etc. $22.50

Copies of bills presented to the estate:
$51.01, from W. J. L[uc...]
$47.37, from Crook County Mercantile Co., Moorcroft, Wyo.
Loan note signed by G. W. Jones September 4, 1917 for $45, from Crook County Mercantile Co., Moorcroft, Wyo. with interest at the rate of 12% per annum, to repaid at $5.00 per month, due in full in 9 months From Crook County Mercantile Co., Moorcroft, Wyo., in account with G. W. Jones, Tower, Wy, dated 1/22 1918:
Oct. 9 - Salt ($1.10), Broom ($.85)
Nov. 13 - 3 blocks salt ($2.25), 3 - 50# salt ($1.95), Corn meal ($1.65)
Nov. 14 - payment, ware check ($4.50)
Debits: $7.80
Credits: 4.50
Bal. 3.30

Moorcroft, Wyoming, 9 September 1920, letter from The Peoples Bank
enclosed is the original note and statement of account against estate of Geo. W. Jones, which is owning Mr. Carl Garmon.

Bill from J. W. Eaton, 21 Oct. 1920
$50.00 for feeding caring for 5 head of cattle through winter of 1917 and 1918 at $10.00 per head

Bill from The Times, Sundance, Wyo, 9 December 1920: $5.20

Note signed by G. W. Jones, Sundance, Wyo., 10 May 1917
For value received I promise to pay [.] Peter Gardner $10.00 at the Sundance State Bank with interest at the rate of 4% per annum from date, due Nov. 1, 1917

Note from Hulett State Bank, Hulett, Wyo, to J. M. Eaton, Curlew, Wyo
$18.00 plus $6.50 interest and $.75 asses (Total $25.40), for note dated 21 Dec. 1916, interest payable at !0%

Bill from Hulett Roller Mills, Hulett, Wyoming, 11/17 - 1917
in account with Geo. W. Jones, Hullet, Wyo.
feed - $.75

Assessment of Real Estate:
Twp. 53, Rg. 64
30 acres non-irrigated cultivated at 10 = 200
140 acres grazing irrigated at 5.5 = 770
improvements = 75
Total: $1045

George W. Jones, a single person of Crook County, Wyoming, Mortgagor
for payment of $300.00
from E. A. Richards of Crook County, Wyoming, Mortgagee
against SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 and SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 30 and E 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 31, Township 53, Range 64 west, 6th P. M.
bearing interest at 10% per annum
dated 13 October 1916

From Barnes Brothers, Farm mortgages, Minneapolis, Minn, Feb. 1, 1918
To Sundance State Bank, Sundance, Wyo:
Please find $500.00 to cover loan of George W. Jones

Crook County, Tax Receipt, 1918: $9.14

George W. Jones, a widower, of Crook County, Wyoming
for $49.70
mortgage to Barnes Brothers, Incorporated, of Minneapolis, County of Hennepin, Minnesota on real estate [as described above]
payable as follows: $9.70 on Nov. 1, 1918; $10.00 payable Nov. 1st, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922
dated 12 November 1917

Bill from American Rochdale Stores Co., Moorcroft, Wyo, 11/22 - '19
I have been carrying note and accounts of G. W. Jones when the Crook County Merc. Co. divided up