Person:Stephen Jackson (6)

m. 1694
  1. Thomas Jackson1694 - bet 1759
  2. Mary Jackson1695/96 - bef 1735
  3. Sarah Jackson1697 -
  4. Rebecca Jackson1698 -
  5. John Jackson, Sr.1700 - bet 1768 and 1772
  6. Charity Jackson1701 -
  7. Elizabeth Jackson1702/3 -
  8. James Jackson, Jr.1704 - 1750
  9. William (1) Jackson1705 - 1706
  10. Hannah Jackson1706 -
  11. William Jackson1707 - bef 1794
  12. Martha Jackson1708/9 - abt 1789
  13. General Joseph Jackson1709/10 - 1769
  14. Richard Jackson1711 - 1739
  15. Phoebe Jackson1712 - 1777
  16. Robert Jackson1713 -
  17. Jemima Jackson1714 -
  18. Samuel Jackson1716 -
  19. Stephen Jackson1717 -
  20. Benjamin Jackson, Sr.1719 - abt 1805
  • HStephen Jackson1717 -
  • WMary Lewisest 1720 -
  1. Pvt. Stephen Jackson, Jr.ABT 1760 - bet 1828-1830
Facts and Events
Name Stephen Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 17 Aug 1717 Flushing, Queens, New York, United StatesProbably
Death? Chesterfield, South Carolina, United States

At least three sons of James left New England for North Carolina long before the Revolutionary war. Stephen settled in Anson County in the Pee Dee region with brothers Benjamin and John, the Jackson who sold the forge in New Jersey. In 1764, the three brothers found themselves in another state - without moving. Redrawing of North Carolina’s border put the Pee Dee in South Carolina, in the Cheraws District that later became Chesterfield County.

There were at least three, maybe four Stephen Jacksons in the area in the approximate time period. It has been very difficult to sort out which Stephen the following citations belong to. But all are left on this page just as source information that should not be lost. But the viewer should be aware that NOT all of these citations pertain to the Stephen who was son of James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett. It is a good assumption that those citations that mention both Stephen and Benjamin together do pertain to this Stephen.

Bob Mitchell' citations: The records below show Benjamin and Stephen Jackson in Edgecombe Co., NC in 1744. Stephen Jackson witnessed a deed in August of 1744 for John Philips and Thomas Boatright. Then he and Benjamin bought 280 acres in Edgecombe Co. on 3 April 1744 which was Register in Aug 1744 Session of Court. Also we find Benjamin Jackson witnessing a deed for Abraham Hill who bought property apparently joining the property that Benjamin and Stephen had bought in 1744. The last document shows Stephen and Benjamin in 1748 selling the same property bought in 1744 in Edgecombe Co. That deal was closed in May 1749 Court and in Sep of that year Benjamin got his first land grant in Anson Co. Stephen purchased land in Anson Co. from Abraham Paul in 1751. Benjamin's land was south of the Pee Dee located on both sides of Thompson Creek and Stephens land was on the south side of Thompson Creek, no doubt they joined each other.

Aug 1744, John Philips of Edgecombe County to Thomas Boatright of Edgecombe County, 8 pounds 6 shillings 8 pence current money of Virginia, 250 acres on the main run of Elk marsh all houses, out houses, buildings, stables, etc. part of a patent to Edward Poor, 4 Aug 1741. Wit: Philip Hurst, Stephen Jackson Reg. Edgecombe County, Feb. Court. 1744 R. Forster C. Ct.

Aug 1744, Captain Joseph Lane of Edgecombe County to Stephen Jackson and Benjamin Jackson, 3 Apr 1744, 50 pounds current money of Virginia, 280 acres more or less on the east side of Beech Swamp Wit: J. Edwards, Robert Warren Reg. Edgecombe County, Aug Court 1744, R. Forster County. Court

20 Aug 1746, William Gulledge of Edge. Co. to Abraham Hill of Edge. Co., 20 Aug 1746 50 shillings current money of Va. 50 acres more or less, joining the sd. Gulledge, the sd. Hill, Hill’s branch and Beech swamp. Wit: Benjamin Jackson, William Kinchen.” Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1746. R. Forster C. Ct.

May 1749, Stephen Jackson and Benjamin Jackson of Edgecombe County to William Goodwin, 19 Nov 1748, 40 pounds current money of Virginia, 280 acres on the east side of Beech swamp, joining Miery branch and the swamp. Wit: Thomas Davis, Samuel Brown X his mark Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1749 B. Wynns C. Ct.”

Stephen Jackson and his brother Benjamin moved to North Carolina abt 1748-49. The name Stephen Jackson appears on land and court records throughout the period 1750-1800 in North Carolina and South Carolina.

North Carolina Land Grants, No. 1388, 6 Mar 1759, South West Pee Dee, to Stephen Jackson.

From: History of the Old Cheraws, Bishop Alexander Gregg, The State Company, Columbia, SC, 1905 The following is the text of a declaration made 18 Nov 1774 by the Petit Jurors of the Cheraws District of Craven Co., South Carolina in response to an edict to the Grand Jury compelling taxation from the British Crown:"May it please your Honor,"As your Charge at the opening of the Sessions contained matters of the highest importance to every individual in this Colony, as well as to the Grand Jury, to whom in particular it was delivered, we, the Petit Jury for the District of Cheraw, beg leave to testify our great satisfaction, and to return your Honor our warmest acknowledgments for so constitutional a charge at this alarming crisis, when our liberties are attacked, and our properties invaded by the claim and attempt of the British Parliament to tax us, and by their edicts to bind us in all cases they deem proper; a claim to which we will never submit, and an attempt which we are determined to oppose at the hazard of our lives and property; being fully convinced, that by the Constitution of this Country, we owe obedience to no human laws but such as are enacted with the consent of our Representatives in General Assembly. These being our fixed sentiments, we would esteem it a particular favor conferred on us, if your Honor would direct your Charge to be printed, the the benefit arising from it may be as diffusive as possible, and that it may remain as a pattern of that constitutional language which a Judge should deliver, who is above Ministerial influence, and knows no Master but the Law. Claudius Pegues, ForemanWilliam White, William Hardwick, Zachariah Nettles, Benjmain Williamson, Benjamin Rogers, Enoch James, William Hickman, Jacob Bruce, Benjamin Davis, STEPHEN JACKSON, Joseph Parsons."

(The above declaration was one of the early cries from the colonists regarding taxation without representation. It clearly outlined the perceived rights of the Petit Jurors of the Cheraws District as "American freemen and of determined resistance to the encroachments of the British Crown to the last extremity, reflected immortal honor upon the bold and inflexible patriots of the Old Cheraws.") The book can be found and searched from <>

Anson County, NC wills and estates from N.C Archives C.R. 005.801.1 page 309:1773, Account of Chas. MEDLOCK, guardian to orphans of John HICKS, decd. John HUSBANDS, note. Cash pd. Mrs. KERSHAW, Stephen JACKSON, Elisha PARKER, William SPEED, William HICKS, Morgan BROWN, Robert THOMAS, HUNT & TANNEY (?), William HANEY, Wm PICKETT, Sheriff. Andr. GIBSON. Vouchers all destroyed by "British and Toryes." Michael AULD, Clk.

There were several Stephen Jacksons and it is difficult to sort them out. There is a Stephen Jackson listed on the 1790 US Census in the Cheraws district of South Carolina. This area later became part of Chesterfield Co., South Carolina.

1800 Chesterfield Co., SC, US Census, Stephen Jackson age over 45, two daughters 16-25 and wife over 45.

These census enumerations could be either Stephen or his son Stephen.

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    See comment in his father, James' Notes.

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