WeRelate:Suggestions/Add child (to existing spouse) from Person page

A relatively modest proposal (I hope) to facilitate the manual addition of new pages:

On, for example, Person:George Tulloch (12), there is a link at the bottom right for "Add another spouse & children" which adds a second family connection to the individual. However, it isn't possible to add a child from the existing marriage direct from this page. My suggest is that the "Add child" link that you see at the bottom of page Family:George Tulloch and Jane Tulloch (1) is also included in the "Spouse and Children" box describing the first marriage on the person page. AndrewRT 18:02, 16 December 2012 (EST)

If I understand this variation to the other suggestion, at the bottom of an infobox describing a marriage, there would be a link to "Add Child" to add a child to the existing marriage. So this one link would be the equivalent of following the link to the Family page and then using "Add Child". There would still be a need to have "Add Spouse & Children" under the last infobox, which would add a new marriage.
For similar reasons, I would suggest that each existing person in the infobox could have an "Edit" link by their name, to edit that specific Person page. It frequently occurs, for example, due to the way that I work, that I need to edit every child in a family, and after saving the changes to one child, I must follow a link to the sibling page, then press Edit. Adding the "Edit" choice following any name in the infobox would allow me to start the Edit directly from the sibling's page. --Jrich 00:12, 17 December 2012 (EST)