WeRelate:Suggestions/Statistics: Checkbox to exclude Talk pages in search

It would be useful for those of us monitoring Data Quality on the site to have access to better statistics. I recently realized that when I search the Person namespace, the resulting count includes Person Talk pages. (I updated the home page a month ago to say we had over 2,750,000 people, but in fact, it looks like it will be another day or so before we hit that number.)

It would be nice if a checkbox was added to the search screen to include/exclude Talk pages in the search results. My preference would be for the box to be unchecked by default (exclude Talk pages), because I notice that I skip over Talk pages when looking at results most of the time, but I don't really care.

(Note that excluding pages with the word "talk" is not sufficient, since many Person pages include the word "talk" in them. Currently, I am searching the Person namespace with the keyword "talk", then adding up the counts for birth century in the facets section because I assume they represent actual Person pages, and subtracting that total from the number of pages in the Person namespace with the word "talk". This gives me the number of Person Talk pages, which I can then subtract from the number of pages in the Person namespace to get the number of actual Person pages - 2,749,903 as of today.)

Alternately, I know that someone is regularly/periodically? gathering statistics on the site. If these stats accurately count Person pages (without Person Talk pages), they could be produced on a daily or weekly basis and published where those of us working on Data Quality can easily access them (e.g., linked to the Data Quality Improvement page.

Thanks--DataAnalyst 15:26, 3 July 2016 (UTC)