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Find A Grave


Substitute the memorial id number for the ## above. This number follows the text Find A Grave Memorial# on Find A Grave memorial pages. Substitute the name of the person for the name above. Enter this template in the Record Name field of a source citation. Add Find A Grave in the Title field


{{dargrs|026819|DAR Ancestor A026819}} use number, then Anumber [what happens if you want a member number?]

Speculative/Adoptive, etc

Templates, explanations, discussion

In Use/Under Construction

Template:In use
{{In use}}
{{In use|5 minutes}}
{{In use|1 hour to add details about their life in the facts and events section}}

Template:Under construction
{{Under construction}}

Alternate version:

This article or section is in the process of an expansion.

If this article/section hasn't been edited in several days, please remove this template.

Possible Duplicates


Speedy Delete

Enter {{Speedy Delete|reason|date}} at top of the text section of the page to be deleted. Be sure to include the reason and date separated by "|"

{{Speedy Delete|duplicate page|12 May 2012}}

{{Speedy Delete|Possibly [[Help:FAQ#Can_I_create_pages_for_living_persons.3F|living ]] person/family. Living people are not permitted on WeRelate. Please add death dates or delete by clicking on More>Delete|10 Nov 2012}}


{{moreinfo wikipedia|wikipedia page name|language code}} (no text imported)
{{source-wikipedia|wikipedia page name}} (import text)

Problem Flags

Red Flag

[[Image:Red Flag.jpg|20px]]

Citation Needed

<span class="redlinks"><tt><sup>[[Citation needed|{{{1|Citation needed}}}]]</sup></tt></span><noinclude>

Sources Needed (graphic, with books)

{{Template:Sources needed}}

This page does not have any citations to sources.
   Please help improve this page (and WeRelate) by adding citations to reliable sources.   

{{Sources needed 1}}

This page does not include citations to reliable sources.
   Please help improve this page (and WeRelate) by adding sources citing or referencing original records
such as birth/marriage/death certificates, military/church/census/land/estate records, etc.   
(NOTE: Undocumented family trees, found in books or online or as GEDCOMs, are not considered reliable.)

Broken Link

Broken Link

<Font color=red Size =2 Style=bold>Broken Link</font>


Template: {{questionable|mother died before child was born}},with the phrase "mother died before child was born" produces the example below. The phrase can be changed.


Questionable Information Found
mother died before child was born

Original Sources Needed

<font color=red size=3>(Original source documentation for these data is needed.)</font>
(Original source documentation for these data is needed.)

Block Quote

To set a quote off: <blockquote>quoted a bunch of stuff</blockquote>


WeRelate now has a Transcript of Savage's Dictionary [5 March 2012]. Add links to corresponding Person pages Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England. For example, volume 1, page 16 refers to Thomas Adams and his family. In addition, a template has been created that allows a page specification to also serve as a link to the corresponding page of the transcript, for example, {{savagepg|1|16}} -> 1:16.

See also: the associated about the Transcript page; Source page for Savage

Super/Subscript and Sizes

Texttext and more text
Texttext and more text
Size smaller and more text
or bigger and more text

Text above Refs, etc

Text . . . . . . See Charles Addams as an example

==Fact and Events==

== References and Notes ==

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