WeRelate:Suggestions/Implied References from Transcripts

WeRelate transcripts present an unusual opportunity that we are not taking advantage of. Creation of a link in the media-wiki environment results in a reference being created at any linked-to page, without anything else needing to be done there. When the page doing the linking is a MySource or Transcript page - the situation we have is a piece of source information explicitly referencing a Person/Family to which it relates.

Unless a user of such Person/Family pages knows to look for transcripts, in the list of "what links here", the reference will be hidden from them. That's silly.

It should be possible for the display of person and family pages to be augmented, such that any MySource or Transcript pages - which point at that page - would appear as additional references without the user needing to do anything on the linked-to person/family page.

This idea is a bit like another suggestion, that proposes that different selection and sort orders should be available for the display of contents on the "what links here" list. So, if nothing else - a simple highly visible item might be created when a Person/Family page is referenced by sources. Ideally, clicking on that item would produce a list of just those transcripts.

--jrm03063 21:11, 13 March 2012 (EDT)

One could just as well argue that any time a person is referenced, somebody following that person wants to know. I believe I suggested a long time ago in some topic or another that What Links Here be watchable, much like minor edits (i.e., configurable if you want mail or not). If I enter a will and link to one of the heirs, why wouldn't a person watching the heir want to know? I think that would be sufficient for the above request, and don't see any reason why a transcript is any more important than any other reference to that person whether in an article, source, mysource, or simple narrative. --Jrich 22:34, 13 March 2012 (EDT)
I agree that your notion is splashing around in the same territory. If we wanted to get a change notice about creation of a linkage - perhaps we wouldn't want such references to be merely computed at display time. Perhaps it would be better to just go ahead and propagate a concrete item into the destination page the way that is done when a person or family page picks up a reference to another person or family. Such changes would then also be searchable for wider WeRelate and google purposes.
I disagree, however, that MySource and Transcript pages aren't sufficiently distinguished from other pages to warrant different treatment. You could be interested in any referring page (which accounts for this suggestion). Seeing such a person reference in the actual content of a published source or legal document (which Transcript and MySource page links represent), seems a much more significant bit of data. I wouldn't want such references to replace user created Person/Family page source references - but I would want such references to be added if they were not already there. Everyone won't want to do the needed work to add the link on both sides, and even the most experienced users won't automatically know that they should look for transcripts relating to a Person/Family page if they aren't the author of the transcript (not a good limitation in a group setting like WeRelate). --jrm03063 11:41, 14 March 2012 (EDT)
There is nothing special about MySource or Transcript pages: they are just organizational tools for items that could, and often do, go right into the narrative when short enough, or into articles, or into source citations. Many legal documents are transcripted or abstracted right on the page, or in the Article namespace, etc., already. Many MySources are simply sources that have not been converted yet. And just because content is published, of course, implies nothing about its value or accuracy (e.g., Mitchell's Bridgewater, most Frederick Pierce items, History of Wheeler Family in America, etc.), not to mention a published work must be in the public domain in the first place to be transcripted, so generally the transcript will not be providing irreplaceable access to anything rare or obscure. I believe any link between different pages is likely to represent an intersection of research interests, and any one of them carries the potential to be important to various readers of the page. A user can look at What Links Here and decide which links they wish to investigate. Adding tools, like filtering and the ability to known when new links have been create would help. --Jrich 13:43, 14 March 2012 (EDT)

I am moving this to the "rejected" list for reasons that have been discussed elsewhere regarding the automated inclusion of transcript text on person pages (more manual control is desirable, even if it requires a bit more work to set up and maintain). The original suggester is no longer watching this page.--DataAnalyst 23:36, 8 April 2017 (UTC)