Person:Joseph Jackson (52)

m. 1694
  1. Thomas Jackson1694 - bet 1759
  2. Mary Jackson1695/96 - bef 1735
  3. Sarah Jackson1697 -
  4. Rebecca Jackson1698 -
  5. John Jackson, Sr.1700 - bet 1768 and 1772
  6. Charity Jackson1701 -
  7. Elizabeth Jackson1702/3 -
  8. James Jackson, Jr.1704 - 1750
  9. William (1) Jackson1705 - 1706
  10. Hannah Jackson1706 -
  11. William Jackson1707 - bef 1794
  12. Martha Jackson1708/9 - abt 1789
  13. General Joseph Jackson1709/10 - 1769
  14. Richard Jackson1711 - 1739
  15. Phoebe Jackson1712 - 1777
  16. Robert Jackson1713 -
  17. Jemima Jackson1714 -
  18. Samuel Jackson1716 -
  19. Stephen Jackson1717 -
  20. Benjamin Jackson, Sr.1719 - abt 1805
  • HGeneral Joseph Jackson1709/10 - 1769
  • WAnnie Unknownest 1712 - 1760
m. est 1731
  1. James Jacksonest 1732 -
  2. Mary Jacksonest 1734 -
  3. William Jackson1736 - aft 1810
  4. Elizabeth Jacksonest 1738 - 1796
  5. Edward Jackson1741 - 1807
  6. Stephen Jacksonest 1742 -
  7. Capt. Stephen Jackson1744 - 1812
  8. Anna Jackson1746 - 1816
  9. Phebe Jacksonabt 1748 -
  10. Sergeant Benjamin Jackson1752 - 1842
  11. Daniel Jackson, Sr.1753 - 1836
m. aft 1760
Facts and Events
Name General Joseph Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[3][4] 9 Feb 1709/10 Flushing, Queens Co., New York, United States
Residence[8] 1730 Jamaica, Queens Co., New York, United States
Marriage est 1731 to Annie Unknown
Residence[8] 1732 Rockaway, Morris Co., New Jersey, United States
Marriage aft 1760 to Mary Unknown
Death[5][6] 1769 Rockaway, Morris Co., New Jersey
Burial[6][7] First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rockaway, Morris Co., New Jersey, United States

Other records on the Internet state that his first two children were from a first wife, Margaret Burgess. But I believe this is a error caused by finding a marriage record of a Joseph Jackson and Margaret Burgess in the online records extracted from "Archives of the State of New Jersey" found here: Note that this record states that this couple, Joseph Jackson and Margaret Burgess, are both from Pennsylvania. Andrea Dietze has sent for the actual marriage record and this couple did live in Pennsylvania and researching that family turns up different children than our Joseph.

There is a cemetery record which says "Mrs. Annie Jackson, wife of Gen. Joseph" and that she died in 1760. So the widow Mary who is mentioned in the next paragraph, had to have married Joseph sometime after Annie's death in 1760 and before he died in 1769.

Oscar Burton Robbins' book, pg 14: "Joseph Jackson died in 1769, intestate. Oct. 5, 1769, the widow Mary, and the son William, made a renunciation of their right to administer on his estate, and Oct. 6, 1769, administration was given to Stephen Jackson. Nathaniel Mitchell was fellow Bondsman."

From Abstract of Early Wills 1761-1770
1769, Oct. 6. JACKSON, Joseph, of Pequannock [Twp], Morris Co. Int. Adm'r - Stephen Jackson. Fellowbondsman - Nathaniel Mitchel; both of said Co. Witness - Malcolm McCouny. 1769, Oct. 5. Renunciation, by Mary Jackson, the widow; and William Jackson, the son of said Joseph. Witnesses - Hartshorne Fitz Randolph and Nathaniel Mitchel. 1769, Oct. 4. Inventory, made by Hartshorne Fitz Randolph and Nathaniel Mitchel. (Lib. K, p. 223)

Of significance are the witnesses and appraisers:
Nathaniel Mitchel was father of Joseph's daughter-in-law, Abigail Mitchell married to Joseph's son Benjamin. Hartshorne Fitz Randolph** was brother to Mary Fitz Randolph Thorne, wife of Joseph's brother, James Jr.

From the 1887 Jackson Ledger: "A tract of 162 6/10 acres of land lying on the West Bank of Rockaway River and near the village of Rockaway, on which he lived until his death in 1769. He acquired other property of great value."

Rockaway records website quoting Crayon: "They came to Rockaway in 1731 or 32. Joseph was a general in the French & Indian War. Both are buried at Rockaway."

Rockaway Library document by Stephen Jackson:"The Jacksons were the founders of Rockaway. Joseph Jackson came to Rockaway in 1731 and lived in a log cabin on the north bank of the river. He was one of the pioneers of the iron industry here."

O. B. Robbins book, pg 14: "The family record of Joseph Jackson was lost during the Revolutionary Way, and the following record is made at the recollection of Anna, the seventh (living) child, on Dec 4, 1813 who was then 67 years old. By William Jackson who writes this record and is 81 years old."

Crayon's Morris County records state that "Joseph, Stephen, Daniel, Benjamin and John were all members of the Presbyterian Church at Rockaway Village, NJ. It was for many years the only church in the township and one of the oldest church organizations in the country." Stephen, Daniel & Benj were Joseph's sons--who was John? (John was likely a cousin of Stephen, Daniel & Benjamin. John would be son of Joseph's brother John. This cousin John also went to Anson County as did Stephen and Benjamin. Daniel went to Ohio.)

From Virgil Allen's letters: " About 1732 Joseph Jackson, who also was in some way interested in iron making settled at Rockaway. He came from Jamaica, on Long Island. He lived on the west bank of the Rockaway River about 1 mi. above the village. He died there in 1769 and is buried at Rockaway. His son Benjamin lived on the homestead, and raised his family there and no doubt from there migrated to Ohio in 1814. So Elizabeth Jackson his dau, later the wife of Job Allen III, was born there 7/14-1782. Benjamin, her father, the Rev. soldier, was born there 3/5-1752. His wife Abigail Mitchell, and she may have been born at or near Rockaway as her father Nathaniel Mitchell, was a member of the church there in 1758."

Hartshorne Fitz-Randolph** was the man who purchased at sheriff's sale the bankrupt assets of John Jackson's forge in 1753. (John and Joseph were brothers.)

From the book "Dover Dates 1722-1922" Page 27
1768—John Jackson's brother, Joseph, is said to have bought part of John's forge in 1768, selling it, next year, to his son Stephen Jackson of "Mendom," who afterwards became owner of the fine mill property at Rockaway, with large tracts of valuable lands. He once had the honor of entertaining Gen. Washington at his house.

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