Person:Benjamin Jackson (17)

Benjamin Jackson, Sr.
m. 1694
  1. Thomas Jackson1694 - bet 1759
  2. Mary Jackson1695/96 - bef 1735
  3. Sarah Jackson1697 -
  4. Rebecca Jackson1698 -
  5. John Jackson, Sr.1700 - bet 1768 and 1772
  6. Charity Jackson1701 -
  7. Elizabeth Jackson1702/3 -
  8. James Jackson, Jr.1704 - 1750
  9. William (1) Jackson1705 - 1706
  10. Hannah Jackson1706 -
  11. William Jackson1707 - bef 1794
  12. Martha Jackson1708/9 - abt 1789
  13. General Joseph Jackson1709/10 - 1769
  14. Richard Jackson1711 - 1739
  15. Phoebe Jackson1712 - 1777
  16. Robert Jackson1713 -
  17. Jemima Jackson1714 -
  18. Samuel Jackson1716 -
  19. Stephen Jackson1717 -
  20. Benjamin Jackson, Sr.1719 - abt 1805
m. prob by 1738
  1. Col. Jonathan 'John' Jackson, Sr.abt 1740 - abt 1794
  2. Isaac Jacksonabt 1744 -
  3. Susannah Jacksonest 1750 -
  4. Captain Stephen Jackson1750 - 1832
  5. Edward Jackson1755 - 1845
  6. David Jackson, Sr.ABT 1758 - ABT 1824
  7. Mary Rushing Jackson1767 -
  8. Jesse Jackson, Sr.Btw 1775 - 1784 - ABT 1825
  • HBenjamin Jackson, Sr.1719 - abt 1805
  • WAmanda ForrestABT 1723 -
m. AFT 1767
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Jackson, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 26 Jul 1719 prob Flushing, Queens Co., New York
Marriage prob by 1738 to Mary Lively Rushing
Marriage AFT 1767 Anson County, North Carolinato Amanda Forrest
Death[2] abt 1805 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina
Burial[3] Elizabeth Baptist Church Cemetery, Mount Croghan, Chesterfield, South Carolina, United States

5 Mar 2006: Y-DNA sampling confirms the link between this Benjamin Jackson line and the James Jackson-Rebecca Hallett line of New York.

The children are all listed as children of Mary Lively Rushing but there is considerable doubt as to which children belong to which wife. Researcher for this line, Bob Mitchell, has written a page about Benjamin's wives and which children belong to which wife and it is posted here: (scroll down) Help with this line will be appreciated.

Research below provided by Bob Mitchell: Benjamin and his brother Stephen settled in eastern North Carolina and eventually moved to Anson County where he became a planter.

The records below show Benjamin and Stephen Jackson in Edgecombe Co., NC in 1744. Stephen Jackson witnessed a deed in August of 1744 for John Philips and Thomas Boatright. Then he and Benjamin bought 280 acres in Edgecombe Co. on 3 April 1744 which was registered in Aug 1744 Session of Court. Also we find Benjamin Jackson witnessing a deed for Abraham Hill who bought property apparently joining the property that Benjamin and Stephen had bought in 1744. The last document shows Stephen and Benjamin in 1748 selling the same property bought in 1744 in Edgecombe Co. That deal was closed in May 1749 Court and in Sep of that year Benjamin got his first land grant in Anson Co. Stephen purchased land in Anson Co. from Abraham Paul in 1751. Benjamin's land was south of the Pee Dee located on both sides of Thompson Creek and Stephens land was on the south side of Thompson Creek, no doubt they joined each other.

Aug 1744, John Philips of Edgecombe County to Thomas Boatright of Edgecombe County, 8 pounds 6 shillings 8 pence current money of Virginia, 250 acres on the main run of Elk marsh all houses, out houses, buildings, stables, etc. part of a patent to Edward Poor, 4 Aug 1741. Wit: Philip Hurst, Stephen Jackson Reg. Edgecombe County, Feb. Court. 1744 R. Forster C. Ct.

Aug 1744, Captain Joseph Lane of Edgecombe County to Stephen Jackson and Benjamin Jackson, 3 Apr 1744, 50 pounds current money of Virginia, 280 acres more or less on the east side of Beech Swamp Wit: J. Edwards, Robert Warren Reg. Edgecombe County, Aug Court 1744, R. Forster County. Court

20 Aug 1746, William Gulledge of Edge. Co. to Abraham Hill of Edge. Co., 20 Aug 1746 50 shillings current money of Va. 50 acres more or less, joining the sd. Gulledge, the sd. Hill, Hill’s branch and Beech swamp. Wit: Benjamin Jackson, William Kinchen.” Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1746. R. Forster C. Ct.

May 1749, Stephen Jackson and Benjamin Jackson of Edgecombe County to William Goodwin, 19 Nov 1748, 40 pounds current money of Virginia, 280 acres on the east side of Beech swamp, joining Miery branch and the swamp. Wit: Thomas Davis, Samuel Brown X his mark Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1749 B. Wynns C. Ct.”

North Carolina Land Grants, No. 335, 30 Sep 1749. Gabriel Johnston, governor of North Carolina, to Benjamin Jackson, 200 acres in Anson County, on the south [west] side of Pee Dee and on both sides of Thompsons Creek...

North Carolina Land Grants, No. 613, 4 Apr 1750 to Benjamin Jackson

North Carolina Land Grants, No 486, 1 Jul 1758, SW Pee Benjamin Jackson

16 January 1763, Anson Co., NC, Deed Book K, page 19: Benjamin Jackson to Abram Paul. Benjamin Jackson sells to Abram Paul a tract in Anson County of 300 acres, the same lawfully granted and confirmed unto Benjamin Jackson on the 25th day of May 1757. Wit William Coleman and Job J. Meadors, signed/sealed Benjamin Jackson.

A boundary dispute caused a redrawing of the line which put Benjamin Jackson's property into South Carolina. Before the boundary was redrawn Anson County included all parts of SC counties of Marlboro, Chesterfield, Lancaster, York, Chester, Cherokee, Union, Laurens, Spartanburg, Greenville and Newberry. A resurvey of South Carolina line Sept. 24, 1764. Benjamin Jackson's property wound up in the Cheraw District which later became Chesterfield Co., South Carolina.

Abstracts of Probate Reports, Anson Co., NC 1749-1789, William Hackney Estate. Sale of cattle and stock by Benjamin Jackson.

8 Jan 1768, Benjamin Jackson was one of 18 who voted for Vestry and Wardens of St. David’s Parish. Gregg’s History of the Old Cheraws

9 Sep 1768, Circular Letter from the Council of St. David’s Parish written to CPT Benjamin Jackson advertising elections to the Council. (Source: Gregg’s History of the Old Cheraws, pg 168)

15 Apr 1775, As a member of the Grand Jury at Long Bluff, Benjamin Jackson presented arguments for liberty. (Source: Gregg’s History of the Old Cheraws)

22 Jun 1775, At a Provincial Congress meeting in Charles Town Benjamin Jackson was added to the Committee of Observation for St. David's Parish. (Source: Gregg’s History of the Old Cheraws)

31 March 1777, At a meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Parish of St. David Benjamin Jackson, John Jackson and John Pledger were elected as Overseers of the Poor. (Source: St. David's Parish, South Carolina, pg 20.)

1779, Benjamin Jackson was a Petit Juror in Cheraws District in 1779, South Carolina Jury Lists 1718-1783

1783, Benjamin Jackson Grand Juror in 1783 in Cheraws District, South Carolina Jury Lists 1718-1783

1780 Benjamin was again elected Overseer of the Poor for St. David’s Parish. (Source: Gregg’s History of the Old Cheraws, pg 180)

21 Mar 1785, A County Court Act was passed creating Marlborough, Chesterfield and Darlington Counties, Benjamin JACKSON appointed Justice of the Peace for Chesterfield Co., SC on 21 Mar 1785. (Source: Gregg’s History of the Old Cheraws, pgs 301, 371, 483)

I believe the Benjamin Jackson shown on the 1790 Cheraws District census is Benjamin Jackson, Sr. The area of Chesterfield Co. SC in which he lived was in the Old Cheraws District. As best I can determine he died about 1805 near Mt. Crogan in Chesterfield Co., South Carolina.

I can not prove that Benjamin did anything other than fight the Crown with his words. He was involved in politics of the day as evidenced by the notes above. My opinion is that Benjamin Jackson was a Patriot who was outspoken in his words and deeds in defiance to the Crown. I feel that he was a supporter of liberty and freedom and gave as best he could to the cause.

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    See comment in his father, James' Notes.

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