WeRelate:Suggestions/Image Pages - Add Source Box & Source Requirement

I have often wondered why WR does not ask users to provide a source for each Image that is uploaded to the site? Copyright info - yes, but source info - no! It is inconsistent with our stated mission to always provide Sources. I work around it by usually adding some simple source info to both the Image itself, before uploading, and to the Text Box on the Image Page via a link (to the WR Source page or elsewhere), during the page creation. Here is a simple example of a recent one: Deacon Osborn Olmsted.

Sadly, at present, most WR Images do not contain any source info. So, going forward - I would like to see BOTH the ability AND the requirement for users to enter Source Information during the upload process, similar to the way Citations are entered on Person/Family pages. Of course, one option would have to be something like "Personal Family Photo Collection" when it is not a published source. In addition, I would like users to be encouraged/required to explain how the subject of each photo was identified, i.e. "as published" or "by personal acquaintance with subject", etc. Maybe others will have some better suggestions for wording these requirements - but I think we can do a much better job when it comes to the information we are providing for our Images. Hopefully others will agree with this suggestion. Regards, --Cos1776 15:50, 10 May 2015 (UTC)

We still need a Source box on Image Pages!!! I see in this old request (WeRelate:Suggestions/Transcript namespace page - Source box) that a Source box was added to Transcript Pages. Could we please implement one on Image Pages as well? There are too many Images being added to WR without any Sources. Thank you. --Cos1776 19:22, 13 February 2016 (UTC)