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A series of "special project pages" are being developed to support the The Tapestry. These include:

Surname Tapestry Pages: The Surname Tapestry Page is intended to provide a quick way to see what is generally known about the presence of a given surname in various areas. These pages were once referred to as "GeoGroup" pages, a term being phased out. A representative example is found at Walker Tapestry

Notebook Pages: Notebooks are intended to collect information either about a specific individual, or about a given family in a specific location. These pages are not usually intended to discuss the information collected, except perhaps in passing. Some notebooks support analysis of specific individuals, but others are surname specific for specific areas (GeoGroups), and are designed to collect information about all individuals of a certain surname in a certain area.

Analysis Pages: Analysis pages are intended to provide a detailed discussion of some particular problem in family genealogy. The resulting conclusions can then be pointed to from the appropriate person or family page, without cluttering up the narrative with the detailed discussion. An example is found at Analysis:James Edmiston of Augusta County. In some cases, conclusions (if any) reached in such analysis articles may be only "working ideas"; these should not be regarded as polished presentations, but an expression of evolving thoughts on the subject at hand. A work in progress, as it were.