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Pleased to meet you :-)

My name is Helen Kinch, (nee Hagerty) and I live in the UK in County Durham.

I began, here on WeRelate, with my maternal, maternal side: the Murtaghs and Mullins who came to Burnley, England, from Ireland - probably all from County Mayo and the border of that county with Sligo. I started with them, because I knew the least about them. It was really exciting! The British Newspaper Archive revealed the story of one hitherto mysterious ancestor, and shed light on his kin.

I have set up Hagerty and Wilson trees, for my Dad's Irish ancestors, but not yet filled them out. Also on my paternal side are Skellys and McDaniels. The Thornber tree, on my maternal, paternal side, is at the same stage, though others have done the Thornber research so that creating a tree is little more than a copying job! On the Thornber side are also Sharps and Nightingales.

If you are a member of one of the families I've mentioned, please do drop me a line. In August 2015, contact was restored with Murtagh descendants - the Coady family - in Massachusetts, which was wonderful! And this last year, 2017, brought longed for contact with the descendants of Ben Thornber, who emigrated to Canada.

I am taking a break from adding to these WeRelate trees, and instead building off-line using Family Historian. I feel insufficiently confident in the future of WeRelate, because the website's coding is out of date and there is no sense of urgency or vision regarding a replacement site. I believe that reliance on Flash is very likely causing issues for many users, and therefore, that funding will decrease, not increase. This constitutes a serious risk to the continuation of the whole WeRelate project. I have done my bit to alert the project's volunteers to this danger, but with little effect. I have twice stated that we need to contact all users in order to discover how many of them experience problems with Flash, but no answer has been forthcoming as to whether there is the facility to email everyone. Very sadly, there seems to be no interest in the matter of whether users have a good or bad experience of the site!! - In fact, no sense of responsibility to contributors or potential new contributors. If this attitude changes, I am here to help in any way I can.