WeRelate:Suggestions/Random "search" on the Main Page

It would be helpful to have a Random search page accessible on the Main Page of WeRelate. There is already a Random Page function, but you have to know it is there to utilize it and it does not contain any variables to control the output.


I propose a link on the Main Page to a Random option. On this search page you have options of narrowing down your stumbling grounds or you can bring up exactly what the Random Page already does, something totally random, regardless of the type of page, therefore, none of the options need to be utilized for this search to work. Given names and surnames would not be necessary on this page as the basic search function handles those.
The pull-down options could have some of the following:
Type of page: Person, Place, Family, Source, etc.
Places: General or Specific
General: North America, Northern Russia, Asia, etc. [Possibly problematic?]
Specific: Belarus, United States, Colorado, Russia, etc. [Not the entire Place name catalog, but perhaps from State/Province to Country.]
Time frame - by century or groups of centuries; 16th century, 1801-1900, etc.

Utilization Example

Let's say I like doing research on the people in Missouri, since I have access to many records from that particular state. I have no names in particular that come to mind, but I don't particularly want to begin taking one resource and entering everyone from that resource (that can be somewhat boring at times). I would go to the Random search, narrow the search down by Person (or Family), Missouri, and perhaps determine that the 19th century would be a good place to start. What random person could come up in that search? Bingo! A new rabbit hole to follow without a huge long list of people through which to wade.