Jackson in Mercer County, New Jersey

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Mercer, New Jersey, United States

Some Jacksons in Mercer County Census or City Directories

1859 Trenton City Directory extracts

John Jackson, late farmer, Broad near Centre.
John Jackson, laborer, Academy near Greene.
John Jackson, waiter, Chauncey Court.
Samuel Jackson, potter, Clay near Lewis.
William H. Jackson, roller, 41 Bridge.

1860 Census Extract, 4th Ward of Trenton

James Jackson, 22, shoemaker, property worth $40, born in Pennsylvania.
Rosanna Jackson, 22, born in New Jersey.
Emma Jackson, 6 months, born in New Jersey.

1880 Census Extract, 2nd District, 3rd Ward of Trenton

339 Centre Street
William Jackson, 50, head of household, works in wire mill, born in Pennsylvania, parents born in Pennsylvania.
Mary Jackson, 48, wife, keeping house, born in Ireland, parents born in Ireland.
William A. Jackson, 24, son, works in wire mill, born in New Jersey.
John W. Jackson, 22, son, works in wire mill, born in New Jersey.
James A. Jackson, 19, son, works in wire mill, born in New Jersey.
Charles S. Jackson, 17, son, works in wire mill, born in New Jersey.
Mary F. Jackson, 14, daughter, at school, born in New Jersey.
Jeremiah Jackson, 11, son, at school, born in New Jersey.
Harriet Jackson, 9, daughter, at school, born in New Jersey.
Samuel T. Jackson, 6, son, at school, born in New Jersey.

1881 Trenton City Directory extracts

Alfred C. Jackson, stone cutter, boards at 59 Ewing.
Charles E. Jackson, wire worker, boards at 339 Centre.
Francis Jackson, carpet manufacturer, 15 E. Washington.
James Jackson, iron worker, 537 Broad.
James A. Jackson, conductor, 556 Perry.
James K. Jackson, waiter, 185 W. Hanover.
John Jackson, fireman, 136 Quarry Alley.
John E. Jackson, iron worker, 215 Fall.
John W. Jackson, grocer, 441 Broad, res. 339 Centre.
Joseph H. Jackson, clockmaker & jeweler, 332 E. State.
Levi Jackson, waiter, 36 Baines.
Richard Jackson, grocer, 563 Clinton.
Robert Jackson, cigars & tobacco, 160 N. Greene.
Samuel Jackson, laborer, 239 S. Feeder.
S.J. Jackson, bookkeeper, boards at Trenton House.
Theodore Jackson, laborer, 52 Wilson.
William Jackson, potter, 108 Bayard.
William H. Jackson, Jr., potter, 108 Bayard.

See also Francis Bazley Lee's Genealogical & Memorial History of the State of New Jersey, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1910. Pages 1385 thru 1393 cover the Jackson family of Newark, which descends from a James Jackson who came to the state from Forkhill in County Armagh, Ireland, in the 18th Century.