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WeRelate API9 Feb 20134 Jul 2017User:DataAnalyst5
Upgrade MediaWiki8 Mar 20122 Jul 2017User:DataAnalyst10
Move Person: pages to mainspace16 Dec 201216 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst3
Automate Family pages16 Dec 201216 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst4
Living place holders for FTE10 Nov 201216 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst3
Use a robot to change the contest page25 Jun 20129 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst2
Scraping of FindAGrave cemetery pages23 Oct 20129 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst9
Implied References from Transcripts13 Mar 20128 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst3
Increase person limit3 Jan 20128 Apr 2017User:DataAnalyst4
Tweak to Duplicates Report4 Dec 201119 Nov 2016User:Cos17769
Link to Wikimedia images31 Jul 201118 Nov 2016User:Cos177610
Color Name Box by State/Province of Birth28 Sep 201131 Oct 2016User:Cos17764