WeRelate:Suggestions/Mark as visited

Certain changes tend to get propagated to family members, causing effectively redundant notification if you are watching an entire family. For example, when a parent is renamed it will generate a change message for the parent themself, each child, each marriage the parent is in, and the parent's parents.

Is it possible to notify a person only once for these kind of changes?

Obviously some people only watch the child, and want to be notified of the propagated change. If they are watching the changed page and a propagation target, can they just get notified of the change? If they are watching two propagation targets, can they just be notified of one, since it is the same change in both cases?

Can the message be fixed? It is currently reversed saying propagated to instead of propagated from.

Would it be useful to add a "mark as visited" choice to the watchlist so one can clear a change notification without visiting the page? I think it has been suggested in some old discussion a long time ago that using the diff choice should count as a visit since you are observing the change and it shouldn't also be necessary to vist the full page. --Jrich 21:11, 8 October 2011 (EDT)