WeRelate:Suggestions/On Compare pages, mark identical Persons


Please enhance the side-by-side Compare pages (Person or Family) to mark in an obvious way when the corresponding side-by-side entries are in fact the very same database record. I'm not just talking about the field values being the same, but having one particular Person: record appearing in both columns, as for instance in a Mother slot or a Wife slot. Right now they are not distinguished; one must carefully compare each of the fields, or check that the two record names given are identical. This is not always trivial, as the record names may be long and differ in only one character. (It also doesn't help that identical fields are often yellow instead of green.)

When doing a lot of comparisons (e.g. from the Duplicates Report), it becomes very tiring to repeatedly have to do a close, careful inspection for identity, especially since the program could easily compare the record identifiers and flag them (such as with a green background for the record identifier, or in the same manner as this is already being done on the "Review merge" page).